• Day35

    Trek America - Porta-loo

    May 24, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 54 °F

    This is a special post for an incident that occurred at the Navajo dinner.

    After dinner fellow trekker Jade braved the unlit porta-loo, using her IPhone's torch to light her way. The first we knew of anything was Jade shouting out something ineligible. When she returned to our waiting jeep she explained that she had managed to drop her phone down into the loo!

    Jade's phone had a huge amount of her photos, both from the trek as well as from her travels prior to joining us. It had a lot of her music and it was also her method to call/Skype home. 'Gutted' didn't quite cover it.

    As everyone was at a loss of what to do, Alex jumped out of the jeep, switching on his headlamp and heading for the villainous porta-loo. The rest of the group followed in sheer bemusement with another jeep of tourists forced to also watch as their jeep was sitting behind ours and unable to move on.

    Alex called out for someone to get him a stick as he flipped the toilet seat. A scene that can only be described as hell itself starred back at him whilst the smell was gag worthy. Unperturbed, Alex pulled up his Buff scarf around his mouth and nose. Kim returned with a stick but unfortunately this was only 6 inches long and would do nothing but stir up the madness sitting in the bowl. After some more furious stick hunting, the hunt for the iPhone was on as Alex sought it out with his makeshift prongs. One of Navajo guides offered a rubber glove before finding that it was full of holes.

    After what felt like an hour, but was more like minutes of searching, with some false alarms, there was ultimately no success in finding Jade's iPhone. We trudged back to the jeep with Ron telling Jade not to worry and that he'd call her from the phone if it eventually turned up. We might not have recovered the phone but as far as a memorable comedy moments go it was a success.
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