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  • Day6

    Day 6

    March 7 in Cambodia β‹… β˜€οΈ 33 Β°C

    A great sleep πŸ™ƒ
    Met in the breakfast room. Gonna miss the mango. Saaaa guuuuuud.
    I think all passion fruit is giving me super water poos hahah
    We went up and sat by the pool for a while. Em messaged saying her deda died overnight so I was talking to her - the boys went swimming.
    We went to lunch at a burger place. Joey is such a nervous nelly. Every guideline is a law and if disobeyed a jailsble offense. Chilaxxxx.
    I got a kids meal because I couldn’t help but noticed he icecreamery next door πŸ€—
    Two scoops of heaven.

    I don’t know if I had a nap now or not or if we were only at the hotel for a short while... either way we went off the the royal palace. Went with our favorite tuk tuk driver dude.
    The palace was $10 each. I think this is the only place that can justify that price based on that there’s many things within the walls.
    First their was the palace I remembered. We could look inside but couldn’t take photos. It looked kind of like a hallway with a throne at the end. My highlight was, as it often is, the ceiling. The paintings are always breathtaking.
    There were lots of mini buildings with the same palace roof tiling vibes. Couldn’t go in them though. We walked through the complex past beautiful wall paintings, a mini Ankor Wat, and intricate gray stupas I think you’d call them. I love the carvings. We found 2 cats. All the cats here have fucked up half missing tails. It’s very odd. Almost to the point is it genetic? You can’t ALL have been abused?
    We went up this garden spiral thing to find a Buddha shrine. Joey is loving this place. He has become just a mellow, guy. Love a good meditation.
    We then found the place of the emerald Buddha. Couldn’t take pics but it was cool. Not super large but still cool.
    We went out and I found a cat friend and this was essentially the highlight of my day....
    I was just chatting to the cat and it walked inside a side museum thing and jumped onto an artifact an just began angrily meowing at me.
    Get off
    that’s a 1000 years old, we gonna get it trouble
    Get off

    Sitting next to big bold lettered DO NOT TOUCH signs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    There was also a section that had lots of past Kings thrones - carry seats.

    We finished and went looking for our driver cause he agreed to wait for us. Couldn’t find him so we assumed he must have gone to get a drink so we just sat around and waited. The sun was piercing today.
    He eventually turned up and he drove us to a temple - Wat Phnom.
    Joey paid for our entry cause he was the one that desperately wanted to come. Entry was only $1 but the gesture was appreciated.
    I liked inside. The main highlight for me with this tells was watching people put makeup on a Buddha statue. I asked a guy nearby if he spoke English because I wanted to know why but he said he didn’t. After several google searches I still do not know why.
    But yeah, I watched 2 different people apply eyeliner, lipstick, powder, perfume, pretend to brush its hair, put a phone up to its ear and put a watch on its wrist etc.
    Very interesting.

    We drove back to the hotel and I think I had a another sleep.

    We went out to dinner at a place we know did interesting food.
    Stephen came too.
    For entree we got served tarantula, mini frogs and crickets.
    Everyone was very adventurous.
    Tom and Joey at a while spider. Me and Will ate a leg.
    Tom, Will and Joey ate the crickets and frogs.
    I ate a whole cricket and that was enough for me.
    Look it didn’t taste that bad. I wasn’t immediately repulsed by the flavor but when I though about it bing a cricket I started to gag.
    But I did it. Hurrah.
    The rest of the food was average but I’d rate the place high for novelty alone.
    Back to the hotel and our lazy asses have decided to pack tomorrow instead.

    Tom had 2 major dilemmas today.
    1. He lost his stupid Gucci man bag which had his wallet in it. I am the hero of this story and found it under his suitcase after he had already checked everywhere and was mid heart attack.
    2. The other dilemma was his safe failed and locked him out but it had his and Wills passport in it :)
    That all got sorted - lucky!

    Just the usual checkout business and Tuk tuk to the airport.
    Sabdys dad got involved with our check in cause the bobbins were on our flight too.
    The corruption is disgusting.
    We got fast tracked through check in then he took our passports and disappeared somewhere. Came back and our passports had been stamped and we were right to go. Didn’t check our photos...
    We also didn’t need to remove our shoes like every other person in the airport had to.
    I’m not into it.
    So corrupt.

    Bought my magnet and flew home. πŸ’•
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  • Day5

    Day 5

    March 6 in Cambodia β‹… β›… 33 Β°C

    Up at 4. This is going to be a looonnng day.
    Decided not to do my makeup and wore my hair out - clean cause I washed it last night.
    Wore me new nana dress and headed downstairs. We were the first ones there. Our taxi was $15.
    Sabdy’s parents live in a gated community. We were met last the guards and at the end of the street was an extravagant tent joining to the side of her house.
    Inside was fucked. What an extravaganza.
    Pictures don’t do justice but do a better job at retelling what it looked like. Lots of tables set up and then foods and gold. Gold everything.
    We went into Sabdys house and got told we could have our hair and make up done so that works out well lol.
    Lots of waiting around. They asked if I wanted straight or curly. I said straight and feel u got rippedoff because everyone got an up doo. I just got my hair straightened haha.
    My make up was far more natural than everyone else’s.
    The groomsmen outfits are hilariously. Tom looks like a bellboy.
    They had a waffle truck for breakfast.
    The tent was airconned.

