• Day3


    July 7, 2017 in Uganda ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    We had a long journey today, tent down and away by 6am and not arriving until 7pm. It was an enjoyable ride as the scenery changed to be more rural and hillsides covered in crops. We crossed the Equator again, had a roadside lunch stop and played a few games of cards.Read more

    Tom Ralph

    Looking good for you guys in the truck, ,?? How are bottoms feeling ha ha


    Great truck pictures - reminds me a lot of our truck time together in S.America. your truck looks busier this time though! Glad to see you've managed to get a card school going - makes the long journeys much more enjoyable.

    Lyndsay McDonnell

    Long time to be travelling in the truck especially as it looks very crowded, even the stools for outside look very uncomfortable. Love the picture of the cute little boy. Enjoy, love xxxx

    Lynda Ralph

    Looks as if you're having fun in the truck, if not the most comfortable mode of transport 😎👍xxx