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    September 27 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Will let me sleep til 11 😍
    Feeling fresh and ready for the day 😬

    We packed, I seriously don’t know why I’m so bad at organizing my life when it comes to packing, I also think I’m getting worse.
    Will is always done first and he gets annoyed and i want to yell at him cause I always have an extra bag than him - the “us” bag.
    He did at least help this morning.

    We got a taxi to little India (hotel stores our bags for us)
    We got directed by some people to walk up an alley. It was so cluttered and yet amazing. If I wasn’t with Will I could have spent HOURS in there. But because he hates fun we just walked through :(

    We found an Indian resturant and it was bloody delicious - we ordered way to much though.
    Great slogan too 😂

    We then walked to the Merlion by the bay.
    So hot we got some drinks and I found a magnet (couldn’t leave without one 🤗🤗)
    Got some pics, Will has been even less willing than usual to get in some pics this trip.

    I really like the bay.
    It’s very hazy though, not crisp at all.
    Probably pollution.
    We found a shopping center and passed time in the aircon cause I was dying and my shirt was wet down my back.
    There was this cool water feature thing on the roof that isn’t continuous but on a time loop so it wasn’t going the whole time - makes it more exciting to witness.

    Caught a taxi back to the hotel, caught the shuttle and checked in.
    It was all done by us and not airport staff - an unnecessarily painful experience. Why take people’s jobs? It was NOT more convenient for us to have to scan out passports 6 times, prints bag tags, print boarding passes, have our bags weighed and photo matched to a computer. Took us about 20 minutes to just drop our bags cause the computer kept being like you are the wrong person when i tried to do Wills for him which basically means if my mum had to do it herself (useless human meaning she couldn’t) she literally could not cause she couldn’t ask for help cause the computer would have a problem and be like “the person doing the scanning is not the person in the passport - bag denied.
    What a bloody hassle!

    Ate Burger King - they have Avocado/banana flavored coke 🤢🤢
    We found a random butterfly sanctuary nearby which I loved. They were asleep so they were easy to find and have a close look at their wing patterns.
    We then went to our gate.

    Currently on the plane home with 2 hours to go.
    I am sitting next to the most annoying man who has some serious ADHD issues.
    Climbing the seat, squatting in the seat, standing behind the seat to watch the tv (we back row) and just a total fidget bum.
    I know it’s ADHD cause everything he is doing i do I just manage it better 😂😂

    Have watched friends. That’s it lol.

    Got 13 minutes to go.
    Not feeling fab so keen to get off.
    We have a lot of kids on the plane and they all did a great job - have only just started crying and it’s probs cause their ears hurt.

    Customs did a terrible job. Our shoes are covered in mud and yak poop - we declared them and they were like they are fine...
    didn’t even ask what country we have been in? (I hadn’t yet handed over the declaration form)
    Didn’t even spray them?
    Ok then.

    Glad to be home.
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  • Day24


    September 27 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Cried during take off - genuinely scared. Even though Will thought I was ridiculous he hugged me.
    I fly a lot so it really is so stupid of me.
    We did manage to snag the exit row yewwww.
    Got in some sleep but hardly any quality.
    Entire plane was stressed about connections but im pretty sure they all made it cause literally half of our plane was scheduled to get on their next plane together so it was worth waiting for them.
    Customs was genuinely terrible for such a big airport - everyone was Indian and needed visas so it took so long - make a desperate visa line 🙄
    Went to get Maccas but they don’t have an all day menu here 😭
    Our hotel does a free shuttle from the airport - it was hard to find but we got there - terrible signage. Seriously, airports need to pick up their game. I was super shitty.
    At least the shuttle was free and we were the only ones.
    Got dropped off. It was a 3 hour wait until check in but she did at least move it from 2pm to 12.
    Highly appreciated.
    Late check out tomorrow too woo.
    We walked around and it IS HUMID. and stupidly glarey. Have to walk with my eyes half shut.
    Found a Starbucks to pass time in and I had a caramel hot chocolate. Nothing will beat white .
    Then we went to maccas - we had been waiting for the lunch menu which starts at 11 not 10:30.
    Today’s lesson was I learnt that I don’t like angus meat patties nearly as much.

