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    June 2, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Woke up at 9:30 because we had to check out by 11 and we still needed to pack.
    It was quite the challenge - we have been storing our sleeping bags on the outside of our bags but for the flight needed to squish them into our big bags. 😓a few things didn't make the cut and got chucked out. I squeezed my cat food in though 😋
    We checked out and gave our bags to reception to hold onto for the day.
    We walked down Vitosha boulevard and stopped at a cafe for a cappuccino and I got an underwhelming tea. They gave me just water and a teabag which would have been fine if the water had been hotter but the tea bag didn't really work out. We were going to eat but this place was too expensive so we went looking for some banitzas:)
    We walked up some side streets to a new area and found a bakery - unfortunately they didn't sell them so we left - we walked all of 10 meters up the street when a city wide siren went off - not a normal siren, one we though could potentially be for an earthquake. Everyone around us stopped moving and stood where they were so we copied not having a clue what was happening.
    It sounded what bomb raid sirens sound like on tv.
    We had the giggles and had a quick debate if we should go stand in the middle of the street - we walked back down to the bakery and saw that everyone was dead quite, the workers had stopped working and the people seated were all now standing.
    After a few minutes the siren stopped and everyone went about there business. We asked a local what the hell that was and they said it was in remembrance for the people that have died in the last few wars.
    After learning that, it was lovely to see that every person around us, even those by themselves had stopped and shown respect.
    Slightly disappointed it wasn't an earthquake - I want to feel one - obviously only a baby one where no one gets hurt and there is no damage, just a little tremor.
    Alas, not today.
    It was so friggen loud though.
    We found another bakery that sold the banitza's at 3 times the price but they looked good so we bought them - but they were truly terrible and went in the bin.
    We sat in the park near the culture center. I had a snooze while Will sent an email to vodaphone and grandad.
    Afterwards we went to subway - instead of meatball subs they do falafel 😂
    They don't do Italian herbs and cheese bread, have marinara or do salt and pepper?? I chose not to eat and played Pokémon go while Will ate what, judging by his facials, was a sandwich that wasn't too crash hot.
    We've walked back to the hostel and are in the common room. We will leave for the airport around 5:30.
    I read a few chapters and Will watched a movie.
    We asked the hostel to call us a taxi - jumped in and went off to the airport without any troubles - woo!
    Our journey continued to be easy once we arrived with us checking in our bags with no issues.
    We both had to remove our shoes to walk through security - we were the only ones asked to do so - maybe be looked suspicious or they could tell by our accent we were foreign haha either way it was awkward cause I could smell my feet.
    I've been wearing dirty socks all day in an enclosed boot.... it was not good.
    We ate at the rooftop bar - which we had a good laugh about because all it had was literal view of a industrial roof hahaha not very classy.
    I bought some soap with our left over coins because we can't exchange them - we then walked to our terminal and waited.
    A humungous storm hit and one flight was delayed because of the weather conditions - this didn't improve my sense of security. Ever since our faithful Dragon Air flight from Japan I've had a lot more fear toward flying. Hopefully everything goes well and we make it 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
    We are of course seated directly in front of a screaming child.
    There is another child on board that looks like a bug - she would be around 22 months old and must be blind as a bat for them to have picked up on her vision so quickly and because her glasses are just so so magnified. She was so cute and kept touching my hand on the bus from the terminal. I read on the plane. Thankfully the weather died down. I was only stressed for a minor portion of the flight.
    We touched down in Charleroi airport and my oh my what an adventure we had!
    Firstly, never ever has it before been difficult to find taxis at an airport or location that screams TOURISTS.
    And yet, we could not find the taxi rank.
    It took us over 15 minutes to find us.
    Then scam after scam was thrown at us.
    We paired up with another English couple going to Brussels to hopefully half the price but every taxi driver wanted 100€ per person and not overall which we all refused to pay.
    The taxi rank was empty, it was midnight, raining and 7 of us all wanting to go to Brussels remained.
    Eventually 3 went to the shuttle bus and us and the other couple ( one was a Romanian Geologist who works at the Arizona university - cool job) agreed to a 14p€ set price trip.
    He then decided half way that because we weren't going to the same address as the other couple we had to pay 20€ more. We agreed because at this point our hands were tied - our Bnb person was waiting for us and we were already running an hour late, I was sick of arguing and the taxi had a gps which guaranteed going to the right house.
    He sped like a lunatic the whole way. It didn't help my anxiety when we drove past another car completely flipped on the middle of the road..
    The geologist dude kept making comments about being surprised at how uncivilized it all was which was a direct jab at the driver which I smiled to myself about.
    We ended up only paying 15€ extra not 20 so that was a small win.
    85€ for 65km was better than we expected. So we were actually very pleased with the end result.
    Unfortunately the saga was not over.
    We were definitely at the right house - now 1:10am and the doorbell did not appear to be working. We rang and rang and rang but nobody answered. I was so tired at this point I wasn't even stressed but found it amusing if anything.
    We didn't actually stand outside all that long - only long enough for the predicament to sink in and us discuss a plan B when a car came zooming round the corner - it was our hosts friend to let us in - WOOHOOO! THIRLLED.
    She took us up to the 4th floor - the front door is the elevator door so that was kind of strange. The apartment is awesome! We cashed pretty quickly once upstairs in our attic room.
    Turns out our host has left us food for breakfast so I'm pretty happy about that :)
    The roof is low so Will will have to watch his head.
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    June 1, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Woke up late. The chick is killing me but she has now left for Serbia woo!
    We went to Dunken Donuts first and had one donut each to hold us over until we found somewhere for lunch.
    After lunch we went to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral for one final look. I honestly love it.
    We then went for a walk around the city and went to the St. George church which we have seen before but haven't actually gone inside - it's the oldest one in Sofia (from 4th century and has original roof) - it was nothing special. It was free entry which was great but had a sign at the front that made me fume. It said it was free entry but if you buy from the shop inside God would bless you. What a load of crap. You shouldn't use God for your own gain. It's not a bloody magic trick. If all it took for God to 'bless' you was for someone to buy a postcard then there would be a lot less evil in this world. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that and I thought that sign was disgusting.

