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  • Day98

    Montañita, Ecuador...Surf, Yoga & Chill

    February 7 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So after alot of travelling back and forth the last few months we thought we'd book a beach escape where we could chill, relax... Laze in hammocks, do yoga and learn to surf! 🤗....😂 So we thought! When we arrived it was a surf competition weekend, so we didn't get much sleep for a few days here, although was pretty cool to watch the surf competition right from out balcony (of a hostel we didn't originally book into!.. That's too long of a story 😂😂). Anyway things quietened down here after 2 days, so finally good for relaxing.. And getting sleep at night! 😊 In our hostel (the original one we booked into) they offer surf lessons and yoga classes everyday 🙏😍 love it here! We obviously we're straight onto the surf lesson with a great teacher called Pablo, he taugh us all about the types of waves, dangers and about the equipment we would be using.... Then we headed to the yoga studio to learn how to stand up on a surf board! After a few practice runs we were ready to try the real thing! It was really fun, we both loved it and our teacher was at hand all the time to help us catch the waves 😜 it was really hard to paddle and stand up on the board, so think we need more practice! The days following we have taken a Yin Yoga class and today (10th Feb) we took the Basic of Yoga class, which was faster than Yin Yoga which I like more, but not sure it was Zachs favourite out of the 2 😅 Good workout though. Also they have lots of cats and dogs here... Always a good sign when a places has nice pets! 😘😻🐱🐕Read more

  • Day97

    Last days in Galápagos

    February 6 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    On our 2 days in the Galapagos, and back on Santa Cruz Island after a pleasant 2hr boat ride from San Cristóbal (where I slept 😂) we spent a day at Tortuga Bay with the hopes of seeing more wildlife. Lucky the tour company 'Discovery Galápagos' that we booked all our trips with let us borrow snorkeling gear for the whole of our stay for free! So we headed of from the centre on, what we thought was, a 20 minute walk to the beach... Well I can tell you it was more like 50mins from when we got to the park reserve, but it was a lovely walk through nature and we saw some interesting things along the way. As we got to the beach it opened up on to a vast stretch of white sand and crystal blue sea 😍 the beach we arrived in was quite a rough beach not for swimming, only for surfing, but that didn't stop is dipping our toes in. Tortuga Bay was 15mins walk down the beach at the other end with calm waters and shade. We snorkeled here, swam for alittle and had lunch (don't get excited was a pack lunch lol 😂) then found some better snorkeling spots at the right next to the '' dangerous '' beach! 😳 We found lots of marine fish here, as the tide was low enough to see big schools of them everywhere (with some territorial fish too lol 😂) and we witnessed a Marine Iguana swim right next to us 😁 Also only fair to include some of the food we ate here and got on the happy hour for cocktails.... Although they have 'happy days' here instead of just an hour each day.... Winner! 🤗Read more

  • Day96

    San Cristóbal Island

    February 5 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We had quite along time on San Cristóbal Island so we had alot of time to wonder and enjoy the port town, go on own snorkeling adventures, long sweaty walks and to other beach's to chill or watch the sunset over a beer or ice-cream sunday for tea... Because who says you can't have dessert for tea 😂🍰😋 We also learnt alot of history about the islands from the research centre based within the about 30 min walk through the nature reserve from our hostel, which was very close to a few the lovely beaches 😍. The walk took us past Playa Mann beach with its snorkeling spots and a good place for a 2 course $5 lunch each! Not bad as the seafood was excellent 👌. As we continued towards the research centre we came across a quiter beach, great for chilling under shaded trees, with birds trying to steal your lunch and lizards jumping on you! 😂😂🐦. We visited this particular beach a few times as the wildlife was amazing, I was sat in the water keeping cool and out of nowhere a sealion swam right next to me with its baby, a Pelican fishing near me and marine Iguanas taking a swim or just chilling on the rocks and sand! Further past the research centre, along the reserve path we found a great snorkeling cove on the other side of the nature reserve, the water was rough the day we went in for a snorkel, so didn't see alot but was nice just to cool down after along walk in the sun to get there! 😎☀️😊Read more

