• Day3

    Back in Monterrey!

    March 28, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    After a long flight sitting next to really annoying kids I finally got back to the place where my travel history started. Besides meeting friends I hadn't seen or in part even talked to in years, it also feels great to take in the panorama again. I had almost forgotten how impressive the mountains of the Sierra Madre are, the characteristic shapes of Cerro de la Silla and La "M", the countless peaks of Las Mitras and the breathtaking rocks of La Huasteca. Almost forgotten about the huge flag at the top of Obispado. Almost forgotten about watching humming birds at the university.
    I spent the day at my old university and had a lot of time to watch the others there. It was for the first time that I noticed the huge differences between “regios" (people from Monterrey) and especially the UDEM compared to other Mexicans: starting with their fancy clothing over the their impressive working attitude (which now seems much bigger to me now that I don't have to prepare group presentations anymore) and ending in the fact that here most people could work as models, while in most other parts of Mexico the amount of obesity is stunning.
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