Beverley Hopkins

Joined August 2017Living in: Piddington, United Kingdom

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  • Day19

    What a difference a day makes... or so the saying goes. This morning we woke up, or got woken up by housekeeping to blue skies and a much warmer day in Kamloops. After a hearty breakfast, and slightly heavy heart, as we knew that we were starting to make our way home, (Yes we do miss everyone, but leaving the mountains is soooo hard) we decided to take a visit to the BC Wildlife Park, not something that either one us would normally choose to do, but we had heard that the Park is really like a big version of Tiggywinkles, looking after and keeping orphaned or injured wild birds and animals. The park was quite quiet but full of interesting facts and a very special pair or orphaned Grizzlies and a Spirit Bear. (Basically a white black bear), all beautiful. Of course we would both have preferred them to be in the wild, but the reality is that they may not have survived, due to being orphans.

    After a longish visit we started to head our way back towards Vancouver. the scenery was stunning as we drove along highway 5, and Bev decided that perhaps one final stop in Hope, at the Blue Moose café might be a good opportunity to have a break and see what Hope was like out of the smoke, so we did just that and took pictures of some amazing carvings.

    Glad we stopped for coffee, as the trip into Vancouver was really busy , lots of cars, but still beautiful scenery from the rear view mirror, truly amazing. Having found our B&B on the north side of the city, we decided that we should try and find something for dinner. A bit of an experience, but yet again the Fropkins nose found where it is that we really wanted to be , a lovely little Italian restaurant for our final dinner in Canada. Really good food.

    Tomorrow we are going to make the most of our final day in the City, going to Grouse mountain for a full day of walking and visiting the top of the mountain... Tig may even try Zipwiring. I think a good book and a bit of sunbathing are in order....
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  • Day18

    A overcast start to the day, saw us travel to Maligne Canyon - prior to the hike down the canyon we checked out the café, of course. We both fell in love with a jade bear sculpture.... we enquired the price....$30,000 !!! Apparently it was a David Wang, and the Canadian Government give them as gifts to foreign dignitaries... HM has one so we thought it polite to leave her with the only one in the UK. The hike was beautiful and the canyon so deep, it just showed the power of water. We avoided the "crowds" by walking back via the forest route which was also gorgeous. Back via Jasper, for provisions and a fuel, we found another must do....and it was at the rainbows end, so must house treasureRead more

  • Day18

    Up early to travel south back down the Icefields Parkway to the Columbia Ice Centre. We did see another "bear jam", but alas too late to see the bear. We arrived at the centre and booked in, after a coffee and rather scrummy cinnamon bun, we went to the bus that takes us to the big wheeled snow buses that take you onto the glacier. Our driver, a young Aussie was as annoying as the 70kph winds that met us on the glacier. Al managed to step out onto the glacier, but Bev stayed in the safety of the bus..... it was too dangerous, people were being blown all over the glacier.
    Then we headed to the glacier skywalk, a glass "bridge" built over the 300m drop below... the first step was weird but both managed to walk the walk.
    We then headed back to Jasper, and Tangle Falls - thankfully much warmer. Dinner at Cathedral Mountain was again super, so super we decided to order a picnic from them for the next day....
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  • Day18

    We knew today was going to be a long day, so had plans to make sure that we made the most of it. Saying goodbye to Cathedral mountain was tough so we started it by taking a trip to BC's tallest falls - I cant pronounce the day - so here is the spelling..Takakkaw Falls.. Followed by a quick lunch in Field in the Truffle Pigs deli.. very weird but filled a gap. The afternoon was then spent driving and bear watching along the route to Jaspar .. route 93.. where we saw these babies... Truly stunning scenery and temperature drops, before we ended up in our 1960's bungalow, just outside of Jackson for the next three nights. Mind you at this point I have my head in my second book of the holiday. Tig did say he wanted me to read more... I also forgot that we did two more hikes at Bow Lake and Bow and Peyto lake where we met a few ore friends.. so this may come in two stages of photos..Read more

  • Day18

    So after a quick breakfast we set off to walk around Emerald lake, which was really beautiful, followed by a trip, and the most expensive coffee EVER at Moraine Lake Lodge. To think we nearly stayed there.. so glad that we didn't as it was full of people. Both Emerald and Moraine lakes were both beautiful and enabled us to people watch and start to really see the mountains and lakes that we had come to this amazing country to see. The only down side, was that we got so wet, so we had to slowly dry out in our new home.Read more

  • Day18

    Our stay in Banff was very short, a quick trip to Tim Hortons for breakfast and we decided to hot foot it back to Yoho National Park, the home of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Emerald Lake.

    We started the morning, with a cold but pretty trip to Johnstone Canyon and Gorge. Great coffee at the coffee shack at the bottom. The Gorge was amazing and it was lovely to see such an array of different types and ages of people. walking to the different levels of the gorge. One of the most amazing things was seeing a guy carry his guitar and start to play at the lower falls...

    After this we hot footed it to Lake Louise, Sadly the smoke was still pretty obvious so it was not as pretty as we had thought, but we had a lovely hike up to the Fairmount Lookout followed by a canoe on the lake. Which was truly amazing. We were only allowed out for half an hour due to the lack of visibility but we could start to see the beauty of the area. The evening was rounded off by drinks by the water at our new lodge and then a fab dinner. A truly great day.
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  • Day18

    Okay after quite a few days of radio, well internet silence we have quite a lot to catch up... well that is if we can actually remember. Not sure if that is a sign of old age or the fact that we have done so much in such a short time, including seeing weather extremes from 30 degrees plus to today of biting wind and snow on the top of the mountains. To avoid confusion I will try and update each day seperately. But here are some photos from our drive and early morning visit to Lake Edith, in Jaspar (I think this must be worth some brownie points) , to Kamloops where there are people and loads of cars....Read more

  • Day12

    Well today we have said goodbye to Revelstoke, been shopping, driven through smoke, hiked to an amazing waterfall, seen a natural bridge, emerald lake and finally stopped at Banff for the night and a beer. At the moment we are sat chilling before going for dinner, but it has been a day of wows. Sadly the smoke has affected some of the scenery but not everything so that is all good. We have however seen some amazing road signs and the biggest trucks that I have ever seen.... so here are a few photos of the day.. PS I have to confess, its only taken me four days but I have had a glass of chardonnay and actually liked it, the second one however was not so good... There may be more than one posting of photos... Exploring Banff tomorrow.Read more