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    Invictus games

    October 26 in Australia

    Event 1: Swimming.

    Bought a hoodie cause I’m super pumped.
    It’s all held at Sydney Olympic Park.
    Jess got us free tickets through Legacy so cheering.
    It was open seating so first in, best dressed.
    We sat in front of the finish line, very happy with our spot.

    As we showed up I became quite emotional. I just felt so proud.
    Of everyone, not just the Australians.
    A man was being present a medal. He only has 1 arm. He had lost the 3 other limbs.
    I was so proud and honored.
    The music they played didn’t help the tear jerking.

    It was great to watch and a well run event.
    The dance and karaoke cams were cringe worthy but they had time to fill in..

    I think it’s 17 nations all up.
    A few what I consider randoms but I prefer odd places rather than the usual USA, UK, France etc.
    Estonia, Romania, Afghanistan, Jordon, Georgia, Iraq and the Ukraine were there too.

    I didn’t feel the needs to go for the Aussies. I went for everyone or the most handicapped.
    There were 4 classes - they could have done a better job explaining the differences cause I had to google it.
    It was groups A,B,C & D.
    A was for people will problems with 3 limbs and/or spine issues
    B was 2 affected limbs and/or spine issues
    C was 1 affected limb and/or visual impairment etc
    D was for minor physical injury or mental health disorders such as PTSD.

    We saw the freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. We left before the butterfly because as enjoyable as it was it became quite repetitive and the same athletes kept coming back.

    I felt like we could leave because the 1 limbed guy competed in the breaststroke - he was up against an Australian.
    I was super impressed when he opted to fling himself off the dive board rather than just start in the water.
    The crowd was obvs going for the Aussie but I wanted the other guy to win (from UK)
    The UK man was winning the whole time but it was a verrrrrryyyy close finish. It was within a seconds difference but my dude one. He pulled himself out of the pool rather than swimming to the edge. Dude got no time to treat himself as handicapped.
    I was so pleased for him.
    His team came over and he started to cry. I saw him mouth “I’m stoked”
    Then they hugged him.
    My eyes stung.
    He dragged himself away rather than use a wheelchair.

    Me and Will couldn’t help but giggle at the medal ceremonies - they had different people for present for each event.

    Who would you prefer?
    The CEO of Land Rover or Mark Donaldson - a victorian cross recipient.

    Like honestly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I’d feel ripped off .

    We left once the dude got his medal.

    I liked the atmosphere. Once finished the race the competitors would swim back down the pool to cheer home the other competitors in the next lane - no matter what county they were from.

    Event 2: Athletics.

    Not as good as the swimming. Not nearly as efficient - lotsss of time wasting.
    However they had the big screen explaining each races competitors disabilities.

    We basically only saw people do the 100m and a dew shot out throws.

    We did see 100m done by people without arms, people in the 3 wheeled race chairs and one girl had a a blade runner leg.

    There was heaps of false starts but no one ever got penalized.

    One race was super awkies cause they false started and so the alarm went off but one dude might have had a hearing problem so he just kept sprinting - it took people waving flags at him to run onto the track for him to stop. He ran about 80m before he realized πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Awkward walk back to the line for him.
    David Beckham was somewhere there which is cool. Didn’t see him though - it was a good turn out.
    Will was cranky and had to work early the next day and as I was cold and had see what I came for me left.

    Event 3: Closing ceremony.

    So Jess had this ridiculous idea to bring Jaxon.
    Anyone who has met him knows that that is stupid but as it was a free ticket I kept my gob shut.
    We chased Jaxon everywhere around Olympic Park trying to find the legacy people - we found them eventually but not where they said they would be..

    Jax was screaming in the line ... alas.

    We did eventually make it to our seats.