    We then went home again because I had a small head ache - we lay around until dinner time and went to the common room for the free food. It was the same options as last time so I just got pasta with no sauce.
    (I finished the 2nd book in that time - loving the new series!)
    We then went for a walk through the city because it's our last night. We had some gelato and Will had a kebab and slice of pizza so essentially 4 dinners haha.
    I had a bite of his 'Ali Baba' kebab and it was gooood.
    We sat by the markets as they were closing - there was such a fat dog. Don't know if it was a stray or not but it obvious doesn't struggle hah.
    We found a church we hadn't seen before - don't think it has any significance but beautiful none the less.
    We are now back at the dorm.
    Genuinely so excited to leave Bulgaria and go to Belgium tomorrow. Our flight is at night though so we have a long wait ahead of us. We still have jobs to do like pack and print off our boarding passes though.
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    May 31, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    So we had a hysterical night. Korea rolled over and started to properly snore. Will and I could not stop laughing. The lady next to Will woke up and started "aye aye aying " and swearing in French which really put my giggles over the edge.
    A person in the Neighbouring room even got up - we could just see them standing behind the glass wall in what was probably a state of shock 😂😂😂😂😂
    Will got to sleep before I did. Shocking sleep. She is actually so ridiculous. She got up super early and started packing her bag by jumping on her suitcase and zipping up everythingggg
    Not cool.
    We went and got kebabs for breakfast and ate them in a local park - they have really good kids equipment all over the country.
    We then went to a local sports pub in the hope of watching origin. They didn't have the channel so we went back to the hostel and Wills friend live streamed in on Facebook for him.
    I really wanted to watch but I fell asleep :(
    We won though! :D
    We went to 'happy sushi' which was recommended to because it was suppose to have not fish sushi and unusual combos but that turned out to be a big fat lie.
    We needed up getting chicken and ribs.
    Afterwards we went to a different bowling alley - it was nowhere near as good but it did the trick.
    I got my highest score ever on the first game with a whopping 119 😬 I got 2 strikes in a row! :D
    We tied the second game on 89 then I won the last one.
    The lane was a bit dodgy. The balls got jammed once and needed fixing then a few of our shots didn't register - though I'd like to point out that 119 was earned fair and square 💪🏻💪🏻
    I got a gelato on the way home #addicted now we are back in our room. Korea is here 😩
    In going to read my book and Will will watch a movie.
    New girl arrived in the room - she is from Taiwan. seems nice. She puts on a lot of face cream though.
    Some idiot thought it would be fine to blow dry there hair at 11pm and another one at 1am. Like what the hell? No consideration. Snorey snoreyson kept us up all night again.

