• Day8

    Last Day in Cyprus

    May 9, 2018 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 73 °F

    No car today so a later start after packing. Everyone was doing their own thing this morning. Margaret and I walked down into Paphos Town and past the harbour to the archaeological Park to finish the bits we didn't see earlier in the week. It was scorching again on the walk, not far through; about 20 mins.

    We walked through park again and had a quick look at the Frankish castle and then on to the lighthouse. The lighthouse had a small display building by it, newly done and with excellent wall decorations taken presumably from pots. There were also a few pots in the shape of ships showing how the shape had changed in the period the site had been in use: 1700BCE very simple ships like canoes through to 350BCE with ships with railings and raised sterns. It was also very nice and cool!

    From there we walked under the blazing sun to the necropolis where we saw a huge lizard as well as a dromos entrance to a tomb. Again there were potsherds all over the place. From there we headed for the enormous agora. This covered a huge area and seemed larger than one in Athens.

    After that we headed out for an orange juice at the harbour bar where we cooled off for a mo. We struck out back to the hotel but somehow ended up in a gelateria! Fuel for the walk back.

    Back at the hotel we reconvened at the hotel and headed to the taverna for lunch. Shefdali again but this time with an excellent salad and chips rather than in a pitta.
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