    Long story short:
    - good turn out.
    - Prince Harry and Megan were there. So was the beckhams and the prime minister (Scott Morrison for the moment - might change next week πŸ˜…πŸ™„πŸ˜‚)
    We all stood up and cheered as the athletes walked in - Jax like clapping at first but it was 8 and he was tired and got over it fast.
    The lady behind us was wonderful - she took him of us and danced with him for a bit.
    Jax threw a cup at a person, shook peoples seats, screamed etc etc.
    not his fault - he is 2 - shouldn’t have come..

    Anywho - Colin Hay performed “I come from a land down under” so I’m really pleased to have seen that.

    The premier - Gladys blah blah got up to do a speech and Jaxon was fucking screaming his lungs out. I have never heard such an echo - I was so embarrassed. Jess was just getting angry at him which wasn’t helpful and telling him to be quite. I gelt bad for everyone around us.
    I suggested we leave.
    She took her time accepting that Jaxon wouldn’t “behave”
    She kept saying he was naughty.
    Now, while a total pain in the ass and frequently naughty, screaming cause it’s past bed time, while your mother tried to muzzle you in a packed stadium with LOUD music is not being naughty. IMO.

    Drove home. Only saw 20 mins of a 1.5hr show.

    I watched Prince Harry’s speech on the Telly when home.
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    October 20 in Australia


    Finished work then got on our way. It took about 3 hours to get to Kiama. We check in and we’re lucky to find a park cause there was a wedding.
    Checked in and I liked our room but Will was a bit annoyed cause he thought he booked a hearbour view.
    I was happy regardless.
    We were tired so we watched some telly then went to bed


    6 years together today. #dreamteam.

    Was up and ready to go by 10:30.
    We decided to walk towards the blow hole and get brekkie on the way.
    Found a place with pancakes - winners!
    Will ordered a coffee and I impulsively did too then quickly regretted it lol.

    Walked up the hill to the blow hole and unfortunately the waves/wind was going the wrong way so it wasn’t really working. Hope to visit before we leave tomorrow.

    Because of this Will suggested we visit the little blow hole instead.
    So we began walking - we walked for ages and eventually had to start climbing over rocks.
    I love looking in rockpools but they were empty.
    Along the way we found a dog. He had run down the hill to say hi and his mum said around 40 times.
    “MAX, COME!”

    ... max was never gonna come. He jumped in the water pool before I lead him back up hahaha

    The views were beautiful.
    My knee gave way at one point but on i trouped.

    So glad Will was there cause he had to guide me up and down some rocks and help me find grooves for my hands etc.

    Long story short:
    Beautiful fun walk but we actually couldn’t reach the blow hole so we turned back. (Well maybe could have but we walked for 2 hours and got like 1/3 of the way haha

    Back was quicker cause we climbed up the hill I send max the dog up then walked back via roads.

    We were super thirsty and sweaty so we walked to woolies to buy water and deodorant (we smelly) then went back to the hotel.

    Did a great poop then we decided to visit Carrington waterfall.
    It took us about 40 minutes and we saw a few dead wombats on the way.
    I started to STRESS cause my car. Alastair has no balls the whole journey was uphill and it wasn’t until it was struggling did I realise we had no petrol. Only 2 bars and it was NOT looking good.
    I suggested maybe to turn back but Will reckoned we would make it so we kept going.
    When we got to the water full we took our shoes off and had to walk through water to get to rocks on the other side.
    I giggle cause when we were traveling every second person was scared to go to Australia cause everything can kill you and there we were walking through the bush bare foot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    We sat and looked at the top of the waterfall a while. Unfortunately the lookout was closed so we couldn’t get a better view.

    Water was so cold.
    Lucky it was shallow cause sections were super slippery. We left and my stress returned.
    It started to rain AT LEAST WE THOUGHT IT DID BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY 10000000 bugs.

    The scenery reminded us of Wales.
    Very lovely.