    Also side note - yesterday when we were walking home some random girl intentionally smacked my hand very hard. It was so bizarre. I told Will and he told me to check my pockets to make sure I still had everything which I did.
    lol don't know why she slapped me? Odd.
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    May 30, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Korea next to me - who kept everyone up ALL night didn't hide her annoyance well that the rooms weren't made up because 3 of us slept in.
    Tough titties - all they do is make the bed anyway, if that.. they don't change the sheets, so surely a self sufficient adult can make there own bed if it bothers them that much. She is really annoying. Jean (Wills new American friend) agrees. His heritage is South Korean too but he hates them and thinks they are all too materialistic lol.
    We went to the shopping center this morning to buy me a new phone cord because my phone won't charge. it was only 7 euro - cheering! We also bought me a Mickey Mouse shirt and socks from H&M because while the weather is so shitty things don't dry and I don't have enough shirts. 1 extra will help! Also 2 pairs of my socks now have holes in them so needed more.
    We had breakfast in the food court and just walked around a bit. It was the main Sofia mall and the best one we have seen on our travels so far.
    We went back for the hostel to chill out. We have made the decision to just pay the ridiculous taxi fair in Belgium because id rather just bite the bullet than be lost at midnight in a brand new city. - I messaged our host to let her know.
    I also googled things to do in Brussels and Ghent - pretty excited
    We don't know what to do now that we are back In Sofia so I did some googling and in my search I have discovered the proper names of things we have already done so I'd like to talk this opportunity to note that we have seen:
    - The lovers bridge
    - Serdika - Sredets fortress
    - National theatre "Ivan Vazor"
    The snorer, I think was surprised and annoyed to find us in the room. I think she isn't very social and doesn't want company. She stayed a little bit but then left again.
    I was trying to find a new book to read or rather picking which one out of 30 options :D
    I like that kindle gives you samples of books so you dont waste your money! Great system!!

    Will was hungry so we went to dinner and the Asian place we really liked last time.
    I took more photos of things I have already seen so I can add them to this journal because I'm not sure if everything made the cut when I switched to this new system with the stupid 6 photos a day limit.

    Dinner was fantastic except I was ripped off BIG TIME with my drink. It was 90% crushed ice. I had 3 sips and it was finished. Was so disappointed because I loved it last time!
    Roland Garros was playing behind me. Stupid Murray. I told Will about the strawberries and cream picture which he didn't find funny but I always will.

    On the walk over we saw old mate who walks like he has huge muscles like Popeye but is half the size of me. He brings me great joy.

    We walked home and Will wanted me to lead the way - I got us lost :)
    We walked up Vitosha boulevard again got a scoop of icecream for 1€ and are now back in the room.

    So I bought a book off kindle - Lusam - the dragon mags wars and I finished it in a few hours #smashedit.
    It wasn't overly exciting but has done a fantastic job at setting everything up for the next 3 books. I'm excited to read them.
    Snorey snorison is snoring at the moment but no where near as bad as yesterday. She also cracks a lot.
    The cracks are so loud i have only ever heard Kim achieve such a sound. -
    Angharad never forget that time in our year 111/12 ancient history exam when cracked her back so outrageously everyone - including Mr Simac stopped what they were doing to talk about it.
    Always remember Mitchell ".... oh my god"
    Hyperventilating into my pillow thinking about it.
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    May 29, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Will woke up earlier than I did because he had to pack then complained he wanted to pack the toiletries so I had to get up too.
    We found a broom outside/downstairs and cleaned the floor a little bit, emptied the fridge then took 2 big bags of rubbish up the street to the big bins and bought banitzas and multivitamin juice.
    I think I drank the juice to fast because I had a minor tummy ache so I had a quick lie down before our host (Val) cane to get the keys. He arrived while I was pooping so that was awkward.
    We left at 11:30 - HE DROVE US WOOT!
    He asked us if we had visited some village, we said no so he did a little detour past there too which was lovely of him. A small part of me wished me just went straight to the bus station - his B.O was outrageous and he obviously hadn't brushed his teeth in 7 years. I felt sick.
    The main point of his mini tour was to show us a building "for 30 years this was our dictators house, well, one of them" it was so bland looking - amazing views so it's been converted into a hotel.
    Don't know Bulgarian history so not sure which dictator - that is if they have had more than one.
    The village was cute but I think it would have been more appreciated by us if we hadn't come from the Rose fields. It was just very similar.
    He then drove us past the fortress for us to have one last breathtaking glance before we arrived at the bus station.
    Best host ever - he got out before we did, enquirered about buses to Sofia and got us on a bus leaving in 2 minutes. We hurried over, payed the driver 40 Lev directly and hopped on - we are in the car sick seats up front. We said many thanks to Val. We really appreciated his help!!
    The bus was a lot more expensive that previous ones but we are getting what we paid for. It's a 3 hour journey - we have wifi, aircon, a movie is playing up front and the bus is big. (Will still doesn't fit though)
    Thus far I have seen 2 dead hedgehogs. Will is skeptical but I'm pretty confident. If not they were both extremely spikey rocks. I also saw another supposed "badger". I would really like to walk past and have a closer look. This is the 2nd one I've seen in a vehicle. They haven't been black and white which it should be so I'm trying to figure out why is sun-streaked orange and white. Google hadn't helped me. Every thing that it could be doesn't live in Europe. European badgers are black 🤔🤔🤔
    It's a mystery.

