• Day36

    Day 36 - Sapa Trekking

    October 15, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today we went on a 6 hour (about 13 mile) guided trekking tour through Sapa and the surrounding villages. The beginning and end were through some rugged/steep/rocky/muddy trails - going up to the ridge in the beginning and down into the valley at the end. At a couple of spots, we were pretty much rock climbing and at one point we had to climb over a tree through a muddy landslide. After I had a minor slip towards the beginning of the hike (and accidentally grabbed onto a fence covered in barbed wire to catch myself), Tim and the trekking guide and one of the other village ladies that was following us, were very helpful guiding me any other time we reached a rough area (even though I insisted I could handle it). But most of the walking in the middle was on decently maintained paths through mountain villages where they farm on the terraced mountainside. We passed by a ton of animals roaming free along the paths and in the villages - pigs, buffalo, cows, chickens, ducks, dogs. There were great views of tall, steep, lush green mountains, recently harvested rice terraces, waterfalls, villages, and the valley below. It was an awesome day.

    After the trek, we took much needed showers, I took a nap, and then we went out for one of our best Vietnam dinners yet - veggie spring rolls, beef fried noodles, and curry chicken in a coconut with fresh mango juice and a couple of beers! Tomorrow is our last day in Sapa and it will likely be our first (and maybe only) day of bad weather of the trip (this should be the last rain storm before the region's dry season officially begins). So we plan to get massages, do some shopping, eat a pho lunch, and a fish hot pot dinner!!
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