    So I’ve actually lost track off what happened today cause it was just the most out roof days but it went something like this...
    We got given gifts to walk down the street with. Normally it would be from the groom to the brides house but as bobbin doesn’t live here we walked down the road, lined up then walked back again. Lol. I was carrying this pyramid package that because very heavy after a while. The bestmen has umbrellas held over bobbins head. People played music as we (Nessa and I) walked.
    We gave our presents over to people then found a seat. We then got told to sit at the top of the tent where all the action was to take place and important people sat.
    All white people must be family. Duh. πŸ˜‚
    Boy did we regret this.
    No English translations. No sight of Bobbin or Sabdy. I have no idea what the crap was going on. Lots of bowing.
    People filled bowls with food.
    That part eventually ended and we ran away.

    Some government person came. Deputy prime minster I believe. Lots of photos.
    I cannot believe the amount of costume changes of mother of the bride and bride. Over 10 each at least.

    There was a hair cutting ceremony that took a billion years. People pretending to cut the bride and grooms hair.
    The best part about this was that it was all pretend but they still showed them the “results” with a gold mirror like they do at the salon.
    “Does it look ok?” πŸ˜‚

    This is where I stopped paying attention but I know there was a lot of chanting, people touched bride and groom on the head with roses and threw spaghetti flower stuff onto them and gave them red envelopes with money.
    Also some Bow-y pray thing with candles

    I think there was a ring exchange at the beginning.. πŸ˜…

    There was a coffee cart with free drinks like ice tea and frappes.

    This tent is honestly something else.
    Chandeliers on the ceiling.

    We were starving. It was 11:30 by now and the tumm pains had arrived.
    Eventually got fed but they have a fucked up rule thy if you’re table isn’t full they won’t bring you food.
    Lots of fish with bones hiding.
    Chicken head that no one ate.
    We sat next to a Norwegian Mum and daughter. The Mum though Will was flat out hilarious. She also insisted sheep head is delicious. No thanks.
    At the reception later on the daughter was like thanks so much for being so nice to my mum she rang my dad to tell him about you guys ❀️❀️❀️

    Decided to go home for a nap cause it was such a long intermission.
    Our tuk tuk driver didn’t know where to go but we got there lol. I like the tuk tuk community, they help each other out, they give each other direction and help break bank notes for each other. It’s really nice. All in it together.
    What a wonderful nap we had. It felt like a deep sleep. Both just passed out for 2 hours.
    I got up and redid my makeup and decided to rock a ponytail.
    My dress is way too long but I’ll manage.

    Got ready tuk tuk there with our driver friend who camps out the front of the hotel. Cost us $7. More than reasonable. About $1 per km.

    We HAD to be there by 5. No idea why. Guests started to arrive 6:30 πŸ™„

    This was the most impersonal load of shit we have ever experienced.
    So the food rule came back into play. They wouldn’t feed us until we could get randoms to join our table.
    The father did a speech and not a single person out of the 700 guests stop to listen.
    We were all shocked by the rudeness.
    The whole thing was so inpersonal I couldn’t believe it. It was just a chance to flash your money as nothing else.

    The 2 dads did a speech and Bobbins dad obviously did his in English - only English of the day - and it was very political as if he was being made to say it. It was all about combining our two great countries.
    Almost like there were some behind the scenes political crap about trying to justify why it was ok that Sabdy was marrying a white boy.

    Groomsman had to stand out the front and meet every guest. It took 3 hours and they were FERAL.
    Everyone is so pissed about the lack of forewarning and getting in trouble for things that weren’t specified.
    For instance Stephen got in big trouble for his suit. Now while stupid looking, no one said he had to wear a certain color.
    When we arrived we went in but actually lead so we could renter and do the proper greeting crap with the bridal party. I had trouble doing the bowing to everyone cause I had to use my hands to hold up my dress.
    The food was shit hahaha majority was seafood.
    I did enjoy the rice and some mi go reng type noodles.
    100 years later Bobbin and Sabdy joined the wedding and had to walk to the front through a tunnel of people. It would seem that tradition is if two people opposite each other hold hands, when the bride and groom reaches them they have to kiss before they can continue.
    They then did a dance and cut the cake with hat looked like a samari sword lol.

    The background music was like a cd. Perfect but also not good. Just background noise you’d hear in the foyer of the hotel.

    The Cambodians dance was hilarious. Such small movements. No real boogie. πŸ•ΊπŸ»

    They did have one dance though that everyone knew. Like their version of the nut bush. Haha.

    Half the guests left after 30 mins.

    Made Will get some photos together lol.
    In conclusion.
    We all had a terrible time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    It would have made no difference if we were there or not. That statements true even for the groomsman. No purpose.
    Too long, too impersonal. No translations didn’t help either.

