• Day16

    Seoul, S. Korea pt4

    October 16, 2014 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 8 °C

    We chilled for the rest of the night in the lounge. We were talking about when you travel you can introduce yourself as anyone you like. New name, new job. I ended up being called King Omar. Cece also tried to claim she could speak Korean and Japanese by naming types of food from each country. If that counts then I'm putting multilingual down on my CV. We also had some fun zapping some mozzies with Bobby's electric racquets. These things are much more fun when the lights are dimmed as you can't see the mozzie until it's hit your racquet and illuminates blue. Oh and the sound is so satisfying.

    Cece and Jeroen left us the following morning to go back to Taiwan. They were both incredibly friendly and fun to be around and I was very fortunate to have met them. I may have to add Taiwan to my journey so I can see these 2 again.

    So I can't remember which night this happened. But it was the middle of the night, everyone was sound asleep and this phone went off with some Islamic chanting. It was so loud and freaked the shit out of me. Nothing against Islamic chanting but I don't find it soothing, if anything I find it chilling. Anyway I couldn't tell whose phone it was but they were sound asleep and we had to listen to the duration of it. The joys of staying in a dorm.

    Myself and the guys from Norwich were leaving on the same day so we decided to have our final meal at this pork joint. A few of the guys mentioned this before but it wasn't at all what I expected. So basically we ordered half spicy pork and half normal and what came out I can only describe must have been the meat of a whole pig. I haven't seen so much pork in my life. And this was slow cooked to death so it just flaked apart. Thank fuck I'm not Jewish or Muslim as this was bliss. This was the 3rd time in 5 nights that I had the meat sweats. I don't think my time in Seoul was good for my health but it was well worth it.

    So it was time to leave and it was a pleasure to have met these genuinely nice guys from Norwich that let me join their group for a few days. And although I haven't spoke about Olderich much in this blog I have a heck of a lot of respect for this guy. He was always their to help me figure what to do in Korea and understand more about the culture. It's hard to pinpoint but this guy just gives off a good vibe and I will always remember the massive bear hug he gave me before I left. I think he would love to work in Korea one day, he certainly seemed attached to the country so I wish him the best of luck.

    So as this is a memory shit and not in the correct order here are some observations about my time in South Korea:

    You can get a strong phone signal anywhere on the metro and the Koreans have all the latest technology so it was funny to see on every journey every Korean with headphones on all steering down at their phones. There was zero interaction on the metro. They were all like zombies.

    It's a fact that South Koreans have the most beautiful girls. And they all dress incredibly well. I'll have to go back to find my future wife.

    Again my accent seemed to attract a lot of attention from the guys I met at the guesthouse. Like the people I met in China they thought it sounded really posh which we all know is bollocks. Oh well I don't in anyway find it annoying or offensive just a bit baffled by it. I need to find a real posh dude on this trip so people can tell the difference.
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