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  • Day45

    Comedy Club

    August 27, 2014, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Last night we all went to the comedy club the two comedians where very good there was a white guy called Al Romas, who was funny, but I did prefer the black guy, AJ Jamal, he was like a Bill Cosby but without the blue language that Cosby uses.
    He was very funny and even made a great routine out of his mike breaking down.
    Sheila, Maz and Sue sat on the second row but I as usual sat on the front row, hoping to be picked on by the comedians, i wasn't disappointed, they both had a go at me, even the MC, an attractive Trinidadian girl had a go at my colourful bow tie.
    I like the comedy club for its intimacy with the comedians which would be completely lost in a theatre.
    Speaking of which we are going to the theatre tonight to see Chicago, now I've seen it four times before, once on this ship, once in the Empire Theatre in Liverpool and twice on the Ambassador Theatre on Broadway NYC, which I will never tire of telling people as a Broadway show was always on my bucket list.
    So you may have guessed that it's one of my favorite musicals.
    Also today we're stopping at Labadee and for a change Sheila is getting off the ship with us.
    I can't remember the last time she got off at Labadee it's so long ago.
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