    Back to hotel and checked in. We were meant to have a 2 hour nap. 5 hours later we woke up.
    I was fucking furious that Will had switched off the alarm. It was 5pm. Felt like we really wasted the day but luckily the Gardens by the bay was also a night activity so that’s were we headed.
    Not only are taxis still used by everyone - they are reasonably priced!!
    We got one to the gardens and paid the big entry fee.
    We got access to 2 domes. I did enjoyed it but didn’t LOVE it. People like Helen (Trek Helen not Wills mum) could spend a week in there and would froth at the mouth upon entry.
    I expected more flowers - there were still heaps but I think the first dome was more plants than flowers.
    It still had cool ones I hadn’t seen before and awesome bark sculptures hidden in trees like big cats, owls, snakes and a dragon etc.
    The second dome had the bug famous waterfall.
    I liked this dome better as it had more to do. You catch a lift to the top and walk back down going though different sections such as a global warming video and crystals.

    We walked around and saw the big flower things but chose not to do the skywalk.
    We left and walked through the city towards Chinatown. Will having $5 a day for WiFi with Vodafone is very convenient. (Wasn’t an option in Nepal)
    Its a very clean city, as expected.
    The people here are 65% Asian and 35% caucasian.
    Their English sucks balls though!! Considering English is their first language?? It’s not like they hav an accent I can’t understand, it’s like they have trouble making the sounds and talk slowly.
    We walked around the water which i would like to see in daylight - a lot of people going for jogs. Though it’s dark it is stil so so hot.
    Found China town - the streets need to widen their footpaths/remove the food tables and poles. You have to walk in a zigzag around obstacles or on the roads.
    Found a resturant that had recognizable items.
    I keep having fucking coriander disasters. THE. WORST.
    Food was ok. Again, the satay chicken skewers were the highlight.
    I got some ice cream - I asked for 2 scoops and for unknown reasons the dude charged me for 2 but gave me 4 - 2 in 2 separate cups. It was hard to juggle and I dropped a big chunk of ice cream on the floor.
    Gonna get arrested - they don’t like sticky stuff in their footpaths 😅😅

    Got a taxi home - I cannot believe how many taxis there are and not only that, they are ALL occupied. It took us ages to get one!!

    Happy with our hotel, we had a bath together 🙃 wish Will fit better and we could do it more often hahah. - Will fell asleep in record speed. I was awake for hours but at least I knew I could sleep in if needed!
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  • Day22


    September 25 in Nepal ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    So, didn’t sleep.
    At around 4:30 I had a little tanti and had to detach the charger from the wall cause the blue light was well and truly pissing me off.

    Got up at 7:30 to shave Wills back 😪
    Had breakfast at 8 and had checked out by 9.
    We waited in the foyer for Kay for about 40 minutes but she didn’t come. So we dumped our bags at reception and off we went to the museum.
    Such a random route again. Google maps isn’t overly accurate here.
    Will is so done with being hassled on the street.
    Just piss off lol.
    “Where you from?” Fk off lol.
    Took us about 40 mins to get there and it took us through “the suburbs”
    We walked through the army barracks. Again, their immaculate uniforms do not match the conditions they live in.

    The front of the museum looks as if a car has gone crashing through it.

    The photos on the brochure they gave us to do not overly look the same as the condition it’s currently in.
    Will reckons the earthquake effected things but it isn’t like the buildings have fallen down, they are dirty.

    First 2 buildings had statues of Buddha. Boring lol.
    Also everything was very recent - mostly 18th, 19th and 20th century. And mainly 20th - lame cause grandparents where alive? Hardly a precious piece of history transported through the ages.
    The museum is also really dirty - 6 ladies gas bagging at the front - one of them could be pulling weeds, another could be dusting.