    Caught a tuk tuk home. Will felt like he was gonna vomit but thankfully didn’t. We both crashed :)
    - we left early like 9:30ish. Half the tables had already been packed away.

    Sabdy made a point that the evening was for fancy dresses. The Cambodians wore the exact same style peplum dresses sooo??
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  • Day4

    Day 4

    March 5 in Cambodia β‹… β›… 30 Β°C

    8am and we went down stairs for our yummy brekkie before I came back upstairs and went to back to bed. Haa

    We caught a tuk tuk to the central markets again so I could buy a dress. Very limited options. I bought one for $30. It’s something a mother of the bride/groom would wear.
    At least I can now attend cause I have appropriate attire. Lol.
    As we were walking around the markets Bobbin called Will and told us that Jordan ate street food and is so sick he can’t be best man anymore. Apparently when he told Sabdy she just gave him a look and walked away. That look would have had 1000 words in it.
    Oh dear. He called cause he was looking for Joey as a possible substitution.

    We then left and went to the Aeon Mall.
    Weird layout - it’s like walking into coles. It has like isles but they aren’t actually in a shop with walls?
    The rest of the shopping center was normal just the place we entered from.
    We had pizza which was actually really well done.
    We wandered around because he palace wasn’t open yet.
    We decided to go home so I could get a massage :D
    Got one. $15 for an hour. + $3 cause She asked for a tip.
    I did 2 dick things.
    1 - I got dressed before the massage was over because she left the room and I thought that meant it was over... it did not haha.
    2. This was the worst.
    The masseuse and I caught the lift back down together and she asked how old I was. I said 27. She said I was very beautiful. I then asked how old she was and she said 27 -
    What the actually fuck angharad. Couldn’t give her compliment back, you had to point out that you were way taller. Fk me.
    It was like a 6 year old in a school yard ha ha I’m taller
    Wtf was that.

    Oh also I have left over fake tan on cause I did a trial run at home before coming and it’s reaching the end. I had a shower and tried to scrub it all off but getting it off my back was a challenge.
    She probably thinks I haven’t showered in weeks because presumably I missed patches and her rubbing would make it come off.
    It would look like dirt..

    We did some ironing this arvo in prep for tomorrow. My dress is such a hassle. So much fabric πŸ˜‚

    We went out to dinner on a cute date - everyone else was still at the first wedding day ceremonies. We went to a Cambodian Resturant - we walked there - we haven’t done much walking this trip, it’s just so freaking humid!!
    We had some lovely food. Just beefs really to play it safe with the flavors.
    We got a free dessert. It was sweet potato covered in coconut cream and some other desserty syrup. What an odd bloody combo.
    We then walked home - past the awesome lit up place.
    I met up with Tom and Joey up at the pool once back to talk about their day and organize tomorrow. We are gonna go together tomorrow which means the taxi is arriving at us at 4:30am. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Joey is coming in case he has to step in for Jordan.
    They said today was boring. A lot of waiting around.
    Organized for tomorrow - we are taking everything with us (both outfits) and went to bed. Naturally the first time this trip I’m not tired is the time I need to go to bed early πŸ˜ͺπŸ™„πŸ˜¬
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  • Day3

    Day 3

    March 4 in Cambodia β‹… β›… 34 Β°C

    So tired eek.
    Thankfully everyone is dead too so we didn’t get moving this morning until 12. Tom got a foot massage and apparently the lady was beside herself with his size asking how much he weighed and just totally flabbergasted hahaha
    We jumped on one of the tuk tuks waiting outside our hotel. We negotiated $18 for a return trip to the killing fields. It was a bloody long way or at least it felt like it cause we were going through little communities. Asia just looks all the same, dusty, piles of bricks everywhere, shop fronts selling junk and small children out and about in farmland.
    The killing fields are how I remover but also different. I feel like last time I walk the circuit the other way??
    Anyway, the audio guide was excellent. Informative it not too much.
    Each station was very interesting.
    The first few were this is where the truck stopped as prisoners got out, they is where the chemical shed stood etc. the next majority were the different mass graves. Bone and cloth still beneath the soil - cleaned up every few months before fresh ones rise to the surface.
    It was a solemn walk. Everyone in total silence. There was a grace for women and children. Most naked. A tree next to it had been covered in bright bracelet things. This tree was wee guards held babies by their feet and smashed their heads against the tree before throwing them into the grave.
    There was another tree called the magic tree where they had speaker phones attached to hide the moans of victims to keep it all a secret.
    I think the most impactuous thing I heard today was music. This music was played from the tree, it was the last thing the victims heard before being slaughtered.
    The big monument in the middles houses a lot of the skeletons. They are categorized into sections with sticker codes. Gender, age and cause of death.
    We went to a tiny museum attached next door which had the Khmer uniforms and murder weapons.
    We also watched a movie which was awful - a year 5 PowerPoint presentation at best. They should update..
    We caught our tuk tuk back and got stuck in a mad traffic jam and then suddenly it was like the flood gates open and everyone just started moving again.
    We went to kfc for lunch as if was next to the mumu place we planned to go to which was closed. Nothing special.
    We went back to hotel, I went upstairs and hung my legs in the pool. I got bored so I went down stairs for an unsuccessful nap.
    Our phones have been dinging all afternoon cause everyone is so confused by the wedding Andre are trying to sort out information. Me and Will are ignoring at the moment cause we have chosen not to go to the 1st day ceremony. Having 3 ceremonies that are so different from each other seems to beyond everyone capability to understand lol.
    I need to go shopping tomorrow for a different dress for the morning ceremonies tho.