    It's kinda fun sitting up front cause you can here all the bugs splattering into the front window. So many juice spots.
    We have both napped. We were going fast on highways but are now stuck behind people on windy mountains.

    I semi retract my previous statement - they might be badgers I re googled and the under bellies are lighter. Still hesitant to lock it in as a badger though.
    We arrived back at Sofia station and I we both needed to wee - I checked and can't believe I didn't document my last adventurer here that came flooding back.
    Last time we were here I went into the wrong toilet and saw a mans Willy -.- I was so embarrassed. He was too I'd imagine.
    I wanted to get a taxi to the hostel which would cost $2 but Will was being a cranky butt so we walked the 3km -.- it was so hot. I don't mind carrying my big bag, it's the little one that drives me bonkers.
    We went and ate at McDonald's because we were starving then walked up the street to our hostel. It's really nice - especially for 10€ each a night.
    It's big, lively and full of people. The carpark at the front had like 10 cats in it - amazingggg 😻😻😻
    We checked in, played a game of pool ( I won cause Will sank the black) we then sat down and just people watched. Lots of Aussies here.
    We went up the street to get Will a beer and me and Ice cream ( that was the compromise if he wanted a beer) then came back to the common rooms.
    Our room is up the street a little bit. It's not bunk beds Yay! It's just 5 beds In this apartment block type thing.
    The security is much better. We have 4 different keys and a swipe card - but only one set which is inconvenient.
    The hostel provides crappy but FREE dinner and a glass of beer. Will drank mine for me but said it was crap - probably the cheapest available.
    We had 3 options for food - spag bowl, lentils and rice or some potato dish. We both went with pasta.
    We then went to the sheesha bar. So bad for us but oars of the culture hahah. I had Turkish tea 🙃
    I'm now back at the hostel. Will is going on a pub crawl - this is when not having a second set of keys is annoying. I can't get into our locker - but luckily i forsaw this issue and got my kindle out :)
    I swear I'm going to kill him if he spends all our money. He wanted a 50€ budget for the night.
    William, you can't have a bitch about me buying a frigging $1 magnet when you go drinking everyday!
    If he spends the 100Lev I'll be so cross.
    We will see. He has been banned from shouting people drinks because he did that in Macedonia and people didn't even drink them 😠 we don't have enough money to be nice!!! Lol
    I have been tip toeing around our room all day because i thought there was a person sleeping. A Brazilian guy has just walked in and lifted the covers and it's a damn bag.
    I even examined the lump. It was totally a person, I swear it snored. I'm honestly blown away by this discovery.
    It's now just me, the Brazilian guy and a S. Korean chick relaxing in our room. I keep having the urge to swallow and sniff when I don't need to. It's sooo quite. Every little booger being sucked back in can be heard 🙄

    Th chick next to me snores so badly I've never heard anything like it. She kept me up until 3 when she rolled over and shut up.
    In other news I finally finished my book - love the series ( black mage series?) and Will for home at 4 with our dorm mate - Jean.
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    Veliko Tarnovo

