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    February 20, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    I've been 3 times here.

    1. Time: I've been here with fabian, Simon, Aurelien, Fernando, Maik and a swiss girl. We were staying at a Airbnb next to the beach and had a amazing evening there, we were there at the first day at the New Jump beach and the day after at cathedral cove and hot water beach. In cathedral cove I wanted to walk without shoes which wasn't a that good idea because the walk was out of small stones , so a made my own shoes with leaves ^^

    2. Time: we were there with 15 guy's and girls and we were staying again at a airbnb at a farm and it was pretty shitty weather. On Sunday we just watched rugby (all blacks vs. Argentina) with the hostvater ^^

    3. Time: with Ivo and his girlfriend and Marc. 1. Day we went up a hill with horses to see a old gold mine. We found it just on the way back. But it was a pretty hard way to get there so because I'be just broke my arm I couldn't went there but the others did. I just went back and started do cook Älplermagerone and Glühwein. The 2. Day we went up north to the northest point and it was pretty hard because there were no proper roads and we were driving with a Jucy rental car.
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    paihia - Bay of islands

    February 7, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    I went with Nadine, Charles and David on a weekend trip up north to the Bay of islands and Cape Renga. We went up there from Friday till Sunday. On Saturday we drove first up to the Cape Renga, due our way back we stopped for some sanddune-surfing which was pretty fun but highly exhausting at the same time. Up there we met the group of David Kraan and all the other Swiss and Germen Guys from my Language School which recommended us to go to spiritsbay. Dominic Glur got a little in trouble they told us because he went for a swim there and had some difficulty to get back on land.

    Than on Sunday it was a but critical if it is worth it to go on a sailingtrip in Paihia because of the weather. But after a pretty spontaneous decision of Mike, the Captain on Board, we just went on the trip. We had to hurry because it was already 9:55 and we had to be at the Ferryterminal by 10 o'clock. The Sailing its self was already very interesting and we had a lot of fun. I spoke to a lot of other pessengers on Board and David and Charles just enjoyed the sun ( it was actually a way better weather than forecasted ).
    Once we made a stop to explore an island and go kayaking I immediately raise my hand to volunteer to be the first person for kayaking. Charles and David followed me and we went straight away to these close to very small island which looked so amazing. I just left the kayak and wanted to see a little more from the top. So I started to climb up this Rocks step by step. After a few climbs I noticed that the rock is pretty brokely, that's why I started to feel unsafe and decided to go back down. But in the moment I looked downwards , the rock shock my right hand held nearly all of my bodyweight broke and I fall approximetely 2 meters on vulcane stone shock was very harsh. That's the way I prone my right arm and something happened to my foot but I still don't really know what exactly. ^^

    The way back from this little Island was quite a story aswell. So I had to get back on my kayak first, what with Charles transported me back to the Sailingboat, than we had to get back to the mainland which took us about 1.5 hours. On the way we just fixed my arm with a wooden thing and a towel and I was happy when I got my delicious Sandwich and a coke :)

    Back at the mainland an St. Johns (NZ Ambulance) waited for me to bring me to a close to country hospital. In there they gave me about 6 morphine injections, so a I was pretty high^^, and the made me a gips. After that we were ready to drive about 3 hours back to Auckland where they dropped me at the North Shore Hospital and there I got my operations aswell. At that moment I didn't know that I have to retour a week later for an other operation because the first time they putted my bones to thight together .
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    Hostfamily Ash&Muki Kahn

    September 3, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    I had a more or less lovely time at the kahns house. But my Housemates were awesome, Charles Formery (French), David Malo (Equador), Shohei Baba (Japan). James, the Maori guy was pretty awesome aswell. I always had some bongs with him ^^Read more

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