    We went to a sports bar for dinner. I had ice cream cause I wasn’t really hungry. Will had nothing. Tom and Joey enjoyed their food though.
    We then played a game of pool. It was 50c per game. We decided to get rid of some of our Riel.
    So stupid. It’s 1000 Riel for 25c. They have notes of 100 Riel so 2.5c worth. Painful to add up.

    Jordan sent through a pic of us on a tuk tuk from yesterday. I like it :)
    Back at the hotel now. It’s 8pm. Happy to have more down time. I think it’s the heat that is taking it it of me.

    I think my main observations of the day are that I am yet to see a person missing a limb and the road safety has drastically improved. 99% have helmets on an 80% have one the one person the bike.
    Max I have seen is 3.
    2 adults with a child squashed between. But only like 2 of them.
    So so so different to last time!!

    Also, I did not like that the mass graves had money in them or more over, I didn’t like that it was only even 100 riel (2.5c) which seems more like an insult to me as 99% visiting are tourists with money. If you can pay the entry fee you have more than 2c. It seemed inappropriate.
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  • Day2

    Day 2

    March 3 in Cambodia β‹… β›… 33 Β°C

    Workers started early this morning. πŸ˜ͺ
    Very loud. They are drilling the road so literally the loudest possible tool - a jackhammer. I feel rested enough; It was an odd sleep though? Not as deep as I would have liked.
    We went down to meet Tom and Joey for breakfast which we are currently under the impression is included.
    Great spread! I ate so much mango and the french toast was note worthy good.

    Tom needed to get fitted for his traditional wedding stuff so we went with him to the shop. We have agreed we will just pay $4 per tuk tuk. Probably more than we should pay for some of the local journeys but it’s $1 each. More than reasonable.
    It was a bit of saga getting this fitting done.
    First off we went to the wrong shop and had to call Bobbin to clarify the shop (there was 3 with the same name all next to each other) . He sent us to the right one but then no one spoke English πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ so then we had to call Sabdy to talk to them for us. We had played charades for 10 minutes with no success. Sabdy legit said 2 words to them and then all 3 workers let out an OHHHHH if sudden understanding. Bloody hell.
    When they saw Tom their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Genuine concern they don’t have enough fabric/time. πŸ˜‚
    The lady literally shooed is our the show.
    Hey, at least she gave sign language a go. A skill I’ve learnt Asians struggle with.
    We then walked to the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum or S21. We were meeting up with Steven, Jordan & Vanessa so we popped in to a local shop for a drink. I got my coconut - yum!
    It would be super cheap here if our dollar was such a piece of shit at the moment. It the lowest it’s been since 2008 or some shit. Standard. I travel and the dollar goes bad.😬 This time coronavirus is to blame. Alas.
    We met up and all walked in together. We chose not to get the audio guide.
    The building use to be a school before converted to a prison.
    There were several buildings.
    Building A was large rooms with metal beds in them. Most of them had a photo on the wall of a victim in the bed. The rooms were massive and presumably multipurpose. There were 3 levels.
    There was a sign with the prison rules.
    I remember the rules from last time. They were just as horrifying this time.
    You may not cry when being whipped or electrocuted.
    They had the bars and pots on display from where the prisoners would be hung up, half drowned then the process repeated.

    Building B had photos of the victims and some of their clothes. Also some horrendous torture photos of the methods and instruments.

    Building C were the jail cells I suppose you would call them. Some brick and some wood. Some still with drops of blood.

    Building D was more photos and skulls of victims.

    Maybe not 100% accurate. I was more focused at looking at the displays than taking note of order and building letter.
    It was sobering.
    For me a highlight was meeting one of two remaining survivors, Bou Meng.
    12,000 went in. 7 came out.
    He showed me some of his scars, and a photo of his wife who was killed. I bought his book and he insisted I get a photo with him. I didn’t know whether to smile or not?
    I told him I’m so sorry it happened.

    The group then went walking and found a cafe to hang out in and have some drinks. We got told to shut up by a person trying to do work. Will and Tom are so bad for each other lol.
    We then got tuk tuks to the national museum which frankly was not worth the $10USD entry each. Lots of Buddhist statues and not much else. The actually building itself and garden were beautiful though and had some awesome fish in the ponds .

    Next Tuk tuk was to the central markets. Our driver spoke great English so we exchange numbers for if we need a driver. He couldn’t remember his number because “ ahh I’ve had too many beers” oh that’s great... hahaha jeez.
    We had a look around and all bought some stuff. Tom bought the stupidest Gucci man bag thing. It’s ugly and some bejeweled watch that looks fake AF.
    Will bought a wallet, Joey a statue and I bought 2 shirts and a necklace.
    I’d like to go back cause I was just so tired and couldn’t really engage.
    We started a fight with the tuk tuk drivers. Tom promised one dude and another dude chucked a toddler tantrum.
    Cambodia, Thai and Vietnamese all have awful accents/high choppy, whiny voices.
    Back home and I had a nap while the boys went for a swim. So damn tired.