    May 28, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Missed the tour I planned to do. Too tired and couldn't be bothered. The town is so small I feel like I've seen the main points and Will didn't want to come anyway so my motivation went way down.
    Got up at 12 and had tzatziki because Will ate all the cereal 😒
    And we literally haven't done a thing since. I think we are both quite bored of Bulgaria. Though truly beautiful we both are ready to move on.
    We spent about an hour arguing about whether I could buy another magnet or not. I want to buy the same magnet I already have - the rose, except in Pink because we picked pink roses and not red. He says I cant because I already bought one. I would accept this argument if buying another magnet cost more that 70c and if I had bought lots of souvenirs- but I haven't I have only bought 1 magnet per country which is amazing considering my normal souvenir buying rates.
    He also won't let me buy a postcard for my grandma because I already bought a post card for my book.... he can shove it, I'm going to buy one for her.
    He ended up getting sick of my whining and I went up the the shops. On the way it started torrential raining so i ducked into a shop - I amused myself in there for 15 mins waiting for it to stop - I found an even better, cheaper magnet and bought it instead. It had PINK roses and the fortress + Alexander Nevsky Cathedral- a much fuller picture of our Bulgarian experience.
    We are now going to have a nap and pack later. I'm having a tea because I felt dizzy when walking and should up my water intake.
    We are hoping our Bnb host offers to drive us to the station tomorrow - he originally offered to pick us up from it so hopefully he reverses the gesture, lol.
    Ok so I had a nap while Will watched car videos.

    Noteworthy experience:
    I had a shower earlier and brushed my teeth, spat the toothpaste out but as I was sitting in the shower some of it caught my knee.. my knee literally felt minty fresh for about an hour afterwards. Will scoffed me off and said I have autism again but it was literally so bizarre i had to tell him.
    Didn't know a knee could feel minty fresh.

    Will wanted a kebab for dinner so we went walking to the cheapo place he got a burger from the other day.
    It was average. This is the 2nd place who has put chips in the kebab. Not sure how I feel about it - In theory it's fantastic but it hasn't been executed perfectly yet.
    Will was still hungry so we agreed if he bought another burger I could get a gelato 🤗😃
    We went to another show called Aladins - the menu looks hectic and super cheap - 70c for a slice of pizza the size of my head.
    He only ate half because he psyched himself out because the chicken was a little too pink for his liking.
    I got my snickers gelato on the way home - the place charges off weight and not scoops.
    When home I packed my bags and cleaned up a lot of rubbish. Will did nothing. He says he is going to do it in the morning. -.-
    I charged the battery charge, kindle and go pro. I need to buy a new phone cord - it's not working with anything/ takes 10 attempts then you can't move it an inch without it disconnecting.
    Fireworks went off next door. They love them here. While I charged my phone off the computer I looked up things to do in Brussels AND made the horrifying realisation that we have booked our accommodation in Brussels from the wrong airport. We are flying into the crappier airport which is 60km away from our Bnb. We fly in at 10:50pm - it's between 90€ - 120€ during regular hours...
    I've been messaging the chick all night and had a semi breakdown so Will is going to take over responsibility tomorrow and decide what we are going to do.
    There is apparently a shuttle bus that will take us half way but that means the cleaning lady can't stay up for us so we will need to go to a completely separate home to pick up keys......
    Only positive is at least i realized this huge problem before we arrived to the wrong airport. Lol.
    And we have 4 days to make a plan.
    Our current host has agreed to drive us to the bus station tomorrow woohoo.
    I feel a little sick. Not sure if anxiety or because I ate too much hahah.
    I messaged Bronwyn about changing our return flight too.
    The fact I am the organized one is scary.
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  • Day54

