• Day9

    Zagreb part II

    August 13, 2017 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today, we first visited the “Museum of broken relationships“, a place that is at the same time funny, shocking, weird, cute and depressing. It consists of donations of objects by people from all over the world that remind them of a past love, together with their story. After that, we took a walk a bit outside the mere center and relaxed in one of the parks.
    In the hostel we had been recommended to also go to the cemetery, which was “only a 20-minute walk“ away - turned out it was almost an hour. Tired, bad reported and starving as we hadn't had lunch, we finally got up there, not really believing anymore that the place was worth all the effort, but we were surprised: the cemetery, which gives home to all great former Croatian personalities, from the outside looks rather like a castle. Due to its enorm size, it is divided into over 100 areas, each of which contains another load of graves.
    When finally we had gotten back to the hostel and eaten dinner, we met our Argentinean friends Ángeles and Matías, ans a Chilean named Bruno, who took us to a cool hippy-style place with pingpong and beers.
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