    Will booked a Resturant. It was traditional Cambodian food - super fancy. Tom accidentally ordered a $60USD steak. The table was in hysterics at this mistake.
    He did get it changed in time. Shame. Would have been hilarious.
    I had saramam beef <— definitely not correct spelling.
    So good!!
    We then went to the casino. We walked past these night eatery places with the flashing (Christmas) lights everywhere. Good vibes.

    The casino was both weird and generic.
    First to get in they took out temperature in an attempt to stop the virus spreading. Fair enough. They had awful entertainment. It was like eisteddfod standard and so cheesy! The audience was like 4 people. Awks.

    Will bought a round for everyone and then pissed of with Tom and Steven to gamble. I spent the nugget mostly talking to Jordan and Nessa.

    The casino had the COOLEST room which was like old school china buildings with a painted blue sky roof which was a major trip. BLOODY LOVED IT. Couldn’t take photos unfortunately. I got one up my nostrils tho.
    Prostitutes were casually hanging out at the bar waiting.

    I’m crashing so I’m now home. So is everyone but Tom and Will who are celebrating Bobbins bucks.... with out Bobbin. πŸ˜‚
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  • Day1

    Day 1

    March 2 in Cambodia β‹… β›… 32 Β°C

    Drove over to Mum and Dads to drop the car off - they are going to take it for a service while we are away.
    We picked up Joey at Epping station and dad drove to the airport.
    We are flying with Qantas - they only have the self serve check in which is BS.
    Some lady was coughing in the tsa area. People were giving her dirty looks lol.
    A lot of people with masks on but not as many as I thought.
    FYI: Coronavirus is causing world anxiety at the minute.
    Had maccas for breakfast (Tom was already in his 3rd beer), went to our gate, sat with Sabdys maid of honor and eventually jumped on the plane. They have all of Big Bang season 12 which I’m excited it’s watch.
    The seat next to be in empty; delightful.
    I always like when the seatbelt fits. Makes you feel normal sized not obese.
    Very sleepy but having the usual problem of havubv nowhere to put my neck. My wrist is also hurting supporting it so poo.
    Need to have my cyst removed when back.
    Reminder of change of flight saga: they cancelled our connecting flight from Singapore and did NOT email me to tell me. It is by luck we found out through Tom who made an off handed comment when playing Xbox with Will.
    They had put us on a new flight but it left Singapore at 1pm and our first flight wasn’t arriving until 4pm.....
    So I spent an hour on the phone with Expedia and they fixed it - we are now flying through Bangkok instead. I’m just flabbergasted by the whole thing not because it was cancelled but because they dis the mention it!?!?!

    Urgently hanging out in Thailand. We have a 5 hour lay over.
    So far we are outraged by the lack of WiFi but also the price of food. NOT ONLY THIS —— but we bought 2 meals from Burger King which were fenced but changed to our phone anyway. SEVENTY dollars.
    Fuck off.
    they gave us a meal and we will have to dispute their her transaction when home - don’t want to do it now in case they cancel our card lol.

    We have been sitting on chairs playing games of ‘would you rather’ have found WiFi but I think it’s off a plane nearby not the airport.
    Nadia (maid of honor) by some miracle found us.
    This airport is MASSIVE and yet so unbelievably boring. And like no seating?
    We got a cute little group pic in front of our connecting flight sign.
    Lots of face masks now. Lots!
    Our plane is empty πŸ˜‚ youuuuuuu beautyyyyyyy.
    We are all tired and delusional. Joey had a coconut while we were waiting - best coconut I’ve ever had. Keen to eat more once we get there!
    I’ve needed to pee so many times. Always feels like it’s gonna be 7L and ends up being 5 drops. πŸ™„
    It’s Toms birthday today. He is miserable about spending his day in an airport.

    There is only max 20-30 people on our plane. Had great flight. 1 hour so just up and down. Yew.

    Just started our decent into Phnom Penh. Keen to get there and go to bed. DELIGHTED that we arrive at night and not our usual 7am where we hav to wait hours to check in. Bloody cheering.

    Customs was quick cause there was no one to process πŸ˜…
    I had pre arranged an airport transfer so our dude was waiting for us and drove to the hotel.
    Checked in and went straight to lie down haha.
    Our room is stuffy but hopefully once the air con kicks in it will be niiice.
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  • Jan24

    Aus open

    January 24 in Australia β‹… β›… 19 Β°C


    Mum and dad picked us up at 8:45.
    We were meant to fly out at 11 but our plane got delayed because of a late arrival and weather.
    We were in the Qantas terminal which had a crappy food court in comparison but I still found hungry jacks so I was happy haha. πŸ™ƒ
    Psycho lady infront of me complained about her $1 slushee being melted and got 2 free drinks about it but continued making such a fuss that she set up and online hungry jack account just to make a formal complaint.
    Like get a bloody life. It’s a $1 slushie.
    Some people πŸ™„πŸ™„.

