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  • Day88

    Tulum- development by Simco

    June 23, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Last 3 days at Dreams resort Tulum- our accommodation/ meals paid by RETA. Heard sales presentation and then went to see one of their projects (38 unit so-so condo unit with small pool) and then saw their land that will be part of the large Gran Tulum development. Developer still does not have the municipal approval for developing. Surprised at how many condo units have been built off the main side road. Roads already built with vacant land ( in trees/ jungle) reready to have condos built. Wonder if the market is over saturated. Also surprised by the monthly expense # ( strata, rental management, utilities etc) for this development On the news Iran shot down US drone- increasing tensions...

    Unfortunately our time at Dreams was mainly stuck in the room or going to the vet.... went Thursday - took 3 hrs and again 3 days later as both dogs were worse. No infection- just stress diarrhea. Able to take them to the bar by the pool in the evening when there was a breeze as too hot and humid for them - strangers came up and they loved the attention! Good thing we took our car for the RETA tour as Koda had an accident in the car and we could get back to the hotel on our own for a late lunch. Has been exhausting for both of us with looking after the dogs and getting up at night - the cipro and other GI meds should start working.... only benefit is that we had a ground floor room and able to easily take them out for bathroom breaks.

    We both checked out the beach- so sad to see the amount of sargassum (seaweed) on the beach and in the ocean ( at least 30 feet from shore of dense seaweed)- no one was swimming in the ocean in the late afternoon.
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  • Day86


    June 21, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Went to Immigration early- there 15 min after it opened ( good thing as filled up quickly). My papers were correct but Jim’s location of birth was not so back to Monica to get corrected version, then back to Immigration. Wendy got her NUT (# needed for paperwork for importing the car)- felt like we accomplished an important aspect of the part 2 process! Jim checked out Sam’s Club- got a membership. Spent some time in the afternoon by the pool relaxing- nice (& needed)!Read more

  • Day85

    Visa papers

    June 20, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Went and met Monica to get papers for visa that had been translated into Spanish. Needed to get pictures taken- took forever to find a photo place and also get parking. Many one way streets in areas of Cozumel. After pictures, went to the bank to pay for visa and get the receipt to show Immigration tomorrow- again, difficult to locate banks and parking. Dogs continue to have issues and getting up in the night. Airbnb has a flight of stairs - very hot and humid. Wendy coming down with a cold and feeling wiped. Feel safe with walking dogs in the neighbourhood. On Sunday afternoon at a nearby church children were singing inside. Many people use bicycles and motorbikes (all wear helmets). People out walking their dogs on leash, friendly. Garbage recycling. Talked to Henny (owns Airbnb)- says there’s a sewar treatment centre on the North part of the island. Water comes from the cenotes on the island- water is high in calcium so dogs can’t drink it.Read more

  • Day84

    Cancun - TIP renewal

    June 19, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Got up and going, got to ferry at 9:30 ( for the 11:00 departure) and first one there. Dogs scarf at the blast of the horn on the ferry - no seats in the shade that were dog friendly so sat on metal deck (our backs paid for this later). Went to the Cancun airport, found the Addams, had to return 2 hours later. I had 3 copies of almost everything but she wanted 4. Was going to send me off to get extra but then decided to copy what was needed, thank goodness. Not sure if you had to write a “formal” handwritten letter in English requesting an extension ( with address of where we are staying and my email address) but I needed to ... along with filling out 1 form 4 times of the car info, my address and email. One of these forms was stamped and given back to me with my original TIP coloured certificate. No cost. Email being sent to me. Another thing checked off “the list”! Will make note of this in my “file” to remember for next year 😊. The lady was very stern looking with heavy makeup... got her to eventually crack a few small smiles after I said how we have visited Mexico a few times and love the country and how friendly the Mexican people are. She was one tough nut to crack!
    Stayed at an Eco Lodge that night- so cool! Ate at the “Burger Shack” on the propert- really good food- nice outdoor patio. Dogs enjoying themselves looking for the 5 cats on the property. Up in the middle of the night with Crosby- beautiful full moon.
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  • Day82


    June 17, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Got on the 3:00 ferry- dogs loved looking at the ocean. Overcast and cloudy- started to downpour as we got into our car. Met Joe (Airbnb host)- lovely setup with pool and patio. In bed early as tired.

  • Day77

    Our "Saviour"! Pemex!

    June 12, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Drove from Merida to Playa del Carmen- on fumes once again. Dash on car says low fuel and ——. Got to a Pemex just in time! Stopped the car while waiting in line to make sure we had enough gas to drive up to the fuel station. Filled up the tank with 69.3 litres- full tank is ?

    On route saw many butterflies (yellow, orange and spotted) as well as ropes across the highway up high (? maybe monkeys to cross the highway as we saw a sign advertising a monkey sanctuary).

