• Day7

    It's a nice day for a white wedding!

    October 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    Well actually the weather is absolutely horrific, but I couldn't resist using the lyrics! The weather has been perfect all week and guess what... Today a storm has hit New York and the heavens have opened.

    Getting to the venue is a bit of a trek and as I've decided to wear a sari, let's say its complicated the situation! There is no way I can travel across NYC and up New Jersey in a sari especially in this storm so the plan is to get the bus to New Jersey, go to Mark and Becca's hotel before they have to check out, straighten my hair, then have lunch somewhere, check out the surroundings in Ringwood, get to the venue for 2pm and finally get changed.

    The journey started off well and we made it to the bus station with plenty of time to spare, little did we know we would get so lost, not have a clue which gate to go to (it has over 300 gates) or which bus we had to take and there was no one around to help, just 100s of lost customers. After an hour of faffing we eventually found out where to go, what bus we needed and how to buy the ticket. Phew! In the end we arrived at 11:15am, so we just made our way in search of lunch. It wasn't easy to find a vegan place along the way so me and Will ended up just getting a subway and Andy grabbed a few things from the shop and because the weather was so horrific we headed straight to Skylands Manor in hope that we could find somewhere to get ready.

    Gosh I wish the weather was better because when we turned up it looked beautiful! It was an old Manor house with huge grounds. We arrived and Martin, the best man, saved the day and let us use his room to change. We arrived at 1pm so had plenty of time to meet and greet, straighten my hair and get changed into the sari.

    I've been to to so many weddings in the last couple of years and it's so amazing seeing all our best friends tie the knot. The ceremony was great, the all vegan food was incredible, the drinks were fab and all in all it was a lovely day. The wedding finished by 9pm and although initially we thought this was odd, when it came round to it we were all shattered and happy to get an uber back to our motel in Mahwah. Our uber driver only spoke Spanish and he was great fun!

    Now I must admit I've been a bit dubious about our motel as I've heard so many horror stories about motels but actually it was fab!

    What an amazing day 😍😊
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