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  • Day8

    A ferry by any other name...

    October 23, 2018, Irish Sea ⋅ 🌬 11 °C

    So, after getting up at 6:30, showering, and writing a quick thank you note, I was on my way. It turns out you have to be at the ferry a half hour early, but they recomend a full hour before it leaves. So I was thrilled when my first taxi cancelled on me. After getting a cab, and saying goodbye to my cousin, we headed off. Turns out a port can be confusing. We pulled up at the wrong terminal (I blame the email confirmation), although from this spot I could see that the ships were HUGE. I'm talking cruise liner size. When we got to the right one, they said they were about to close, so after panicking, I thanked my driver and rushed in. Fortunately, I was able to get my ticket and rush on to the bus that transports you to the ship. Two steps on to the bus and I realized, I lost my wallet... I lost my wallet!! This has my everything. I was doomed without it. I checked my pockets, my bag, my coat. I was free falling in to a panic attack. I couldn't go to Wales, I couldn't call the driver, I thought maybe I had left it at my family's house. Worst outcome, I head back to their home and get another ferry. I stepped off the bus, making sure to take my bag with me (I thought it would be odd for it to make it to Wales without me.) Everyone I passed asked why I was leaving, and I'd replay in a shrill voice "I lost my wallet." Off the bus and in to the building, I saw two men who worked for the ferry walking towards me, one of them blessedly holding my teal wallet. He had it opened (like I cared) and said he was looking for the ID of whoever owned it, and I think I nearly cried. Thanking him profusely, I turned back so I could still get on the bus to the ferry, and one jokingly said I owed him a kiss. Naturally, I blew him a kiss and ran for the bus. We were about halfway to the "ferry" when I just started laughing. It figures that if my wallet went missing it wouldn't be because of a mugging or pickpocket, but my own panicked carelessness. I think the woman next to me was concerned because she started rubbing my back and asking how I was, and I had to respond that I was perfectly alright, but it was quite the way to get your heart pumping in the morning. Somehow, it all worked out, and I made it on to the ship. Climbing the stairs from what I guess you might call a garage I was able to find a door that lead outside, because I certainly needed some fresh air after that ordeal, and even an area where I could take some obligatory pictures. After making my back down, throughly chilled, I found where the grill was so I could get my breakfast. Nothing works up an appetite like an adrenalin rush. It was a hell of a way to start my day, but it's all looking up from here.Read more