    Crosby up front again on my lap- hiding his eyes from the sun lol

    Got a storage unit that can hold the trailer! Then went to pick up the pallet on Cancun- went smoothly. Then left the trailer in the storage unit.... all our stuff there after over 8,000 km since leaving Kelowna. And we didn’t hav to completely unload the trailer. Really feels like an accomplishment!!

    Now leaving to go to our place in Tulum- about an hour’s drive.
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  • Day76


    June 11, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ 🌧 35 °C

    Yesterday (Monday) enjoyed shopping at the mall... each of us by ourselves as others looming after dogs in the hotel room. Wendy couldn’t get over the ice rink in the middle of the mall plus the bikes being sold in Liverpool next to the kids section! Liverpool store similar in quality’s to a Nordstrom’s- high end quality and more expensive. Beauty section similar to the Bay- selling Clinique and Claris products among others. Checked out Costco - next to mall. If you took away all the Spanish language, you’d swear you were in Canada- has everything

    Next day spent part of am looking further into ferry schedules and companies leaving Playa del Carmen to Cozumel with and without trailer. Drove to Progresso and drove around the small town. Nice malecon. Then drove back to Merida, hoping we would find a quick fast food on the way in to see the Cathedral (which is the oldest in Central America). After finally finding a Mac Donald’s, drove past the Cathedral. Did not go in as absolutely no parking in the area. While there was a park in the square and some coffee shops/restaurants, there was a 7-11 in the same square ☹️. Extremely busy streets around Cathedral with many clothing shops - many pedestrians. A beautiful stone Mayan replica in the roundabout- see pic. It was a somewhat frustrating day driving in Merida- gps sending us on wild goose chases through downtown Merida. One block off a main highway it was like we were in a rural residential area.... including dirt roads.As well both of us were hungry with a headache at one point until we found McD’s. Plan to get up early (6am) tomorrow to get an early start to Playa del Carmen, find a storage place (have 2 in mind), unload some of the trailer and maybe drive up to Cancún to get our palette, drive back down then onto Tulum x 2 nights. Storage of palette is only 22 pesos/day at the shipping company.... but we have to deal with the trailer ( ideally store on the mainland).
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  • Day74


    June 9, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Drove from Ciudad to Campeche- only 2.5 hrs. It felt longer. Not too many on road as Sunday- 2 lane highway until Champoton. Stopped at a road side restaurant frequented by locals in Champoton. . Had freshly made empanadas... OMG... like puff pastry- 4 filled with white cheese (cross between feta and mozzarella for taste) and other 4 cheese and small shrimp. Served with freshly made tomatoe sauce- delicious (simple crushed fresh tomatoes). These 8 plus 2 water bottles and a can of beer came to 12.00 Canadian! Very hot day (38). Drove along the coastal road- beautiful ocean views- passed a few homes that had been abandoned. When in Campeche walked along malecon - very long. Our low budget motel was across from the ocean- took pics at sunset. Campeche has a big modern mall with Liverpool etc. Looks like lots of money going into this city.Read more

  • Day74

    Ciudad del Carmen

    June 9, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Wendy very excited as we changed our hotel in Ciudad del Carmen to a Holiday Inn that had a pool. Got in late afternoon as topped in Villahermosa for a hamburger at Carlos Junior (yummy!) and some groceries. 1 1/2 hrs later we were back on the highway- traffics was nuts through downtown Villahermosa- Dad almost hit a taxi who came across his front without signalling. The 4 lanes of traffic quickly became 2. The highway out of Villahermosa was 2 lanes only through farm land and many many ropes- slow going. Some small villages selling clothes etc roadside. Some beautiful beach areas farther out(closer to Ciudad del Carmen). For supper got a beef “fajita” from the hotel restaurant which turned out to be a beef sandwich. Lol. Pups eyeing the sandwich in bed- see pic. Wendy went for a float in their pool which was 30 degrees! Like a bathtub.Read more

  • Day72


    June 7, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    It was a nightmare driving into this town- road construction plus the gPs zig zagged us through town including up a steep hill plus residential. Found our own way to hotel- new highway without driving lanes plus new businesses.
    At the Hotel Zar there must have been a federales convention as 3 buses & 5 vehicles in parking lot. Armed guard at the hotel door. Very easy parking.

    Extremely hot! Was ?33 plus humidity at 8:00pm

    Jim’s birthday- he went to the mall (across the street) after getting take out ribs, spicey chicken wings and corn (cheese & chilli on top). Had a mango margarita while waiting for food

    The next morning had a “private escort” out of the city. Had been pulled over by a man in uniform who was polite and spoke excellent English. We were going down a local street, seeing many vendors selling fresh fruit and veggies, when pulled over by him- saying we could not go down this street- would get many tickets. Paid him and his co-worker/boss/ accomplice $35 Canadian to have us get out of the city. This city has a well developed male on wth a 4 lane highway in front of it. There are old condos (some lives in, some abandoned) right across from the ocean and highway. On way out of city, after private escort, saw road construction workers all covered up, including mask, in 33 degree heat at 11 am
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