    3rd building was better but still eh.
    Can’t reaaally complain cause it was only $2 to enter..
    anyway, it had some taxidermy stuff - an amateurs work for sure. It was quite comical - glad there were signs cause it wasn’t immediately obvious what each animal was 😅
    Had some fossil stuff and and elephant skull.
    It also had dolls from different countries and mirrors you have in a fun house. Not sure of the relevance but ok.
    The guard was asleep.

    We then got a taxi home cause weather was miserable.
    We got dropped off near by - had some lunch then went to the hotel.
    Dropped Will off at the hotel and went to do my thing. He is stressful to shop with - no patience.
    Love my new purchase.
    I fell asleep in the foyer for a little bit.
    We had like 4 hours to kill before we were going to the airport.

    Dawa collected us and gave us ANOTHER bloody scarf thing. Could have at least given us a different colour (was white again) 😅😂
    The traffic was abysmal.

    When we went in we were too early and check in hadn’t even started. We had to wait about 40 minutes and then got told our flight was delayed *sigh* but we could drop our bags.
    We went upstairs to immigration where some lovely man leant me his own.
    The whole attach a pen to string thing doesn’t seem to work here 🙄
    No Pens anywhere lol.
    After we got stamped we went up to a restaurant Kay told us to go to cause it had proper toilets:
    Food was randomly good
    Satay was amazing.
    The worker man charged my phone for me up at the bar section.
    For whatever reason the dude opened up the window and the FREEZING cold air from outside came in - suddenly became thankful for my scarf lol.
    As we continued through customs I bought a book. It’s pretty shitty but has some photos of the places we went and stayed on the trail.
    This airport has domestic vibes rather than international. Not high tech at all!
    We sat around waiting for our plane - I was under an air con vent that kept dripping on me 🙄
    We didn’t leave til until 12:30
    Not sure how delayed cause I’m still not sure if it was originally scheduled for 9:50 of 10:15 lol. Depends what itinerary/screen or email you look at.
    Their board said 9:50 as did one of my emails but my app said 10:15 and their new scheduled departure time had a delay of 55 mins - I.e 11:10 Which would support a 10:15 flight?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
    So confused haha.

    Anyway, finally got on our way. I cried during take off. I was really scared. Haven’t cried since returning from South Africa.
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  • Day21


    September 24 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Oops. It was nearly 1pm when we both woke.

    I was starving, Will wasn’t.
    So off we trotted to KFC. Will said he didn’t want KFC and I said it didn’t matter if he wasn’t eating 🙃

    Very impressed with Nepal’s lack of plastic bags and straws. They exist but most places do paper.

    We went walking.
    I’ve said it 22 time but this place is fucking mental.
    Toot toot. Beep beep.
    We went into an area that’s not real touristy I don’t think. I enjoyed watching people go about their daily business.
    Selling fruits and veg, spices, electronics, repairs, meats etc. I particularly like the people on the floor with fresh produce. I think that would be the most stressful type of business cause it has an expiry date - also more effort to farm and lug to store.
    Lots of tiny temples everywhere (could fit 2 people max)
    I bought some stuff hehe.
    I bought 4X prayer flags to hand around our future outdoor table.
    I bought a yak yak yak shirt got me to match Jax and I bought 2 pairs of pants. Couldn’t believe Wills willingness to let me buy them lol. Walked back to the hotel and they were filming something in the lobby. Looked super low budget 😅 the camera however was worth more than an average Nepali persons 30 year salary.
    We watched a while and had a drink the foyer before heading back to our room. Have been talking to Jess and she has put in an offer for a house. Very happy for her!!

    We went to dinner at a lovely garden spot.
    Loved our waiter - he got like a 500 rupee tip lol.

    We are currently back at the hotel packing - Will is so ready to go. Lol
    We found one of our rented down jackets - could he sworn we handed it in lol - must remember to do that tomorrow cause they have been looking for it 😅😅😅😂
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  • Day20


    September 23 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Got woken up by the phone at 9 to ask if we were coming to breakfast. Lol. No thankyou.