    We all sat separately on the plane - it had screens though so I watched some family guy and had a nap.

    Dad had preorganied a shuttle. Total hassle to find. For starters, dad is 86% dead and missed half the instructions given to him but main problem was we were looking for conXion. As it would happen we needed to find a star bus with a teeny tiny sticker that said conXion.

    Hotel is nice. We got a 2 bedroom apartment. You need an actual key rather than swipe card to open the door which is a little old school haha.

    We all had a 2 hour nap, had TGIFridays for dinner then walked to the tennis. While we were eating we had a scare. Some dudes gas bottle was leaking and he was running with it and put it in the most isolated spot he could find (right near u) and ran away. People scattered. I was waiting for it to blow. Everyone was sort of leaning away and standing back.
    Some dude used a fire extinguisher which was pointless but it was a big fantastic scene taking place lol.

    Definitely in Melbourne. Had to walk through a climate change protest to get to the stadium and the stadium has “all gender” toilets.
    The Tennis ticket lady was a lune just yelling at everyone. Taking her job waaayyyyy too seriously.

    Match one was Osaka Vs Gauff.
    I was going for Gauff. Osaka won last year and Gauff is only 15 so good bloody on her.
    Delighted to say Gauff won. I think most of the crowd was going for her - everyone likes the underdog.
    I left half way through to get a drink and wasn’t allowed back in cause I left my ticket inside.
    I had to do a sneaky past the luney ticket lady - badass haha.

    Dude behind us was so annoying he said WOW legit every point.

    There was a thing Emirates set up - you put your seat number into the website and the camera would find you and take your photo. Will reckons it looks like he has a hernia hahah.

    Next match was Federer vs Millman. Originally didn’t know who to go for. The GOAT or fellow countryman?
    I ended up going for Millman. He should have won but didn’t. It was a wicked 5 setter though and the first game I’ve seen that did the 10 point tiebreak for the 5th set. The crowd was having some seriously loyalty dilemmas. Match didn’t finish until 1:30. Exhausted. Such a big day.


    Super tired but agreed to meet Bronte and Bea for brekkie. We walked there. Nice foods. So good to see them. Bronte hd to go but we walked with Bea to the market. She is so touchy but I love it. It moves you feel really Loved. She bought me some donuts πŸ₯°

    Walked home and we all went back to bed.
    Very relaxing day just watching the tennis on the tv and dozing on the lounge.
    For dinner we went to the meat and wine Co. the. Over to the crown casino to lose some money :) played some pokies - more chili, got 2 free features but no chili 😟😟 haha
    As we were leaving I called out to dad and some old bag lost her shit at me. I told her to calm down and she told me to fuck off, me and my dirty legs πŸ˜‚ gave her the finger and walked off. She was still bad mouthing me as I walked away. Wish I was in more confrontational sometimes.
    Back home now watching more tennis.


    Bourke street found an alley way with some cafes for breakfast. We were basically sitting in the kitchen and the Chef was a machine! just bang bang bang.

    Walked to the closest cinema and bought tickets.
    Had 1.5 hours to kill so me and Will browsed the shops.
    We saw 1917 which was good. I liked it more for his filmography or whatever you call it - basically it’s one continuous shot. Dad kept up a running commentary though. Such a pest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    On our walk back we walked past a bazillion twits protesting Australia Day with signs like “abolish Australia” ?? Like what’s the plan after that darl? Protest cause you are passionate not a puppet or cause it’s the in thing to do.
    Melbourne is seriously a wonderland. The percentage of weird fucks is like about 50%. Already feeling dumber and kinda disgusted. Dad ad Will agree. All for inderviduality but what the actual fuck Melbourne.

    We then went back to the hotel, got the tickets (ive learnt this trip dad has troubles making decisions for himself. Happened several times with different things but one example was he had a jumper in his hand, noticed Will didn’t so said he wasn’t gonna bring one either. I then said I was gonna bring one and he was then so on the fence it was unbelievable. How can a 58 year old man be so unable to make a decision for himself about this πŸ˜‚ like he must normally just follow but because we picked different he didn’t know which was right. )
    Anyway off to the tennis via maccas. To my HORROR dad had shitty toilet paper on his back. No idea how he managed that but I didn’t want to embarrass him to I just ripped it off and put it In the bin. Never have I wanted hand sanitizer so bad.
    Got to the tennis early - bought a magnet at the gift shop πŸ™ƒ then passed times watching some mixed doubles. So boring. I just thought it was very amateur. The real highlight for me was participating in a Mexican wave that disrupted the game and a child - is guess 8 or nine screaming Aussie Aussie Aussie and the crowd responding with such enthusiasm and then once realizing it was a child come real patriotism happened and everyone applauded her. β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Apersol spritz was the drink of the tournament so i got one and it was gross. Note to self: do not buy.

