• Day45

    From Labadee to Chicago

    August 27, 2014 in Haiti

    Started the day with an early breakfast in the solarium which was nice.
    It's another plus point about these huge ships, that's the selection of places to eat, we tend to have breakfast in a different place each day and on a weeks cruise like this you can, have it in a different place every day.
    After breakfast at about 8.15am we got off the ship and took a nice stroll to the beach at the far side of the resort and being the first ones there we have had the pick of the places to sit, so with Sheila and Sue placed at the waters edge and Maz and I under a shady tree we had a lovely relaxing few hours.
    The weather was overcast but very humid an warm, which suited me as I don't like sitting on the blazing sun.
    By about 11.30 the beach had started to get quite crowded, so after we'd had something to eat from the buffet, which was awful btw, we made our way back to the ship.
    Oh yes I forgot to mention a huge spider came visiting the beach by us causing a bit of a stir, lol.
    After a nice shower and a short sleep, sitting on a beach is very tiring you know, it was time to get changed and go down for a drink.
    We only stayed till 6.30pm as we'd booked to see Chicago, one of my favorite musicals and brilliantly done by the RC singers and dancers, it's definitely one of the best shows I've seen on board any ship.
    After the show we had a quick bite to eat on the Windjammer cafe then off to bed after what for me anyway was a very full day.
    Oh yes one other thing, for those of you that know about the new 3 drink scheme that Royal have brought in, it worked out quite well last night as we had a few drinks in the concierge lounge as I said and then ordered a couple in the theatre, which we would not normally have done if we'd had to pay, being the tight ba*****ds we are lol.
    One other thing about the 3 drinks, you are restricted to what you can have, ie no cocktails or premium drinks are allowed and only certain beers such as Budweiser but not Bud light?
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