    But alas now we were awake so we showered and got on our way - ran into Kay in the foyer - another team had to get helicopters up to Lukla. 😅😅😅
    We asked Dawa to help us get a taxi.
    450 rupees to Boudhanath Stupa.
    I could live her 10 years and not adjust to the roads.
    Literally no rules and yet no one crashes. There precision is amazing. They sit with in 1cm of the next car - but never ever hit!!
    Today is dusty as all hell. Wish we brought our buffs.
    So we arrived and it cost 400 each to enter.
    It’s bigger than I expected - we went upstairs to a rooftop place to have breakfast and get a better angle of it all.
    We watched as the prepared the Stupa. There is a big festival next month where they slaughter a lot of goats. Thrilled we will miss it.
    They were throwing orange paint onto the white round top bit, adding prayer flags and orange lei things.
    After we ate we did a full lap walk around it then headed off to the Pashupatinath temple. About a 2km walk away.
    Seriously though - so dusty!!!

    We eventually found it. Signage not good - all in script.
    We found an entrance - 1000 each to enter.
    I knew we weren’t allowed to enter the temples cause we aren’t Hindu but we could go to the river and man what an experience!!!!!!

    So along the river they do public cremations.
    We saw an old lady lying on a bunch of wood and People walking in circles around her before setting underneath her on fire.
    We watched for a while then walked over to the other side of the bridge and sat.
    About 6 people were being cremated at the one time.
    Once the fire is basically done they push what’s left into the river - people bathe in the river.

    They were setting up another wood pile - we waited a while and a horn began to blow. 100 people walked in carrying a body covered in orange.
    The woman came in at the end, they were the only ones showing grief.
    I felt fine to take photos previously because A. We were told we could and B. No one was mourning.
    As soon as I saw people mourning I stopped filming.
    There is no correct way to grieve but I thought it was a bit much.
    They were WAILING and had to be carried away.
    It seemed like an act which makes me uncomfortable. I do hope they find peace though.

    It took them ages to put the person onto the wood and start the fire.
    We had been watching for an hour before we left. I found the whole thing fascinating.
    The lady we first watched had no finished burning by the end of the hour.

    They use buckets to wash the area of ash. They need bigger buckets. Took them 100 goes.

    It’s something I probably won’t see again.

    On the side of the river we were everyone was doin their Hindu rituals. Would take a year to explain it all. No idea what they were doing but it’s complicated AF.
    They made paste, poured white water and made paints. They had foods and dyes and rice.

    Monkeys stole a lot of people’s bananas lol.

    We then got a taxi back home. We didn’t want to really explore the temples. I was in shorts and I knew we couldn’t get in most places anyway. I saw everything I wanted/needed to see.

    We had a rest then met up with George downstairs and went to dinner.
    He is such a crack pot.
    Dancing down the street.

    We went shopping with him after as he wanted to get souvenirs for his grandkids/family.
    I bought a present for nan while out.
    And might have nicked a pair of socks cause I got ripped off.. 🙃
    I bought shoes - paid 1000 then exchanged for socks but didn’t get refunded the difference so i pocketed a second pair.
    Don’t feel bad. 500 per pair is still more than they are worth. George also bought half of the shop so the store dude had a good night.
    They are yak wool. I also bought Nana a postcard of a yak just in case she didn’t know what one was lol.
    We said our goodbyes to George in the lobby - he had written us a card. I will miss him. What a wonderful man.
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  • Day19


    September 22 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today we slept in until 10.
    Felt like it was much later so that was a nice surprise.
    I went downstairs to get a massage.
    An odd experience to say the least.
    I got a full body one and man was it a FULL body one.
    I was really proud of myself with how I handled the leg massages.

    Included was a stomach and ear massage..
    but also my boobies.
    Like a full on boob massage. Very strange..

    we went to have lunch at the garden of dreams. Average food. Nice area. 90% less people today.