    On our way there we got overtaken by some dickhead going like 150km and Will made comment I hope they crash then 5 minutes later we come round a corner and the same car was stopped there in the moddle of the road and Will lets out this massive “ YES!!!” Hahahah
    They didn’t crash they were just checking their phones for directions I think but why a fantastical horrendous reaction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    We made it to a petrol station, JUST.
    It was quite literally the SLOWEST pump ever. It took 5 minutes to reach $20 worth.
    So we put in that much then left - we will fill up somewhere else tomorrow.

    Went home and showered cause we still smelly. Heh.
    Got easy for dinner and I was outrageously overdressed, so awkward when we walked in.
    Resturant was called silica and I had the best lamb ive ever had. A coriander disaster though were I ate the entire plant and fished it back out of my mouth. Super classy harry.
    Brownie was great too.
    People outside on the beach were playing drunk frisbee. Bottle in hand. Bless haha
    Went home and chilled out in the air con.
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    Jessicas confirmation

    June 15 in Australia


    Started work at 7:30 this morning so I'm buggered.
    Currently in the preschool room which I hate. I like the age group I just don't agree with the centre policy/philosophy and dislike a bunch of the current kids.

    Anywho, got through work, packed then headed to the airport. There was an AFL and NRL game on at Moore park so traffic was horrid.

    I just yapped to dad the whole drive, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm ridiculous and spend 99% of my time whinging (he's not wrong πŸ˜…) but I like our forced time together when he can't walk away lol.

    Off to Brisbane for Jessica's confirmation. I don't really know what that means because I thought that was catholic thing, which she isn't, so I guess I'll see on Sunday what the go is.

    Had already checked in so walked straight in except for the random drug test I often get picked for - my lady was super happy and chatty though which was nice and different.

    Ate the entire food court then went to gate.

    Ran into Kate who I use to look after at Beecroft (the kid that ate poo) - she is huge now! So cool to see her.

    I hate flying.
    Uneventful flight other than being stressed about crashing.
    Guy next to me (a manly man) was reading some self love and forgiveness rubbish novel thing haha

    It off plane and found the fam.
    Jessica still annoying. A Typical teen.
    Egocentric AF.

    When we got home she made me look at photos of her friends.

    She also need to learn not to interrupt conversations.
    Still. Excited to be here and she is happy I'm here :)


    Got up and went to Jessica's ice skating practice. 3.5 hours later.....
    bloody hell what a waste of my time.
    I spent the time freezing my tits off, talked to Barry and watched Jessica fake and illness that Barry said she would cause she does every lesson - she had supposed cramps and then they had an awkward discussion about how she was on her period.
    Obviously faking so I told her to get in with it lol.
    When Barry went to get neurofen she was dancing...
    learn to act better.
    She then had her syncro class. Boringggg lol
    Terrible music and not overly talented classmates.
    I think my dance training made it all the more frustrating to watch them not grasp the most basic of choreography.
    They did off ice practice too which was essentially just time mucking around.

    Jessica wanted to stay back and do a free skate session but I was having non of it - off home we went.
    Solid 20 mins drive

    Watched a bunch of a show called riverdale. Freaking loved it.
    8 episodes in a row πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
    Had red rooster for tea.

    Then went to bed cause the day was gone hahaha


    Watched more riverdale in the morning and played rummi with Noeline and Jessica. I was the overall winner.

    Wasted time until it was time to get ready to go to Jessica's school church.
    My sweater wasn't flattering but oh well. 25 and still can't dress myself. I'm sure I'll read this age 50 and still be the same.

    Jessica is obsessed with Cheryl blossom from
    Riverdale so her hair was styled like hers..

    When we got there jessica showed me a few parts of her school, now much really and got a few snaps before it got dark (5pm at present)
    They had freaking golf putting holes to practice with.
    I'm never seen anything more 'private school'ish.

    Eventually went in for the ceremony. 5 girls were getting confirmed

    Jessica forgot to mention I had a role to play πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

    I giggled as the bishop dude put on his hat with a cane.
    Sermon wasn't the best, bit wishy washy for my liking. I'm writing this weeks after cause I'm lazy and i can't remember it so I can't have been very impactuous. Nothing like the royal wedding dude.