    First match was Ash Barty Vs A. Riske. Crowd was much better this.
    Lots of funny guys making songs about “everybarty” in lots of different ways but my favourite was I’m a “barty girl” plays a point then some lone “you can brush my hair.. undress me everywhere.. “ all about the timing πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
    Dad is deaf and I had to repeat most of the crowd comments for him.
    Barty won yewwww.
    Up next was Federer again. I went and bought a towel cause my magnet is off the 2020 towel design but it’s not obvious and I was worried I’d forget so if I bought a towel too then I’d rememberπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    We only watched the first 2 set. I think everyone was pretty out tennised and wary of an early morning. We walked home and watched the end on the tv.


    Nothing exciting today except an Uber to the airport cause the shuttle service dad organized is a joke. Wanted to pick us up hours earlier than necessary because they had others to pick up. I don’t want to spend 3 hours on a bus when it’s a 20 minute drive. Fk em.
    Plane didn’t crash - always a bonus.

    Home πŸŽ‰ has a great trip!
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  • Dec27

    Christmas eve/day - Boxing day

    December 27, 2019 in Australia β‹… β˜€οΈ 26 Β°C

    Chrissy Evez
    Spent day predominately at M&D’s.
    Did presents, had a nap then read the cat book before me and mum walked to church. Wasn’t on... lol walked back home.

    Got up at stupid o’clock to be at Jess’ by 6:45 to watch Jax open his presents.
    He wasn’t as excited as I expected. Still happy but not in awe.
    Jess is rocking this mum thing though.
    Left and I had a nap back at home.
    Will refused to open his pressies so they remained in under the tree as we headed to Moss street.
    My gifts from him are a pussy cat dolls ticket and shoes but nothing physical to open today.

    Went to Lunch - we were on nibbles. Did secret Santa - Helen got me and oodie which is great And I’ll use in winter - I got Jess a therapy blanket cause I looooovvveeeeee mine.

    Mum and dad rocked up and we spent the day eating.
    And trying to avoid politics but Bill simply cannot help himself.

    26th -
    Drove to port.

    Nana told me to buy her 4 pasties on the way. She is so excited haha.
    Hung with nana had nap
    Met Micah and John
    Took dogs to settlement point saw pod of stingrays
    Throw ball to honey and bear (Micah’s dogs)

    Watched some aboriginal video Lynley made with Richard’s cousin from England who is a bee pollen dude. She showed her extensive collection of art too.

    Went to dinner with Micah John and Brielle.
    Brielle is the first young right winged person I’ve met.
    My Steak sandwich was fab.
    Will and John Hated their steaks.

    Lynley didn’t know we were staying with her. awkward.
    Elise, Jeremy and kids are staying at Nana’s FOR A MONTH. Stay with your parents for fucks sake.
    Watching nana handle the kids destroy her house is comical but also ridiculous. Dick move.

    Holy cow Nana can crap on.
    Took her shopping to the grocers and IGA.

    She made me a mango smoothie and went to out a egg in it. No Thankyou..

    We popped over to the koala hospital. They didn’t had the horrendous burn victims from the recent fires on display. Mainly already fixed ones. Nana gave me 50$ to give them. They have done such wonderful work this bushfire season.

    Went to dinner with Joey Hamerton* at an Indian place then gelato. 🀀🀀

    I love this woman. Her imagination is wild.

    Today’s ridiculous stories are that she is so sentimental she had a cup sent back to England and my personal favourite - she once threw a 100th birthday party for a cup she named Ruby. She told the neighbors she was throwing the party for Ruby and invited them.
    When she walked out holding a cup Kevin (man who use to live next door) said “stupid woman! I missed the news for this” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I can just imagine Pupa sitting their in total infatuation. His love for her despite her ridiculous was beautiful.
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  • Nov9

    Jess' 30th

    November 9, 2019 in Australia β‹… β˜€οΈ 17 Β°C

    Drove up yesterday and had a night of chatting.

    Currently waiting for our bus to take us to our HORSE AND CARRIAGE.
    There are only 4 of us because 2 people dropped out.

