• Day217

    Kazbegi region

    October 13, 2019 in Georgia ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    The prospect of rain drove us out of the Truso valley and towards Stepantsminda (formerly Kazbegi). It sits beautifully nestled between the high Caucasus mountains and is home to one of the most photographed icons of Georgia: the Gergeti Trinity Church.
    We spend the rainy day getting information about hikes and Mountainbiking in the area and having an extended lunch at the Rooms Hotel (a top notch address in the area, famous for its views of Mt Kazbek and the church). The Kudlik family is still with us and afterwards we make our way to the grassy meadow just underneath the church. The new road makes driving up there super easy and we're happy with the spot. The cold and humid climate drives us into the caravan for the rest of the day. Playing Uno and drinking wine, we have a great time and are thankful for the Kudliks' hospitality in these conditions.
    Thankfully, the weather clears up the next day and Tom and I head for a hike towards the glacier and Mt Kazbek. About half way up we're joined by a cute dog who decides to accompany us all the way up to the hut and almost back down. Unfortunately her stamina crumbled halfway down the mountain and we have to make do with the other strays that decided to call our campspot home for the few days we're there. Not too bad either.
    It's Sunday, and the church draws a constant line of visitors. Three of them decided to have a picnic close to us. Turns out two of them (plus their baby) are from Munich, too, and we have a nice chat for some time.
    Further chats at held with fellow overlanders parking close by: a Belgian couple travelling with two dogs, a couple from Berlin travelling with two dogs as well, and a German family travelling with one dog in a T3. So lovely to meet same-spirited humans all around!
    The next day, after a lazy morning, Martin, Lenny, Tom and I go Mountainbiking in the beautiful Sno valley. A lot of swearing on my part later (I hate riding uphill) Tom and I reach Juta, another beautiful mountain village. Unfortunately, I'm in no condition to hike up to get even better views after the ride, but the Kudlik family did it the next day (by car) and reported the best mountain feeling ever. Oh well, next time. While the Kudliks spend another night up in the mountains, we slowly make our way down the Georgian Military Highway to start heading West.
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