    Jessica did a reading.
    Me and Annette had to present her to the church then when it was her turn (she was 4th so we had tome to watch others) we had to go up the front and place a hand on her shoulder while she confirmed her beliefs to the church. I was actually felt very proud of her.
    She got a candle and a prayer book as a gift.
    We all did communion (not Noeline and Barry) and quite frankly the wine was delicious! Like genuinely enjoyable alcohol.
    Danger danger.

    After the proceedings were done we all went and had a dinner.
    Deliciousssss. They have boarders so there are chefs on hand and oh my. 🀀🀀🀀

    Went home and watched another Riverdale before jessica went to bed.
    I stayed up chatting to Annette and Barry. Annette's fidget is so distracting.
    I learnt that jessica got diagnosed with asperges last year which explains EVERYTHING like why is genuinely the most socially useless person who does not understand social cues.
    Annette asked if I was too bahhahaahhha
    I said very possible.
    I'm very pleased because it means she isn't a terrible person but someone who just doesn't understand and needs more time to develop the social skills others have.

    Bowline whipped out the family bible I didn't know existed and we flipped through it.
    When Mitch and Des where up Mitch pointed out the words in big bold letters "property of ***** do not remove from church" Hahahahahah trust the family heirloom to be stolen HAHAA
    Annette goes "I always stand back when mum touches it in case it bursts into flames"
    Nana dowse wrote all the names out of past people in the fam.
    I think it dated back to early/mid 1800's.
    Pretty cool.
    It's meant to go to eldest daughter so technically Phyllis should have got it not nana but oh well.

    The bed is so deliciously comfortable.


    jessica went to school so I took my time getting out of bed.
    I noticed Katy perry tickets on the table and long story short is
    Annette went to sell them - I mentioned I was interested - I booked flights back up in July and am now taking jessica to Katy perry woohoo!
    They drove me to the airport and I fart assess around until my flight.
    Made it home safe and sound.

    Good weekend. Love seeing family, especially those ones.
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  • Day318


    February 15 in Australia

    food wasn't as good this flight.

    Blah blah blah. 14 long hours.
    I watched some mentalist episodes.

    Once in Sydney I had a near panic attack in the customs bit. The machine couldn't verify my passport photo.........
    had to go to a real person instead.
    Basically long story short I left my passport on the floor and walked off then obviously couldn't find it.
    I was in my snow jacket so the heat made it 1000 times worse and I was shaking and Will had already gone through so I couldn't let him know what was going on.
    Figured out where to look for my passport and all was ok.

    Got backs and had nothing to declare so a quick exit.

    Caught the train home to epping.

    Stupid Gerty was faking sick. I took her to the vet. She is fine...

    Drove Debbie home.

    Met Harvey.
    Went to Jess' and surprised her and Jaxon ❀️ she was close to crying and my eyes got warm.
    He had hugs.
    Jaxon is huge and talking 😍😍
    Met Edgar. What a cutie - BIG puppy.

    We went to helen and bills.

    Jess came with and told them she bought them something and they had to Come outside to see.
    We popped out from behind a corner.
    Helens responds
    "What the fuck" she then cried which set of jess and half me.

    It was wonderful.
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  • Day316


    February 13 in Qatar

    Off the plane we got.
    We have an 8 hour stop over.
    Meant to be 7 but we arrived early. Our plane was empty. Not sure if I wrote that.

    Doha airport is hectic. It's so stupidly modern and new age.
    I love the palm trees.

    It has some great playgrounds and statues too.

    The train is see through. Very sci fi.

    We went to the food court and i bought a $9 salad.. gracious the exchange is horrid.
    They have a harrods store and are selling a $24 pencil..... even for harrods that is really really bad lol.

    We were in the food court for about 3 hours then went to our gate and hung out there.

    We have just gone through our second security check which they are taking reallllly seriously.
    They are taking the time to check everyone's photo and get second opinions if not sure.