    Weather looked bleh so we went back to the hotel and accidentally had a 4 hour nap 😂

    For dinner we went to the 1st floor of the hotel and ate at the Indian restaurant there.

    Was good to catch up on so much sleep!
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  • Day18


    September 21 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Had scheduled to meet for brekkie with Lucy and Anita downstairs. I really enjoyed having fruit options this morning.
    After this we transitioned to downstairs to meet with Kay and Dawa.
    We are so lucky, todays group that are flying to Lukla are still in the airport. Lukla is closed again and they will have to get helicopters ($300USD each)
    We are the only group that has flown by plane so far.
    They had to leave because they got a call and someone in that group is real sick. Couldn’t hear everything but i heard “hospital”.

    We went for a walk to find paintings we found a few shops. The first one we found was great - dude wasn’t pushy and gave us reasonable prices of the bat. depending on size it was like 75-300$.
    We told him we were going to look at others and might come back so he gave us his card.
    We found a few more. The first place dude was a pest, reallllly passionate but ugh, go away lol.
    He also said $900 for the same things lol. Which made the first shop dude look even better.
    We browsed though others but really wanted to give the first guy our business. So we decided to go back but first, lunch.
    Kathmandu has some great mocktail options.
    There was a cat at the resturant who had a collar - i offered it some chicken but it preferred the ash tray lol.
    It was such a cat. Not scared of me but looking at me with such distain when I gestured for it to come get a head scratch haha.

    I really liked the lunch spot - it was called electric Pogoda.

    As we were walking back to the painting place we popped into a short store and bought a yak yak yak shirt for Jax and a basecamp one for me.
    $8 for both without even bartering. Dude kept the change just for being honest.

    Went and bought 2 paintings. We bought 1 each and it was about $270 all up I think.
    Very pleased.

    Went back to the hotel and ran into Anita. We exchanged emails and said our goodbyes. She bought me a pashmina scarf as a present.
    I will miss her, she is bonkers. 😍

    We dumped our stuff and headed back out to the Narayanhiti palace museum.
    They were really strict. You could not get your phone in, it had to go into a locker.
    Only things allowed were water and wallets.
    They patted you down to check.

    I really enjoyed inside. It was quick and to the point, you walked through the palace in a circuit and it a quick sentence were told the purpose of each room.
    The entire palace is a living embodiment of “Grandmas house”
    Very 1970’s with wood, carpets, orange, browns, tan and greens.
    Such a waste of space - many of the rooms were only used for one day a year.
    This place is significant because it’s the location the Royal family was shot and killed in 2001. Surrea it’s so recent.
    The prince is the accused - he died from his gun shot wound 3 days after the event - he was crowned King for those 3 days.
    There is a conspiracy theory around the event because the prince was right handed but was shot in his left temple.
    Once through the main palace you went outside an into a different building section - here it had signs identifying the exact spots the Royal family members were shot and died.
    Gun bullets holes remain on one of the wall.
    I really enjoyed the experience.

    on the way back we went to the garden of dreams.
    $4 to enter and inside wasn’t that great tbh.
    It seems to be a location of status though. Everyone was getting selfie after selfie. Almost lik if you can afford entry you are wealthy and have to flaunt it.
    The highlight were the chipmunks - I’m now led to believe they are a small squirrel.

    We went shopping for Will. He got some shit from Nike and Adidas.

    Returned to hotel and spoke with Lucy for an hour in the lobby and said our goodbyes.

    Later we went to dinner with Helen and Tom. What a great couple - we had lots of laughs!

    Said our goodbyes to them too :(
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  • Day17


    September 20 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    5:30 brekkie. Last of this stupid early shit.
    At 6 we made a move to airport next door.
    Customs checks through bags by hand and decided we were 15kg over weight ... we weren’t overweight on the way here..
    scam lol.
    It’s only $1 per kilo over but still. What BS lol.
    I added a rock but everyone else has lost weight.
    Sneaky buggers don’t removed bag from the previous group.

