Arianne Fraser

Joined September 2016
  • Day13

    Nearly Home Time

    April 11 in Mexico

    Can hardly believe wir leaving to come heem damorn, hardly feels lik it’s been two weeks but I’ll be blyde to get heem and stop eating so much and give my liver a rest, for a week 🤪. We went to dis really nice lobster restaurant da idder night, it was amazing! Oh and I held a snake!!! We went on a pub crawl and to coco bongos last night, it was mad. Just been to an Asian restaurant where they cook afore you which was so cool! Going to work on my last minute suntan damorn afore we leave, wir flight is at night dan we land at Manchester at 7.30am da next day.Read more

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  • Day10

    We’ve been oot on 3 trips since I posted last, soz guys, so busy!!! Chichen Itza was so cool, we went to a proper Mayan village after it asweel which was cool to see how folk really live. We went to the island called Holbox which was so boannie, the island dusna hae ony cars so we drove around on golf buggies dan went and laid and drank on dis beach. Dan daday we’ve been to Sian Ka’an which is in Tulum and it’s like tonnes o mangroves that we drove through on a boat and saw a crocodile, dolphins, huge turtles etc. So good going oot and seeing more as da hotel, kinda brunt in places but tan is coming no bad. Going to coco bongos on Tuesday I’m excited aboot dat 🤪Read more

  • Day4

    Turtles & Caves

    April 2 in Mexico

    We went to Akumal Bay yesterday and snorkelled, saw tonnes o cool fish and two turtles!! Ian had the go pro so hopefully get some good footage fae dat and no just videos o his face! We dan went into this underground caves called cenotes we stalactites and stalagmites, we swam through one dan walked through annider! So cool. Yun photo we the footprints under da water is fae a Jaguar going through the cave!! Got back to the hotel and drank a grain so been pretty hungover daday😵. Getting picked up at 5.20am damorn to go to Chicen Itza so going to bed noo at 7.30pm haha.Read more

  • Day1


    March 30 in Mexico

    Hola! Got to da hotel yesterday at 3pm, it’s amazing!!! Jacuzzi bath in wir bedroom next to wir king sized bed (I wakened up last night and couldna was even reach Ian it was dat big!) no used the jacuzzi yet so no sure if it will make me bed claes wet (sorry Katie!!). Drinking a ridiculous amount o cocktails, playing in da pool and lying in da sun daday, went for a walk and saw a peerie lizard thing. Da restaurants are so good, I’m going to be 2 stone bigger afore I’m heem. Planning what wir going to do the rest o wir two weeks shortly. Miss u, love u bye bye xxxRead more

  • Day14

    Home time

    October 20, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    In the London City Airport, flight leaves in a hour. Feeling a bit knackered and canna wait to get heem! The game yesterday was amazing! 6-0!!! See you all soon!

  • Day11

    Underground River

    October 17, 2016 on the Philippines

    Yesterday we just spent the day at the hotel in the pool and went on a kayak. Been to the underground river daday, it was so amazing!! But really hard to take photos when you wir inside the cave, de wir tonnes o bats and we saw a snake and a monkey ageen. Leaving the Philippines damorn 😢

  • Day9

    El Nido

    October 15, 2016 on the Philippines

    Drove to El Nido yesterday and stayed the night, in a room wi a lizard (Ian freaked oot). Daday we went on an island hopping tour, it was so amazing! We hired a GoPro so hopefully wir photos fae dat will be better. It was so amazing, we swam through two lagoons and had snorkelling stuff to see all the fish 🐟. We saw monkeys in trees too which was pretty cool but I couldna get ony good photos. Just waiting noo on wir run back to wir proper hotel.Read more

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