• Day368


    November 5, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    3rd Nov 2011

    We left Melbourne and headed to Young for cherries. Me, Emer, Chiara, Venus and Brandon.
    As we drove out of Melbourne in a car crammed with out life, Joanne, the woman from the agency text to say there was no work in Young for at least another week 😣 I called the hotline and now we're in Griffith. We've been told the cherry season is the worst it's been in ten years!

    We found a campsite called showground and have paid to stay a week and hold out for the cherries. I'm hoping we earn some money because I've booked tickets to earthcore and I need a car!!!

    There are a group of Malaysians living here who are so friendly. They invited us into their shallay to eat with them. We sat on the floor while they watched us with huge smiles eat their mackerel curry with rice. They bought us a spoon each but I tried eating with my hands like they were. It's difficult though. Then they gave us a sweet coffee. One of the guys Kei said he wants to work very for 1 year then go home, get married and start a food truck business.
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