• Day15

    Its a good day

    August 20, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 26 °C

    Tractor pull was cool but we have to go leaving asap to cedar point but let's remember the tractors first. The Classes are super stock, mini, 2 wheel drive ute and more but the tractor I really liked was the alcoholic harvester. The tractors were super loud and people outside yahooing around Jared had to sleep with his ear muffs on and that was adorable. Waking up was amazing but after noon was horrible with clouds all over the sky's from the smoke of the tractors and the guys were nice but drinking way to much it's honestly concerning. That was cool memories flying over my head but time for more memories for the travel was long with 2 toll booths and Aaron hurting Jared's ears, I've had a long day already but shortly it will al turn around hopefully. Cedar point is the best amusement park because it's got lots of roller coasters and a water park right next to. This is really exiting for us and my favourite thing about this trip is this I'm just so excited. Barely containing myself wanting to go I have to wait for stupid traffic,screaming to myself on why I am not sticking my head out the window and yelling hurry up is what I feel like right now. With light house point in sight (our parking spot) bursting my bubble I WANT TO GO!!! 'Groan', see you after cedar point. We are back from point. Running out from the thunderstorm knowing the bolts in this place I'm running. But other than the storm it was a good night stay up till 10:30pm and go on 4 different rides the tiki twirl, chair'o'plane, matter horn and the sky ride. It's #fun:-P Well that's tonight good day... I mean night.Read more

    Ryder Frank

    hi ryan and jared