    I stepped onto the carriage and to my utter DELIGHT there was a dog on board.
    My gasp would have been audible 100m away.
    Our horses name was Bonnie and the dogs was Heidi, who was a chihuahua. I love her 😭😭😭
    clip clip clip clip off we went to the first place - the McGuigan winery.
    I am in disbelief. I liked 80% of the wines. And I mean actually enjoyed not just class them as drinkable.
    Our server lady was called Margot and I think she had just the right level of passion. It wasn’t too much passion that it became unrelatable but she still definitely knew her shit.
    We were there for ages and because he were such a small group we tried like 10 wines. I have learnt today I like dessert wines.
    I ended up buying 3 different bottles of things - as did Jess.
    Clip clip to the next winery we went through the back roads of the vineyards which was pretty.
    The Tamburlaine winery is all organic and next door.
    We had our own private seating area. Our host lady was lovely but the wines were bloody shit except for the dessert wines again. Loving the muscrat dessert wines at both places.
    I’m very glad for the tin we could put what we didn’t want to drink into.
    I hate the dry ones.
    No one bought anything here - we then went
    went to lunch - on the way Cass, Jess and I all had a turn driving the carriage (let’s be honest the horse did everything itself) but still was super responsive - I clicked my tounge as a joke and it started to trot. Oops haha. Jess wasn’t wearing a bra. Bad planning Jessica .πŸ˜‚
    Wonderful little Heidi just sat in her box. The greatest dog.
    We ate at a Thai/Japanese place. Very good food actually.
    We then went to a cheese tasting place. Some truly delicious cheeses but I didn’t buy any cause I just felt if I was honest with myself I wouldn’t use them. We tried about 5. Helen and Jess bought the cow feta with garlic and sun dried tomatoes - my favourite one we tried so I’m hoping they use it for a family dinner one night haha.
    The shop had lots of sauces and jams etc which all look terrific and some were super random flavours like passion fruit butter. You could spend a fortune in there.
    Next door was a chocolate shop we also went into and all came out with something lol.
    I got peanut butter rocky road and PB fudge.
    We did also get like a little sampler thing there too.
    We then popped back to the Roche Estate which is where we had lunch and went to the Tempus two cellar. This one had the worst atmosphere of the lot. The other places hosts all had opinions and could say I like this one or I personally don’t lik this one. The vibe I got from this place was that if our lady said she didn’t like a wine she would get the can. Very business, very fake feeling. In saying that I liked their dessert wine here - everything was starting to taste the same though lolz.
    Next our final wine tasting - a place within the hunter valley gardens. Name to come.
    Wines were a no but we did chocolate sampling with them that when combined was bloody delicous. I ended up buying the lime chocolate. So randomly YUM.
    We also tried caramel vodka, mango and butterscotch liquor and their version of baileys all really good - I wanted to buy the mango and caramel but again couldn’t justify it. I did buy the lime chocolate though.
    These place suck you in cause they don’t sell the stuff they give you in store so it’s a now or never situation.
    You can order but it’s a 6 bottle minimum I believe.
    Everywhere we stopped everyone was so excited about Bonnie the horse.
    I think Jess had a great time and that’s the main thing.
    I had a bloody terrific day too!
    We got dropped back at the hotel (crowne plaza) at 4:45ish and went to our VILLA. For a while we all just chilled out on our phones having down time. It’s a big bloody day.

    I made up a cheese/meats/biscuit plates which we chomped down.

    We played board games all night. We played articulate, spot it, pictionary, the chocolate game and X rated charades.

    Had a fabulous time. So many laughs.
    Articulate is definitely one of my favourites if not favourite game.
    Pictionary wasn’t thaaaaat fun cause it was too easy.
    Spot it was great - definitely going to buy - it fucks with your brain. Great way to keep it sharp I reckon. Hard to explain. It’s kinda like snap but with pictures?

    The chocolate game was fucked - at first we were all trying to be as quick as possible to get the chocolate. By the end we were all being purposely slow cause we felt sick and didn’t want to eat anymore. We ended up with 3 squares left. We just couldn’t eat anymore.

    Charades wasn’t as good as expected. Would be hilarious if drunk and people didn’t give a fuck and just acted it full out.
    Helen acted out multiple orgasms though and I can’t unsee it OR unhear it.
    Jess got it on film too. Just wow.

    Just lots of laughs and comfort - me and cass set up our doonas and blankets on the floor.

    Will is currently looking after Jaxon and is done.
    “It feels like I have been working”
    I am sympathetic but at the same time I’m like well yeah? That’s what every house wife in the history of the universe has said. Raising kids isn’t a paid job but it’s a bloody job. Exhausting little things, children. Also why childcare is a hard industry even if not academic.
    Just got back from doing a mad vom. Ate too much cheese I reckon hahaha.

    I have had a truly terrific day!
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  • Oct5

    Nanas 90th

    October 5, 2019 in Australia β‹… β›… 16 Β°C

    Thrilled to see the little lady again.
    I gave her here present - Yak wool socks and Nepalese tea bags.
    We went to little fish for her party - she wanted to be late so she could make an entrance πŸ˜‚ she didn say it outright but she made this desire clear.
    She bloody loved walking in lol.
    I gave everyone an awkward hug - Micah got a big genuine one.
    Will didn’t come because - originally he was coming but then in Feb we got the whole “she has 3 months to live” notice meaning there wasn’t going to be a party so he made other plans.
    It was Toms bucks party so a bloody good reason.
    It was good food and good company.
    Elise has photographer friend she organized to tak picture which was lovely.
    We all got some wonderful pics with Nan.
    I’m sure she felt famous and was soaking in the attention haha.
    Beyond pleased with the photo of me and Nana together. I love it.
    Afterwards we went to Lynley’s got dips and breads etc.
    One by one people left until it was just Micah, John, Lynley and I. We chatted for hours. When I got home Nana was asleep. She had a terrific day. Se said she felt so happy and full which was lovely to hear. She said she was responsible for all these people and thought it was wonderful.
    Thanks for having sex nan?

    We didn’t do a sappy goodbye when we parted this time. I didn’t need her too. We know we love each other.
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