    A guy a few spots up the line had his checked with a microscope thing.

    I got pulled over for a drug test AGAIN.

    Awaiting our plane.

    Jess has ruined our master plan.
    Jaxon has an appointment so she isn't going to work today/tomorrow where we were going to surprise her...

    On the plane and feeling claustrophobic as all hell.
    We didn't get an exit row this flight despite what the lady said.

    We are in the middle and neither Will nor the person next to me for the chairs so I am squished.
    There is nowhere to put my feet and I need to peeeeee
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  • Day316


    February 13 in Ireland

    What a loud hostel.
    I would say 80% of people were up at 6am. Maybe there was a tour cause it was packed!
    I was vomiting again (don't know why) at 5:45 and it was completely empty but at 6 it was go go go!

    I liked the bed so I got some sleep.
    We are under a train track which wasn't as loud as I thought - the people were louder.

    We checked out and went to the bus station around the corner.
    Waited 20 minutes - caught it not problem and arrived at the airport.

    Check in was already open even though it was more than 3 hours before take off but because we got in early we asked for exit row seats and they were available wohooo!

    Had some brekkie and went through security no problems.

    Bought my magnet and as they also accept the pound I used some coins to buy a children's book and some fudge. Came in a cool tin.

    Take off is in 30 mins.

    I hope mum bought my lies hahaha can't remember when I wrote about another workaway but that's obviously not true - coming home early to surprise her :D
    Dad knows because I had to ask for a key - they will be away another week because they are on their 30th wedding anniversary cruise. #cuties
    Soooooo excited to see them!!!
    And the cat of course..

    Got through take off - a plane crashed yesterday in Russia so I was my usual scardey cat but all went fine.

    The food was sensational! My mouth was in heaven.

    I watched Winnie the Pooh and slept a little.

    We are of course near a child who was pretty good but did have an hour whinge.
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  • Day315

    Inch Island

    February 12 in Ireland

    I was sick the whole night. Too much Chinese food πŸ˜…
    Had a good vomit and probably woke up the whole damn household but it couldn't be helped.
    I tried the floor again - yeahhh wasn't gonna happen lol.

    Was up by 10:30 and Laura's mum put on the same feast. I really do like the white pudding. Laura didn't have work today so she joined us.

    We then watched some more Olympics cause it was snowing.

    I met their cat that isn't actually their cat...
    what a cutie!! Very plump.
    She liked pats but isn't allowed in the house.

    The fire hadn't yet been put on so I was freaking FREEZING.
    They soon got it going for me. πŸ˜…

    I enquired if we were going to do anything today or if the weather was too bad but it cleared up so we headed out.

    Polar came with us. She sat in the back.
    She makes sooooo much damn noise!
    It was still shitty weather and the snow coming at the window made me flinch.
    We drove to Dunree fort. It was freeeeezing. My face was gonna fall off.
    The fort was on the waters edge hence the cold.
    It was an old army barracks but Laura couldn't really tell us more than that. She told us she learnt about it in school but it has been a while lol (she is 36)
    We basically came because it's pretty. The fort itself wasn't even open so we walked around the area a bit.
    Polar did 3 huge poos. Impressive.

    We got some happy snaps then left.
    Next we drove to Mamore gap. This was the best bot of the day but the windows were so foggy it was sometimes hard to see and Laura had a big Jesus/Mary charm thing dangling from her mirror it blocked half my view - it was huge.
    (I had swapped to the back tonne with polar)

    Mamore gap is basically just a road that goes between two mountains.
    It was beautiful though. Ireland really is lovely.

    Drive drive drive. Polar still yapping away.

    Laura took us to Harry's pub which is where she works and bought us a hot toddy.
    It's hot whiskey.
    Any other day I would have passed but you have too in Ireland.
    God it was awful hahah I had to help Will finish his.
    Polar was just walking around the pub as dogs do...
    An area Australia could improve on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Laura had resent me the bus tickets but the email never came through so she called the bus company.
    "I'm sorry our electronic systems don't work on weekends - you will get the email on Monday"
    Erm what.
    How bloody ridiculous.
    They were like pay the bus driver and you will get a refund.
    Which won't be compensated.... STUPID.