    Veliko Tarnovo

    May 27, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    So last night Will said to turn off my alarm and just let us sleep. That ended well, we got up at 1.
    JESS FOUND MUNSTER - sooooo relieved! She did not need anything else happening. Genuinely so happy. He was in a neighbours yard cowering behind a shed.
    We got up and had breakfast/lunch on the balcony.
    The floor is filthy and feels so gross under my feets. I think it's part Oreo crumbs but also crap from our shoes.
    We had a productive morning - it was raining heavily so we decided to book accommodation. We decided to smash it out so we have now booked for Sofia, Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. Feeling stress free because that means Belgium is completely booked!
    We are staying in Hostel Mostel in Sofia which is only $10 a night and has been recommended by a few different people.
    Then in Brussels and we are arriving late so we are going to stay in a BNB and our host is willing to stay up for us so that's great!
    The next 2 spots are also hostels.
    So I can't really remember what we did next. I know i went up to the street store to buy juice, coke and more Oreos for Will. I then watched the Trollz movie and half of magic mike before I told Will I was hungry. I don't know what he did for those 3 hours.
    We looked up trip advisor and went to the #1 ranked restaurant on there - It was called Shtastliveca.
    It was delicious! Because we didn't leave the house all day, we splurged.
    We got a bottle of Pinot wine. Will got the lasagne and o for the roast lamb with potatoes and other fancy words.
    Yummo! Our waiter was very good - he guessed we were Canadian or American though 😒
    He recommended a dessert for us which we went with. It was like a cookie, dough, honey walnut combo. He said it was a cake but it looked like ice cream scoops.
    The wine went straight to my head.
    For a splurge night it still only cost us 77 Lev!
    On the walk home we went to the tequila bar. It served a yogurt cocktail which sounded so awful I had to try.
    To be honest it was actually alright. Just tasted like strawberry yogurt drink with bit of a kick.
    Will had. Jack Daniel's and coke and had the same scenarios last time - was given a coke bottle, a glass with the shot and 2 separate glasses with ice. We have preciously inquired why they do that and apparently it's to prove to the customer that they aren't getting ripped off with the alcohol content which I understand but I feel this new method means a lot of unnecessary washing up lol
    We have now walked home - which I made a complete dick of myself on the way. I started marching down the hill like I was on stage/ a solider for unknown reasons and speaking in time to the march - Will started laughing and wouldn't tell me why - when we arrived at our door he told me to look up and to the left..... about 5-10 people standing onto of the building watching us and having a giggle. Yep, didn't see them. 😧hahah oops. How embarrassing.
    We are now home - Will watching American gangster while I wrote this and will crash soon.
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  • Day53

    Veliko Tarnovo

    May 26, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    I slept so good ☺️
    We got up and had some cereal on the balcony when mum and dad called through. We chatted for half an hour. I try to think of things to tell them that aren't in this journal but it's hard.
    After we hung up we got ready to go to Tsarevets fortress on Tsarevets hill.
    It was only 6 Lev each which was great. We thought that this was a big enough attraction to warrant the selfie stick so Will quickly walked back home to get it while I tried to navigate my way through the sea of school children.
    We didn't get an entrance ticket only a crappy receipt which I'm disappointed about so I plan to buy a postcard to stick into my paper journal so I can have a token from the fortress.
    We met up and walked through up the bridge to the main entrance. You could so easily imagine people riding there horses up into the fortress. We took a lot of pictures!
    We walked around the edge where there are lots of ruins but still clear outlines of buildings you could imagine as houses or little shops/blacksmiths etc.
    Unfortunately there were no English signs and even the Bulgarian signs were scarce.
    We went up a watch tower which had a set up you could pretend to chop a persons head of with - so we did. I think Will enjoyed it a little too much.
    We went to the very edge and from what I gather it was an execution site. Not sure if they meant this is where the beheadings took place or if this was the wall they threw people off because it was very high and would have been just as effective lol.
    Will does not take safety signs as seriously as me. He wanted to climb down and have a look and I said no because there are signs specifically saying not to do so lol. They have left it as authentic as possible meaning very real DANGER lol. No, I do not want to climb over walls that are hundreds of years old, falling apart and on top of a very big drop!
    His main motive was to try and find a medieval sword... 😏
    We then went walking and then realized we had definitely taken the wrong path. We were just walking in the bush haha. We turned back, and ended up in "the palace ensemble". It was under construction which of course Will ignored so we entered some building. Will thinks it's the reconstruction where the King and Queen lived ( original was destroyed by Turks in the 1200's) but I think it is too small especially for royalty. We walked up the hill to the church - it's interior artwork was so odd! I've never seen designs like it - well, in a church.
    There was a big original slab.
    The school groups are really annoying but I spoke that's how you work out if you are visiting a worthy attraction or not... their presence is a good sign lol.
    We say the outer battle tower then went for lunch.
    The strawberry lemonade was superb 🤤🤤🤤
    We went and got Oreos and juice from a convenience store and on the way home Will was being impatient and tried to overtake a tour group and ended up falling down the hill. Hahahah he went so red and was so embarrassed he got angry at them. "Stupid asians" it was literally all his fault though because he wasn't looking where we was going. He fell into one of them. Silly William. He crushed some of the Oreos and his knee bled a little bit but he gets little sympathy from me because I received none when I fell over at the acropolis.
    Back at the apartment we finished watching Aladdin and watched the Truman show. I did it for English in year 11 or 12 but never actually saw the whole thing.
    Can anyone sayyy A+? Hahahah
    Will wanted to go on a pub crawl but we couldn't find any so we just went for a walk to a place we ate at the other day and had nargile and drinks. The nargile was crap - not enough flavor. The waiter was fantastic though - he gave me a free lemonade and opened up the terrace area just for us so we tipped him - first person in ages.
    Naturally because Will wanted me to look presentable when we went out he asked me to not wear my hiking boots - it poured rain.
    My hiking boots are waterproof but noooo I had to wear my other shoes 🤦🏼‍♀️#poohead.
    We were lucky though because here drainage isn't the best and cars were spraying water everywhere where but we avoided it :)

