• Day4

    Couch Surfing

    November 26, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    So I tried to collect my first couch surfing experience and I have to say that my feelings about it are mixed. Last night I slept at the house of a Mexican girl and we ate together and went to the city, which was quiet nice but the main problem was/ is that she lives in one of the worse neighborhoods in CDMX. Already when I left my Uber yesterday, the driver told me to put my phone away to not show off that I have money. He also told me to never walk alone over here not even during the day. Coming to her house it was spacious but not very clean. I’m pretty minimalistic tho so that was not a problem for me. At night on the other hand I had to share a bed with her which felt a bit awkward. This morning I realized that my actions were quiet risky, I mean following a random girl you met on the Internet to a hidden house in one of the worst areas of Mexico City and no one actually has a clue where you are, questionable..
    Nevertheless, I will have dinner with her tonight to say thank you but I booked a cheap hostel in the center for the rest of my stay.
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