• Day1311

    Szechenyi thermal baths

    July 1, 2019 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    After a late arrival we literally dropped our bags and ran out to get a bite to eat so the unpacking has been left till this morning. I check on Google maps and the Szechenyi thermal baths is within 50 mins walk and as I've explained to Amber, no better way to explore a city than walk. I just keep stopping to look around me. The city is so beautiful . Budapest is split in two, one half called Buda and the other half Pest. We are staying on the Buda side but at some point during the week we'll venture a across the water.
    Our walk takes us through streets flanked by huge houses and government buildings until we stumble across a restaurant I've been recommended called Vimtage garden. It's a beautiful place adorned with flowers very vintage chic. I order the mussels and have to say they're the best I've ever eaten. Bellys filled we continue although the temperature is 36 it feels more like a full on hike than a stroll through the park. .
    Eventually we arrive at the baths and boy they don't disappoint. It's one of the largest medicinal baths in Europe, supplied by two thermal springs. The water is on average 38 degrees which is about the same temperature as the weather at the moment. We spend the whole day here just chilling. There are also cold pools as well as a full sized swimming pool and I get in and out the hot and cold hoping for some medical miracle for my sciatica and I have to say by the time I get out there is definitely some relief from the pain. It's a miracle!!!!!
    We aim to catch the metro back but when we get to the ticket booth the machine has over heated and gone blank so we can't buy a ticket. If you get caught without a ticket it's a £100 fine so Amber and I walk through the park and jump onto a tram that looks like a flexibus.
    There are multiple modes of transport here and it's so easy to get around. We head back to the apartment and glam up for the evening.
    Amber treats us to a beautiful meal by the river and as we walk back we decide to take in an ice cream. The problem is we can't find a place that sells it and end up walking all the way back to the river to get one. Amber happy we head back to the room xx
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