• Day53

    Day 53 - Last Day in Koh Kood

    November 1, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 3 °C

    Another amazing day in paradise. After breakfast, we decided to kayak to a waterfall. The roundtrip, including a little hiking and swimming, was only supposed to take 2 hours. But the lady at our hotel who was giving us directions told us it would take double because the sea was a little rough. We decided to give it a try anyways (it didn't look very rough at all). We didn't know it at the time, but we had gotten almost to the turn off from the sea to the river when it started to get pretty scary. The waves were big, the sea was shallow, and the waves were crashing hard into the rocks. After two large waves almost took us out, we decided to turn around. On the way back, we had a lot of fun riding waves into the sandy beach on the kayak. We finally made it back and it was time for some relaxing on the beach and reading.

    Tim decided to go SUP boarding while I continued to read. He returned awhile later and said that was pretty tough too, with the choppy sea. We had another amazing lunch (this food really is the best) and placed an advance order to get a crispy whole fish for our last dinner at Shantaa Resort.

    After lunch, we decided we needed to get to the waterfalls one way or another. We rented a motorbike and set off on another adventure! Tim has become an awesome scooter driver (once he finally figured out how to make a right turn from the left side of the road!!) and cruising around Asia on these things is a blast. After hiking through the jungle, we made it to the falls. We swam around for awhile and Tim jumped off of a swinging rope and then we hiked back to the bike. Next, we set off for a beach that's supposed to be one of the most beautiful on the island. And it was - a long stretch of white sand, crystal clear water that's still up to your waist after walking out about 200 feet, palm trees lining the coast, and barely a single person on the beach. We swam for awhile, and then headed back to our resort.

    We had about an hour left before sunset so we went down to the beach to watch our 6th and final Koh Kood sunset. It was beautiful, once again (though we haven't yet seen it drop straight into the sea!!). After sunset, I finished my book, then we got in our hot tub to relax until dinner.

    This restaurant is amazing - some of the best food I've had in my life. We have had so many amazing dishes - curries (the best we've ever had), pad Thai, and fish, shrimp, squid, king fish, crab in a dozen different sauces and stir fries. But our last meal topped it all. We started with vegetarian fresh rolls with mint and sweet and spicy sauce. Then we shared a crispy whole fish (not quite sure what kind) covered in a garlic chili basil sauce and crispy kale. It was incredible. We cleaned every ounce of meat off of the 1.2 kilo fish. We finished it off with a mango and sticky rice for dessert. Yum YUM!!!

    We will be sad to leave this place, but we will definitely be back. This is the most beautiful resort I have ever seen. Everything is pristine and the service couldn't be better. The free kayaks, SUP boards, and amazing snorkeling right off of the shore is awesome. The food is delicious. The rooms and the view are incredible. We will miss it here!

    Now off to Koh Chang - the final stop on our journey!
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