    We then went back home, i packed and Laura's mum cooked a delicious home meal I nearly cried - THEY HAD GRAVY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Tried some Yorkshire pudding.

    It was meats, veggies potatoes etc.
    sooo goooood.

    Left and went to the bus stop.
    Paid the driver 45€........ not impressed.... and got on.

    Have Laura a bigggg hug. It was so good to see her. I find her so funny.

    The bus should have taken 3 hour but took 5 πŸ˜“

    Our hostel was at least next to the bus station so that bit was easy.
    Checked in then went to get dinner.

    Shitty rooms and nowhere to charge your phone but everything else seems sound.
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  • Day314

    Inch Island

    February 11 in Ireland

    Woke up at 11 and brushed my teeth. Laura had to go to woke so I went back to bed until 1.
    At 1, Laura's mum made us breakfast and holy crap, it was a feast.
    We tried black and white pudding.
    Didn't mind white. Black was yuckkk.
    The rest was bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes and toast.

    The Winter Olympics have started so we watched that.
    Laura's mum (Susanna) left to run some errands. We continued watching in front of the warm fire.
    Putting coals in is fun.

    Susanna came backs and we watched wales vs England in the rugby 6 nations. Susanna is very vocal. She does not like England lol.

    She went and collected Laura from work at 7 and came back with Chinese food.
    It was yum and they had satay chicken - first time in the whole 10 months.

    Susanna left us and the 3 of us just chatted for hours before going to bed.
    We leave tomorrow back to Dublin but lucky that came up when talking cause Laura had booked for the day after so she had to rebook for us.
    He mum had full planned a dinner though ...

    Bed time. The bed is like a king single and concave. I tried sleeping on the floor but it was so cold I couldn't do it even in 5 layers of clothes lol.
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  • Day313


    February 10 in Ireland

    Told people to be quite at 6am cause they were just chatting away not even trying to whisper.
    Another dude made comment that it's what you paid for, it's not a hotel.
    Such a bad attitude. It doesn't mean you don't consider others.
    Felt like waiting until he was asleep and start playing a drum set.
    "It's what you pay for"

    We checked out and went next door for breakfast.
    It was snowing so hard I was stressed our flight would be cancelled.

    Went to station and bought tickets for €20 grumble grumble. We thought it was the same price as the last tickets - a lovely €2
    We stood on the platform for ages not knowing what was happening because alllooooot of people were waiting with luggage. Time was getting on so I asked some
    French people what the go was. They said that the train were delayed because of a fire but they would come.

    10 minutes later an anouncment came over the speaker - trains not coming until 3pm....

    Not sure if reason was snow or random fire. I am under the impression it was the snow.

    Everyone's only option now was to get a taxi...... fk me.

    We were happy though cause we asked for a €20 refund at the ticket place and they gave it to us. Ticket man said taxi could be about €50. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

    We waited at the taxi bay. Everyone kept snaking the taxis. We found 2 people to share with.

    After a lot of effort and aggression we got in a people mover under the agreement it would be 20€ each.

    Didn't have another option so we got in.
    We were facing backwards so Will was close to vomiting.
    The dude opposite had coffee breath so that didn't help.
    He dropped the first bunch of people at terminal 2 and I made comment €20 each isn't it.
    HAAAAAA no it's €30. He changed it. It would have been nice if someone had translated this to us.
    I was extra angry about it all because the meter read €45. The driver got €210. Total greed.

    He took us to terminal 1.

    So much snowwwwww.

    Check in was open though so it hadn't yet been cancelled..

    Got through security. Bloody hell Will is useless. He went first and couldn't answer any of the security questions about our trip timeline. I had to yell out for him.
    Happy with my stamp.

