Malissa Fonte

Joined March 2016
  • Day2

    Cardboard Cathedral Christchurch

    February 12, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Already running behind our schedule we decided to not do the Christchurch Gondola today and instead catch a few sites before heading off to Kaikoura. We saw the Cardboard Cathedral but I wasn't keen on paying $35 each to walk inside and another $8 each to take photos. I understand that they need the funds to rebuild but woah. They let me take a photo from the door. It's pretty amazing in that the structure is made from cardboard.

    Across the road from this is the art installation which is serving as a makeshift memorial for the 185 people who died during the earthquake in 2011. '185 empty white chairs' This is very moving as each chair is different and reflects the personality of the person who died. The family members either donated, chose or agreed to the chair. There is a baby car seat as well. People are welcome to sit in the chairs.
    We noticed that there is a lot of graffiti about, mostly street art, though some slubby graf. Apparently before the earthquake Christchurch was a very old city with old, historic buildings and no graffiti about. There is definitely a change afoot!
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  • Day1

    Christchurch Airport

    February 11, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Arrived 12/2 at 1AM. Picked up by Air bnb Host Marc who drove us to his house nearby. He didn't lock the car, shut the gate or lock his front door. 'There's no need' he said!

    In the morning he made us breakfast and presented me with vegemite. He had another jar as he didn't want to appear cheap by presenting a nearly finished jar. We had many kiwi vs aust jokes. Other people at his house were from China. We spoke with a young couple who were touring NZ and also curious about Australia. They had seen a video of a muscly kangaroo and wondered if they were all like that and if they were so violent. I told them about the house with the kangaroo on the roof - they loved it. They told us about a place in China (Chiang Du?) where the people eat anything - dogs, cats, even monkey brains from a live monkey. They were as grossed out as we were.
    They told us different ways to say happy new year, which I cant remember. We had to go regretfully as the conversation was funny and interesting. Marc drove us back to the airport to collect our hire car.
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