    Also note today we saw the Asen Dynasty monument. 👍🏼
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  • Day52

    Veliko Tarnovo

    May 25, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Things I have previously forgotten to add:
    - Will fell in an ant nest when removing stumps/roots and had bites all over his back
    - Jaxon turned 1 yesterday and got diagnosed with chixkenpox
    - Yesterday I was very tired and after my shower went to the room to get changed - Will called out from the other room " uhm, isn't the blinds open on there?" Yes, yes they were... I flashed the entire street - we are Pretty much on ground level.

    Ok so, I slept In Only until 9:45 because Will called Helen and I needed to say happy birthday to her so I woke up.
    We left the house around 12. We would have left much earlier but it was bucketing down with rain.
    It stopped but naturally started again when we started walking.
    I Iike the always flowing bubblers all of Europe seem to have. I like that the water just stays running and you dont need to press a button - it's beneficial for stray animals and birds too. :)
    After about 1km we took shelter in a cafe and had a drink to wait the storm out a little bit.
    The juice I got was expensive- well not really but we have now accustomed to east European prices and this fresh juice was a whopping $5
    Outrageous lol.
    I was so hungry by now because it was 1pm so I wanted to eat asap so I made us go to the first resturant we are across. It was rubbish lol. Will kept giving me crap because once we left we learnt there was a burger shop next door " you couldn't have walked another 5m could you?"
    Hehe oh well. I just wanted to eat because if you don't know the city you don't know how long you might walk until you find the next place.
    After we just kept walking and came across a fresh produce market. I bought a bunch of cherries for a steal! I got about half a kilo for $2 and they look fresh and delicious!
    We went back to a grocery store we had passed earlier and bought some staples i.e. Milk, bread, cheese, cereal, and sandwich ingredients for us to make lunch with. Loving that we have a fridge to store things! I also bought some tea :)
    Will went and got a burger from the store he saw earlier. We walked back to the apartment, taking gorgeous photos along the way and dropped everything off.
    We went across the road to the 'Tsarevgrad Turnov' multimedia centre.
    Even though I didn't have ID I got a student discount woohoo! So it was 20 Lev all up. 10 for Will, 5 for me and another 5 because I wanted to take pictures. I got a little sticker for my photo to say it was an approved device lol.
    There was a school group in front of us so that was super annoying because we had to lag.
    It basically was a museum with figurines showing how life was like in the fortress during the second Bulgarian rule. It showed insides houses, different trades, the king/queen (Tsar?) on their thrones, weapons, clothing and a battle scene of a crusader being captured.
    We were told that there was videos in English - in my Jess I imagines screen sized projections and not the little laptop we walked past early on - so we missed that aspect but oh well. At one of the scenes I accidentally set the alarm off because I was trying to see the facial expression of one of the figurines and must have stuck my head into the exhibit too far haha oops!
    We finished (it wasn't as long as expected) and then went up a set of stairs to a church we hadn't paid entry for - so just stuck our heads in. It was nothing special but still nice - like all before it. I doubt there will be many "ugly" churches on our travels.
    We've come back home (I enjoyed looking at the street art on the way), eaten some Oreos and will go out for dinner soon. We've decided we will always have dinner out but try and eat the other 2 meals at home or take pre-made sandwiches with us. Will is excited, we bought lutenitza** for his sandwich. It's a tomato, eggplant, capsicum spread. I'm very encouraging as it's the only form of vegetable I can get into him! Haha
    At about 5pm Will says to me "you've had something on your neck all day and it's been annoying me" he removed it and it turns out it was a booger. He had let me walk around all day with a booger on my body. Cheers Willy 😑
    I just hope it was mine not his... don't know how it would have got there hahaha
    We found a place for dinner and it was amazing. The food not so much BUT THERE WAS A CAT SITTING NEXT ME 😻😻😻
    He was so cranky it was amazing. He was sleeping on a chair and people came to sit at the table he wouldn't move so they had to sit around him hahaha.
    There was also a dog inside that came over for pats. We wasn't starving - I gave him a potato and he just looked at it and nuzzled in asking for more pats ❤️beat resturant ever.
    The potato salad was a shocker though. It was cooked potato - no sauce.. not good lol.
    But I don't care, anything animal friendly gets bonus points!
    We are back home now and I've been doing my journal book by sticking in bus tickets.
    Will is now playing nostalgic music and we are going to watch Aladdin shortly :)
    We are going to the fortress tomorrow - hopefully the rain stops but first we have a Skype date with mum and dad :) it's been 2 weeks so I'm keen to talk with them 🙃
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  • Day51


