• Day2

    The price we pay..

    March 5 in Egypt ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    The trouble with living in Australia is just that whenever we want to travel overseas it is just sooo far away that it takes a full day of travelling to get to your destination. The long haul from Australia to Dubai at around 14 hours is not fun, particularly in cattle class (oops, economy) and one day we may splurge and buy business class. Having said that, this was our Best. Flight. Ever! No, we didn't get bumped up to business, but the plane was only half full so Brad and I had a full row (centre aisle - 4 seats) which meant we could stretch out. Brad will say that I took over half his side too and you know's all true! Anyway, we at least managed to get some sleep for a change.

    Arrived in Cairo around lunchtime. Met up with some of our our group- meet the rest tomorrow. Staying at the Marriott in the downtown area of Cairo. Early night as we have a tour booked for the morning (separate from the group tour which doesn't officially start until tomorrow night.) No photos yet but Brad will be onto it from tomorrow.

    (PS. Thank you to those that have read my blog and made a comment. Can I ask that if you write a comment from the Find Penguins page, could you put your name as well because I have a couple of comments that I do not know who wrote them,)
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