• Day75

    Christ The Redeemer

    February 11, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    So today we are heading to Christ the Redeemer, one of the New seven wonders of the world, and I'm really excited . There is a place in the park that you can buy a ticket and they transport you there and back and it costs 60reals (10 quid) including your entrance fee. 20 mins after buying our ticket we ar on our way. They only allow so many people up there at a time and you get an allocated time for your accent. The bus takes us directly to the top and there are just thousands of people lying on the floodr just trying to get the best selfie. If i'm honest i was a little dissapointed, noone actually stood and respected the feat of how this enormous mound of concrete was placed here it was just a sybolic piece of architechture that they could have their picture taken with and post to facebook(ok i am following the sheep) but realyy the views from here were mesmerising and once again you could actually see the whole city looking very small from the view points. Twenty minutes here was enough and we were going to catch the train down to the bottom. One way was 22 reals each ( 5 quid ) not a lot i know but the budget has to last.
    I hadn't done a sunset here yet , and we've been here a week so after a bite to eat we headed down to Ipanema. It was 6.30 pm and the beach was still packed. A 20 minute walk took us to a rock that seperates Ipanema beach from Copacabana it was packed and once again we joined a queue to get a photograph of the beautiful sunset. Grabbing a beer each we continued to watch as the sun dropped from the skyline and as it eventually set the crowd cheered and clapped. Ona rriving back at the hostel , Pepe , lee and Emma were here and as they are due to leave tomorrow we exchanged details and will hopefully catch up soon as they live very close to Portsmouth and it will be good to share our travel dits with them. We have just been informed the hostel is out of water???? apparently this is quite a common occurence in Brazil so before we head to bed we purchase some bottled water . Just as i think im getting adjusted to the cold water showers using chilled water to shower with is a shock to the system , but its 31 degrees and its midnight so needs must. Mark and I shower together dispensing the freezing cold water between us having hysterics about how exceedingly cold it is , but needs must and after Another wonderful day spent, now to catch some much needed sleep.
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