  • Day96

    San Cristóbal 360° tour pt3

    February 5, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    On our 360° tour we came across a family of dolphins, as soon as we saw them they were swimming in time with each other and passing under our boat, so naturally the our tour guide 'Brian' got so excited, and let us all sit (feet dangling) at the front of the boat... All trying to touch them with our feet 😂😂 at one point Brian got soo excited he couldn't help but jump in the water and swim with them! 😂 It was such a special moment to see them in the wild, we got soo lucky!Read more

  • Day95

    San Cristóbal 360° tour Galápagos

    February 4 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Today we took a whole day boat trip around San Cristóbal Island, stopping at beautiful beaches, snorkeling spots and 'kicker rock' (named by Charles Darwin, as when he look at it it reminded him of a football boot ⚽. Kicker rock is a large volcanic rock with a distinctive shape and most importantly known for its wildlife that surrounds it in the waters between the channel in the rocks we saw soo many different types of marine fish; barracudas and rainbow fish 🐠🌈 we also managed to spot, lobsters, crabs, rays, sea lions and apparently there was a hammerhead shark close to the surface but we missed it 🦈😭... Next time we'll see one! As kicker rock is quit dangerous for snorkeling we had to follow our tour guide closely as possible as the tide is very rough, we also made it through the 2 rocks, through the channel which was scary but fun as the tide raised and feel so quickly, and we had to swim hard to get out. But while in there we saw 3 rays swimming below us, twisting and turning 🐟🐠😁 as we swam for 40mins around the kicker rock we ran into lots of jellyfish and got unavoidably stung! As they were mini ones just everywhere! 😳 On the return to the boat be saw a sea lion and I managed to swim alongside a turtle... Which was so awesome given the clear water conditions 😁😜 one of stops that day was the beautiful paradise beach of Cerro Brujo... It's without doubt the best beach we've ever been on! Be had lunch here, did some flips and turns off the boat into the sea and then had free time to snorkel and enjoy this piece of paradise. We were joined by a sealion of course, as they're absolutely everywhere on the galapagos... Just popping up in the water next to you when you least expect it lol 😂. On the day 360° we also visited islands to spot blue footed boobies and see a possible galapagos penguin! 🐧Read more

  • Day92

    Isabela Bike Tour & Sunset Evening!

    February 1 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    More showing the viewpoint at the end of our bike ride, overlooking the whole of Isabela Island (well most of it) as Isabela is the biggest island of all of the galapagos, even though the town itself feels the smallest out of all 3 main islands (Isabela, San Cristóbal & Santa Cruz). At the end of the day we decided to have tea out along one of the many beach front shacks overlooking the beach and beautiful sunset.. And of course the seafood here is soo good as its soo fresh! 👌😋 Yum could eat prawns all the time!Read more

  • Day92

    Isabela - Playa del Amor (Beach of ❤️)..

    February 1 in Ecuador ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today we hired bikes, as we seem to love bike rides in the sun 😂😍🚲☀️ and took the route from the small beach town we were staying on Isabela Island. The route took us along the coast line, along the the beach on one side and lots of flora & fauna filled with wildlife on the other. The route was mainly flat (love it 😍 lol!) and we made our first stop at La Playita beach where we took a breather and enjoyed the beach views to ourselves and gained company of many Marine Iguanas passing by or swimming in the sea 😊😘🏊🌊 (marine Iguanas only swim with their tails so they can move fast and really smoothly in the water). As we cycled on we got Playa del Amor aka beach of love ❤️ and it was absolutely lovely with black volcanic rocks, trees surrounding the area and lots more marine wildlife to see. We also visited the red lagoon.. I think that's what it's called! And it's red because of the type of soil it's sat on. We then cycled through the heat towards the view point of the island and on the way discovered many land tortoises chilling in the shade of the trees... So cool 😁😍. We made it to the view point after alittle hill cycling and many steps.. But so worth it! With a 360° view of the island and coast, with other islands in sight. Oh btw the pictures of this our on our next post... As we have way too many pictures that we can't fit on in just one post 😂Read more

  • Day91

    Isabela Island Bike Trip pt2

    January 31 in Ecuador ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    More images of the bike tour we took along the Isabela Island coast line towards the national park and wall of tears View point (this view point is the last remains of the prision & prisoners memory that was build on the island in the 1800's).

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