    Sat in airport a while watching helicopters get ready to leave.

    Currently on plane on wrong side again. Other side has the terrific views.

    We landed easily. I like little planes a bit more now lol.
    Helens bag was on next flight so Pasang stayed at the airport.
    I like Kathmandu more this time around. I’m excitedly see people and it’s so different to the mountains.
    Once at the hotel we unpacked, enjoyed the shower, flushing toilet and returned our hired items. (Poles, sleeping bag, down jackets and mattress things.) very sad to say bye to my poles.

    We went out to kfc. Amazing. 😭 it’s different but oh so satisfying. How I have missed meat.

    We went back to the hotel and lounged about until 7 when we were all meant to be going out for pizza only Helen and Tom bailed cause they didn’t want to go with Lucy but then Lucy bailed herself cause she is claiming her knee is sooooo bad she can’t walk. George was listening in on her convo with Kay and it sounded like she was trying to get a free trip out of this whole thing. He is furious.
    So pizza ended up being me, Will, Anita, George, Kay, Dawa, Pasang and another Ian Taylor guide dude.
    The place we went to was lovely! It’s called fire and Ice and It was great! Great vibe, great layout, great food!
    Dawa paid for everyone’s drinks and food. 😍
    We had good conversations and 1000 dad jokes from George.
    I had a lovely evening.
    We got given presents - we got a green scarf - similar to the white sash we got upon arrival. Whites for welcome, green is for goodbye.
    We got a mug with our picture on it, a cd of sherpa music feat Pasang and a certificate. I’m annoyed over my certificate though because it says I went up Kala Pattar when I didnt. Can’t put it on the wall. FRAUD lol.
    We said our goodbyes to Pasang at the hotel. Very sad. Glad Helen wasn’t there cause she would have cried and that would have set me off 😅
    Pasang leaves tomorrow to do it all over again with another team.

    We met a few of the other team earlier in the day and one of them recognized Lucy and was all I’m a big fan.
    I reckon her head nearly exploded off her neck.
    Anita was surprised ... bloody Anita 🤦🏼‍♀️
    It’s like she though Lucy was joking this whole time?? Beautiful woman. So. Stupid. 😂
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  • Day16


    September 19 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Last day - so over it. Hahaha. So happy by the end of today we will be done.
    When we came up to breakfast Lucy had already gone to get her helicopter.
    We both signed George’s shirt which is having fraud and put up in his office.

    It’s much busier now. Lukla has been closed for days so it’s still only barely scratching the surface on how busy it does get.

    I will miss seeing random animals. Especially the cows.

    And off we went. 27km to do today.
    My knee was ok at the start but I’d say about 10km in my left knee was dying, I couldn’t really bend it.
    Getting down from Namche was much better than going up lol.
    It was really muddy and Pasang fell on his ass lol. He had to walk with shit on him all day.

    We went over lots of bridges today only they weren’t as fun because they hurt my knee this time when you had to really grip to stay grounded - especially the time the yaks were on at the same time making it bounce around everywhere!!

    I was really struggling so Pasang sprayed some shot on my knee - no idea what it was for.
    Will wanted to carry my bag for me but I refused. I want to finish this.

    We stopped in at Monjo or tea and eventually stopped somewhere for lunch which took ages to go our food (loved the extended break haha)

    Wills memory of the trail is very impressive. He knows all the ups and downs about to come after walking it once over a week ago.

    Constant problem of too hot then too cold.
    1 year later arrived to Lukla. Never been so pleased lol. It really is a cute town.

    Everyone got a lot of shit off their chest today re Lucy. We all bonded quite nicely because we were all able to be ourselves today.

    When we got to lukla we stayed at the place next to the airport. - Happy with the room though the lighting is non existent.