    Bought a magnet and we got a baguette each.

    Wait wait wait.

    Boarded our flight with aer lingus. We had a good giggle at most Irish announcement ever.
    Lady was like if these passengers are on board please make yourselves known


    They also had the head lady speak the security demonstration which I haven't seen in memory.



    Converted some of our left over Croatian money and Jess' Icelandic leftovers. It covered our mornings taxi lol.

    Went through security. I am going to make a review on google about stansted airport and mention our custom officers number from the U.K. because she had written in our passports we spend 6 months in the U.K. Which we did not.... that's obviously what she meant when she said we couldn't come back - because she has put us down for using all our allowed time.

    This was not a problem because we had 10 other stamps proving that not to be true.....
    total wank.

    Got our bags and had some dinner while we waited for our bus.

    Found bus stop and waited 20 minutes.
    Got on bus number 32 but was told it was the wrong 32.
    Went to get on the next 32 but it was full.
    Bus drivers had a chat and we got back on the first bus.

    The plan was that at the halfway point we would swap back onto the correct bus. Cause that doesn't five me stress....

    Changed bus about an hour in. It all went fine. Thankfully we weren't the only ones so we had people to follow.

    Total journey was 3.5hours.
    Felt totally badass because we entered Northern Ireland which is part of the U.K. #illegalimmigrant

    Laura met us with a sign and I drove us to her house.

    Met her dog, Polar who is a white German Shepard.
    Played with dog. Admired fireplaces then went to bed .
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  • Day311


    February 8 in France

    Anddd tonight we have a big snorer lol.

    Woke up wayyyy later than we meant to.
    We were ready to leave by 1 πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    We bought our tickets to the catacombs at reception for 11€ each - we got a discount for being under 26

    Walked to the metro and used our tickets from yesterday.
    We got out at the halfway point to go see Notre Dame.
    Because of my awesome hunch back I have been called quasiemodo before so I felt very connected to the building HAHA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Great movie - watch when home. (Hunchback of Notre dame)

    Before we went inside we got food.
    Bloody hell what a rip off! Lucky it was nice but portions were some of that master chef crap.

    Annoying family nearby too. Mum On phone and kid causing issues pissing of the waiters too. He kept bumping into our table.

    We then went back over and entered the church.
    Stain glass galore but other than that not that amazing.

    Walked around the circuit then headed back to the metro - our tickets worked again πŸ€”πŸ€” so didn't but another one woo

    There was a lady who was completely trashed on the train. She physically pushed people off the seats so she could sit and was rambling. She was actually very well dressed considering her state. She didn't give off normal hobo vibes.

    Catacombs were opposite the metro.

    We had such a confusing line up. No signage and we got told to change lines with 2 other American girls who also had tickets 3 separate times by 3 different workers.
    We were like what the hell make up your mind.
    The last time was when a worker told us to come back to our original line and took us through
    Come on mannnn.

    Straight through and that was it. We didn't need supervision so it was a Self guided woohooo -

    Will was a bit apprehensive because he thought he would have to duck a lot and we almost didn't do it because of this but the first bit (just tunnel no bones) was only a little bit to short. He had to lower his neck but not bend his back but there was also high sections where we could rest. When we got to the bones bit it was high enough the whole time.

    The bone section was awesome. So aesthetically pleasing too. A lot of it was in patterns.

    One was morbid as hell though.
    Some one had arranged skulls into a heart.....

    The tunnels went on for ages but you didn't grow bored rather you got more impressed by the amount.
    So many tunnels were closed off too. You only see such a small portion and it's still so much!

    We caught the metro home - ticket was still valid???

    We chilled in our room before going next door for dinner.
    My Quesadillas were fantastic!

    I have packed (Will still hasn't of course) and Laura just sent through our bus tickets for tomorrow.
    Last country tomorrow woohooo!!

    1 week with Laura
    1 workaway
    A few days in Dublin then home!!
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