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  • There are no words to describe the two days I spent sailing in the Whitsunday National Park ❤️
    We had the best boat, the best crew, the best group of people, the best atmosphere and the best scenery. It was just perfect 😍
    We spent the time sailing, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, kayaking around the ocean, jumping of the boat, relaxing at Whitehaven Beach and laughing 🏝☺️
    Those were seriously the best days of my life ❤️
    I'm so sad to not be on the S.V. Whitehaven anymore 😔🙈 But I'm immensely grateful for what I got to experience 😍
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  • The last trip I had planned while being in Cairns was a tour through the Daintree Rainforest Nationalpark. I got picked up at 6:55am and we drove from Cairns to Port Douglas first to pick up all the others. We finally made our way along side the Great Barrier Reef into the Daintree Rainforest.🌳 We went to different lookouts and did a rainforest walk where we even got to see a cassowary 😊 (They are flightless birds, can get up to 2m tall and are the deadliest birds alive 😅)
    We went all the way up to Cape Tribulation where we had lunch and went for a stroll along the beach (warning sings about crocodiles are everywhere 🙈🐊) Swimming in any river or the ocean up here is deadly because of the saltwater crocodiles and the poisonous jellyfishes.
    Our tour guide kept making jokes about Germans because apart from Australians Germans are the ones who get eaten by crocodiles the most. 😳
    Which was why he suggested to put me into the water while we were on a boat cruise on the river looking for crocodiles 😏😂
    We eventually saw crocodiles without me getting wet 😅
    They were mostly swimming in the river because of the high tide, so the only picture I got was of a baby crocodile lying on a muddy river bank 🐊
    We also saw the large fruit bats and the pythons that eat the bats 🐍
    On our way back through the Rainforest we stopped to grab some icecream 🍦
    They grow all their ingredients for the icecream in the rainforest and we got four different flavours.
    The flavours were Macadamia Nut (the only one I had tasted before 😅), roasted Wattleseed (Australia's national plant 😊), Davidson Plum (it's like a jungle plum) and Black Sapote (also called chocolate pudding fruit 🍫).
    I liked all of them 😍 Macadamia Nut was my favourite though, Wattleseeds tasted kind of like coffe and hazelnut, Black Sapote like chocolate pudding (hence the name 😅) and Davidson plum was kind of tangy but also sweet and fruity (and it had the best colour 💜)
    We ended the tour with a last stop at the Mossman Gorge which is a beautiful waterfall but unfortunately it was raining by the time we got there 🌧 But oh well what would the rainforest be without a little rain ☔️😉
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  • I had to get up early (as always 😏) to join a tour to one of the Frankland Islands. 🏝
    Westover down to the Mulgrave River where we went on board of a ship that took us down the river across the ocean to Normanby (or Normandy Island who knows 😏😅).
    The islands are Nationalpark area and UNESCO world heritage listed. This means there is nothing one the island except some wooden tables and benches.
    We got our masks, snorchels and finns as well as stinger suits.
    Stinger suits need to worn to protect your skin from the poisonous Jellyfishes that live here 😳😅
    The islands are surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef which is exactly where we went snorkelling.
    It was absolutely amazing 😍 We saw the massive colourful coral reef with all it's inhabitants. Lots of small and big colourful fishes (we even found Nemo 😄) 🐠, as well as crabs 🦀, a stingray, giant clams (they were bigger than my upper body 😳😍) and lots of Green Sea Turtles 🐢
    One really big one was just swimming underneath me which was incredible 😍
    We did lots of snorkelling as well as an island walk and eventually we went back on the boat to make our way home again.
    Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef will not be something I will forget easily ☺️💕
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  • On the 2nd of January we flew from Sydney to Cairns ( about 3.5h Australia is a big country 😉)
    We arrived late and basically went straight to bed.
    The next day I took the Kuranda Scenic Railway up to Kuranda 🚃.
    It took about 1.5h to get there but the train is really slow since it is a scenic railway. The drive through the rainforest was beautiful. ☺️
    I spent some time in Kuranda wandering around the markets and visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary. 🌺
    I took the Skyrail back from Kuranda which basically means flying over the tops of the rainforest 🌳.
    It was a bit scary at first (afraid of heights 😅) but I got used to it and the view was worth everything 😍
    It was a little cloudy but that made the mountain tops look even more amazing 🏔
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  • Because this website only lets you choose six pictures per post I had to do a seperate post on the Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda 🐛(okay I get that there is no Dugong smiley but why is there no Butterfly????)
