• Day58

    Graduate of my EDE

    August 22, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Here I am with my certificate, post-ecovillage design education (EDE). 25 days of intense, challenging, motivating and above all rewarding experiences. In this update I will summarize my intentions for taking this course, the educational take aways from the course, and how I plan to implement them.

    Why did I choose to engage with such an intensive course so far away from home?
    For me, an EDE equates to a deeper understanding of whole system issues while offering tangible solutions that we can implement during these unsettling political, ecological, and social climates. Another huge selling point was that finishing this course qualifies me to be able to teach ecovillage courses to others. Although ecovillages are taught all over the world I decided to take the one in the Netherland because it included visiting the an Earthship community and teachings by a transition town (sustainable cities initiative) professional.

    My biggest take aways?
    - new tools: workshops I can use to convey a powerful, uplifting message
    - tools to build and organize community
    ` - a recollection of education and experience I have gained in the past five years of study in a way that is easily able to replicate and teach others
    - a clear starting point in which I can design a multifaceted project that is based in ecological, social, economical, and world view dimensions.

    How did this course contribute to my future endeavors and goals?
    -immediately I will be using some of the exercises in the next gen north America event in September
    -i will be applying the Ecovillage concepts in Austin Permaculture Guild's organizational model and teachings
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