    May 24, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    I woke up at 4:50 and was devastated to discover my alarm would go off in 10 minutes 😒 We got up to say goodbye to everyone, eat breakfast and pack. Danny said he would be a max 40 minutes before he came back to get us. He took 2 hours. Just upset because I could have slept longer.
    He drove us to the next town over to the bus station where we were told different times for the buses - 8:20 and 9:20. Having no faith in the system, he then left us alone in a location of questionable functionality to fend for ourselves. We asked him where to stand and he said under the sign that said Veliko Taranovo.... all letters are In the Cyrillic alphabet... what pointless advice. 😒
    The bus was pretty on time - only 10 minutes late. It was a tiny little thing but we got on woohoo! One stress down! The bus took an hour through windy mountains.
    Veliko Tarnovo looks like a shit hole but it's been really talked up so im holding out hope..

    We got off the bus and Will was about to wee himself so that was job one.
    Job two was find wifi to contact our host but first we for some banitzas at the convenience store nearby.
    We got a lady taxi driver who didn't speak English. I'm so over giving them the address, then saying ok, putting our luggage in the boot, sitting in the car and then the driver communicating they don't know the address. Like, if you don't know where you are going don't let me get in the car 😩
    Anyway she drove us. I was having such bad anxiety the whole way because she didn't understand the address so we "communicated" to take us to the castle - I didn't know if she had understood.
    We were told it was about 3km away. But because today is some Slavic holiday there were road closures and we went on some massive detour. I focused on my breathing. Lol
    We got dropped off at the bottom of a hill near the castle and had to lug our bags up because of another road closure.. -.-
    We found a cafe with free wifi and sat there for a few hours while we waited for our host to reply.
    He never did so we went looking for the apartment. Boy oh boy was that not fun. Why is it so difficult every time? When we put the address into maps it took us to a bunch of trees.
    We, again, had to ask several different people where to go. I was so hot and flustered. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have our luggage.
    We asked the people across the street and they took 4 minutes to figure out where to go but they found it for us thank heavens.
    The owner was inside so we were thankful the journey was over.
    He was nice but had the worst coffee breath and his English wasn't the best so it really took a long time for him to string sentences together.
    The view is spectacular- it's right across from the fortress/castle and on the best street we have seen so far. The area has a nice vibe - lots of souvenir shops.
    I had a 4 hour nap IN A BED ❤️❤️❤️ and we both spent an unnecessary amount of time on the toilet just savoring the moment.
    After my nap we went searching for food and an ATM. We got rejected from 3 separate ATM's with our travel card so we just used Wills normal bank card which is annoying and would have cost a lot more. We don't know why majority of the Bulgarian ATMs haven't worked.
    There was a congregation of people in the street waiting for a parade or something but as we didn't know the start time we didn't bother hanging around.
    We ate at a pizza/Grill resturant and took the leftovers home to put in the fridge.
    I had a shower but the water turned cold halfway through so I'll have to shave the other leg and condition my hair tomorrow haha.
    We plan to have a sleep in extremely lazy tomorrow - so very excited.
    We have 5 nights here so we have time. There is a multimedia tourist thing across the road I want to go to. it is medieval things out the front - Veliko Tarnovo was the old capital of Bulgaria apparently?
    Will is watching liar liar on the to at the moment.
    I still have nightmares about 'the claw' thanks Trevor. 😰
    I was so thirsty when we went walking. I need to drink more water.
    I don't know if our Johanna and Danny enjoyed having us. Comments they both made this morning kind of put me off a bit. Danny said something along the lines of "rose picking isn't your thing" LOL
    That was probably Will complaining about his back but still little awkward.
    They knew I don't like early mornings but I really enjoy picking. They must just not know me well enough to know the things aren't related.
    I hate getting up for work but I do love my job. Nothing will make me like mornings lol.
    I think Will took the piss too often too. That's a cultural thing though and can't be changed.
    Their loss 😛
    I did like them a lot though.
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