    They had a wide variety of colourful butterflies, some really big ones as well.
    It was a lot of fun trying to take a picture of every different one I saw 😅👌🏼

  • New Year's Day my alarm went of at 8am 😴😅 I only had one day left in Sydney and I still wanted to see some things. So I had breakfast, got ready and started my day with a trip to the opera house. It really is a strange feeling standing right next to something you only ever saw on pictures 🙈
    To get a better view of the opera house and the Harbour Bridge I decided to walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens up to Mrs Macquaries Chair which is kind of like a lookout.
    A million pictures later I decided to go to the SeaLife Aquarium. I haven't been to one in a long time but I always loved it so I gave the Sydney one a try 😊💕
    It was a good decision, I had a blast looking at all the different animals found in the Great Barrier Reef. 🐠🦀🐙
    I especially liked the Dugong's because I had never seen one of them before and they are really quite cute. (Where is the Dugong smiley? 🙄😏)
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  • We arrived in Sydney on the 29th of December. It is weird but coming back to Australia felt like coming home somehow 🇦🇺❤️
    I joined a Sydney New Years Eve Tour that I had booked in advance. We were a really nice group and spent the days leading up to New Years Eve relaxing at Bondi Beach and if course shopping for the perfect outfit for the night 💁🏼👗
    Over 2 Million people come to Sydney to watch the fireworks and while we saw most of them camping in different spots the whole day to get a good view of the fireworks we didn't have to save us a spot. Our tour included a harbour cruise 🚢 This meant that we were on a boat in Darling Harbour without a crowd and with the perfect view of the opera house and the Harbour Bridge.
    The last seconds to midnight were magical and the fireworks were beyond amazing 🎆😍
    I'm beyond glad that I did the tour because it was so worth it ☺️
    This year they spent 8 million!!!! dollars on the fireworks 💥
    I don't think I can ever enjoy the fireworks at home after having seen the ones in Sydney 😅🙈
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  • On the 24th of December (Christmas 🎄) I went from Bali to Gili Air via speed boat. The journey took 2.5h and was a little bumpy because of the big waves we had that day. 🌊
    I was on Gili Air 24.12 - 26.12 it was basically my Christmas present to myself. I went snorkelling and walked around the island which only takes around 1.5h 🏝
    The beaches are amazing and the water away crystal clear. I had my Christmas dinner on the beach while watching the sunset 🌅
    It was an incredible experience even though it didn't really feel like Christmas because it was so different to what I'm used to ❄️🎄
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  • Since Seminyak is directly at the coat of Bali we planned on spending a day at the beach. 🏖
    We packed our stuff and made our way down to the beach but what we saw was not what we expected. Sadly the whole beach including the sea was covered in pieces of plastic and other rubbish. 🙁
    We didn't even want to put my feet into the water so we went home disappointed 😔
    Since we couldn't swim in the sea we went to the Potato Head beach club. We had a sunbed next to the pool with a view of the ocean that was mostly clean.
    We swam in the pool and had cocktails (some even straight out of a coconut ☺️)🍹It was a really nice day and the disappointment of the other beach was quickly forgotten.
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  • After one week in Ubud we transferred to Seminyak. I didn't think it was possible but Seminyak was even hotter than Ubud (in Bali your best friend is the aircon 😅)
    Getting around with a massive backpack in the heat is not much fun. That think is nearly my size 😏 But I like it and I'm actually really proud that I only packed things I really need and made everything fit in there for eight weeks 😅
    The AirBnB place we stayed at was possibly even more beautiful than the one in Ubud because the pool was basically surrounding the whole house. 🏝
    Luckily there is an Earth Cafe in Seminyak as well so we did get to enjoy the food a little while longer. 👌🏼 One of my favourite dishes were the raw zucchini pasta pesto 😋
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  • On our last day in Ubud we decided to hire a driver for the day who took us to see some amazing temples, the elephant caves and the Jatiluwih ricefields (one of the biggest ricefields in Bali)🌾
    We had a fun day exploring and of course we took a lot of photos as well (no photos facing the camera because I and Bente had a mysterious rash in our faces 🙄😏)
    At the end of the day we were sunburned because obviously we still hadn't learned that you will get sunburned here (and in 🇦🇺) even if it is a cloudy day and you can't really see the sun ☀️😅🙈Read more