    For dinner I ate some salad, felt sick and left to go back to the room.
    Will got me a towel Incase of gastro attack.
    I ended up being fine. Crashed out hard!
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  • Day15


    September 18 in Nepal ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    We slept good but Will woke up stiff and sore cause of the bed.
    It was raining today so we put on our rain gear before we even left - the sherpas are just excellent at all life skills and fixed Wills pants - thankfully or he would have gotten very wet.

    It’s a very miserable cold day.

    Lots of cunt hills today. I just can’t breath 😂
    Today was my hardest day mentally. It had a lot of flats, a massive down I honestly don’t know how I previously climbed but also a lot of upset
    I was wet, cold but also too hot, my legs were aching and we had hours to go.
    I had to jaw wobble moments today. Not proper cries (not sure if I actually dispelled tears or if rain lol)

    Today we saw some musk deer so they was pretty cool - they are endangered :(

    We walked back through were we saw the monks chanting - they were all out in about in color coordinates gum boots hahaha

    Having the same constant problem of don’t need to poo of toilet is available. Need to poo immediately after we have left.
    So over being constipated. Little wombat poos all the time.

    We saw 2 dog fights today. I instinctively screamed at the start of both attacks. No one else did 😅
    Both dogs pulled up ok I think. At least their faces were still attached.

    We had a dog follow us for so long we named her clementine.

    Views are so disappointing.

    We finally arrived and it was a great feeling. We met Ian Taylor whose group arrived in Namche today. He seems lovely, we are happy to support his company.

    We had a hot shower. It was beyond magical. We both haven’t showered in in over 8 days.
    We smell.
    We were cold.
    So happpppy.
    We also got our in the newer section of the teahouse this time - much nicer.

    My legs were so sore. My calf and knee was GONE.
    I could barely walk, I put on like half a jar of tiger balm.

    My phone had been pretty much dead since base camp but as we were no longer in ridiculous temperature it decided to stop freaking out and work again

    All my clothes are wet and smell but at least we came off better than Tom and Lucy whose entire duffel bags got wet inside from the rain.

    Ok so the big story of the day is the shit Lucy is trying to pull.
    So as previously mentioned she can’t walk down a hill and needs to hold a guides hand.
    Today we were going down big hill and she was being assisted and Gilbo had her hand and helped her across a rock she was having trouble with.
    She freaked out, slapped his hand away and told him to leave.
    5 more hours she walked without issue.

    Once we arrive in Namche she comes out with the story that Gilbo pulled her so hard that she has torn a knee tendon. (<— have only just learnt that that word does not end in a T 🤯🤯)
    And she can’t walk, it’s ruined her trip and she is gonna have to get a helicopter to Lukla tomorrow.
    So essentially what she has done is thrown a mans livelihood into jeopardy, potentially damaging a company image and lied about what happened (George, Will and I all saw the “incident”)
    Do not throw people under the bus because of your own incompetence.
    Ian was really worried because of her past record (lost a sexual assault court case for lying/concealing info under oath. I.e she makes things up)
    She is using his insurance not hers to get the helicopter for unknown reasons.
    If she sues or makes something out of this all 6 of us will defend Gilbo.
    Why can’t you just say you hurt your knee?
    Why undermine someone who has tried to help you daily for 2 weeks?
    Everyone is furious.
    George and Helen spoke privately with Ian to discuss her behavior the whole trip.
    Ian basically said he doesn’t know why Pasang didn’t turn her around on day one if she couldn’t walk downhill.
    I just don’t want anyone to get into trouble. They are all so wonderful.

    In Namche after dinner we were told to all wait.
    They brought out a cake and Pasang sang us a song on a traditional instrument. Loved it!
    All the sherpas in the teahouse began to dance.

    I have been thinking long and hard and I think I’m onto why I’m not as impressed as expected about the mountains.
    I think it’s because in my mind they were going to be bigger.
    Everest is 8km high or whatever but really it’s only 3 from the ground. It’s the sea level position that adds its height rather than a singular ridiculously big mountain standing alone.
    I bet that will make no sense when I one day ready it back.
    Basically they weren’t as big and intimidating as expected.
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