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  • Day11

    All roads lead to Rhodes

    August 27, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Today we had a little lie in no planned excursions ! As it is becoming normal the girls seem to do their own thing these days now they are with their group if teen friends so left to Mummy, Daddy and Lillian going to breakfast.

    Cheryl and me have been to Rhodes before so we knew Rhodes town was a good place to mooch and shop, so that’s what we did. The town was a lot busier and more expensive than we remembered. We have finally found the only positive thing about Brexit with the pound and euro at parity we didn’t have to do much mental calculation.

    We finally met up with the girls and a little walk into the old town through the beautiful harbour and old town walls, a few photos then hit the shops like a good’un ! I needed BO spray, 4.80 euros !!!! I must really stink. Lillian was taken by the rubber tomato you splat on the ground and it reforms into shape (she later bought one, took to the girls teens club, it burst but the young lad that did it ran back into town to get a replacement which was nice of him)

    We mooched a bit as usual moaning from Lillian as she wanted to buy the whole town, girls got some jewellery then Daddy got what he came for, a litre of beer served in a boot......only 9 euros, bargain !

    Anyway it was getting hotter and hotter and busier and busier so the girls, all three of them walked back to the boat while Mummy and Daddy walked along water front to look at some yachts and more of the castle walls as well as windmills.

    In the evening we went to the 47 lounge for dinner, Lillian had Spaghetti, the she went off to kids club the rest of us went to see the evening show, Starry Starry night, which featured the music on moulin rouge and marathon long can can, very impressive, after that Mummy, Daddy and Lillian watched mr and mrs in venue and the girls disappeared with their new friends to god only knows what time in the morning

    A fun day again
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  • Day10

    Lets hope it dont blow - Santorini

    August 26, 2018, Aegean Sea ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    This morning we sailed into Santorini we are all up early as we are anchored off shore with boats to take us in, today’s excursion is to visit a volcano and swim in a hot volcanic spring, weather is a little bit cloudy but hot already at 7 am and due to get warmer about 33 today.
    Although a little bit of a confusing start we were in the lounge whilst Andrew patiently waiting for a tender ticket. We found each other eventually and off we went to board the tender. We got comfy and ready to journey to the Volcano only to find we needed to change boats and take one that could be off the set of Poldark. It was a little choppy and Lillian wasn’t keen on the motion ( whimpering like a dog). I kept an eye on Nyah knowing that she can struggle whilst Maisie look nonchalant. We arrived at Nei Kameni ( the volcano - known by the locals as xxxxx) the cove was quite small so we needed to moor alongside another boat and then hop along the boats to get to the jetty ( feeling very pirate like!).
    We were put in the second group and struck gold. We had Hara (aka Mama Joy) and she has been a tour guide for 25 years. Her knowledge was outstanding but with an excellent sense of humour and an element of craziness (reminding the girls of our very own Grandma Hody). She made sure we all had water and could take our time to climb the Volcano. A walk in the park for Nyah (unfortunately my promise not to take her up a mountain not to even mention a volcano was broken) who pointed out how treacherous her conditions were but i have to admit walking in knee deep shingle in the dark made this climb easy peasy. Lillian on the other hand didn’t quite take it in her stride voicing her feelings all the way! I’m too hot, I need a drink, Please can you put your feet together (a request to make a perch - which has tickled Nyah and takes me back to when lillian was little and needed to sit down as this was my attempt at keeping her off the floor although have been times this trip where she has though ‘Meh!’ What the hell.
    Anyway back to the Volcano, the views over Santorini were spectacular and taking photos just didn’t do it justice. When we got to the top Mama Joy dug a hole and you could feel the heat (hot enough to cook) and could see the steam (sulphur). Whilst at the top we had time to explore and go to the highest point and somehow take a random path back down (giving me a few palpitations that we were going to end up nowhere near the boat) thankfully leading us back to where we started. Getting back onboard we had to cross 3 boats pirate fashion. We did a short sail to the Volcanic springs at another volcano (now dormant). The ship moored about 100m from the springs so we needed to jump off the boat and swim in the normal sea to get to the springs which Lillian found a little fearful. First she was concerned about the fish so I firmly said there weren’t any. Poor love was shaking the deck hand asked if she needed a ring (which was declined) after a shakey climb down the ladder she finally let go and swam to Andrew who had spectacularly jumped in with his goggles on top his head (oops) despite the groans she did so well and made it to the spring. The normal sea temp was refreshing but swimming into the springs was lovely (like a big bath) we had a paddle and then headed back. Despite the offer of help from us all Lils got into her stride and swam all the way back, glad to get back onboard. Andrew struggled to get back on the boat in his words (I’m not flexible to get my leg that high) it was a challenge as you nearly had to your feet to chest level and hoist yourself up - whilst being watched by a group of people treading water in a line). Maisie was happy to let every Tom, Dick and Harry board showing off her years of swimming classes how adept she was to keeping afloat. Finally all onboard we hear the cry “there is fish”. Yep loads of them
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  • Day9

    Twisting by the Pool

    August 25, 2018, Eastern Mediterranean ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    A day at sea again, ship is full of new comers, it was us last week, weather is hot hot hot

    So today the girls bit the bullet and joined the teens club, they had a table tennis tournament a water bomb fright and hang out in the “hideout” in the evening..... I think they enjoyed it however as they only communicate when it is absolutely necessary (need money a lift or food or clothes) then it is hard to know for sure.

    So we set up camp on sun beds near the pool, only 4 needed as Lillian spends the whole day in the pool. Usual day of poolside games quizzes a paella demonstration (quite nice but not as good as mine)

    In the afternoon Lillian had kids club

    So it was the last dress up night so back to the room fairly early to shower and put on all the clobber, Cheryl got to wear her wedding dress for the 3rd time ! Me looking much like James Bond the girls like looking very glam, even Maisie finishing off her outfit with trainers !

    We had booked the surf and turf restaurant on deck 11 an amazing meal of steak and lobster with enough side dishes to sink the ship, and it finished us off no deserts today !

    Lillian had spaghetti

    Anyway after a grumpy moment from me as the girls wanted to rush the rest of their dinner to get to that evenings show that night I bit my lip and and they rushed off to reserve our seats and we all made it in time for the show based on the musicals. Which was spectacular as always

    Mummy, Daddy and Lillian all in bed by just gone 10 it had been a relaxing but hot day which I think took it out of us, we don’t know what time the girls got back from their teens club but they certainly were not bright as a daisy the next morning...... sailing into the beautiful Santorini in the morning
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  • Day8

    Corfu and Aqualand

    August 24, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    So today was half day to aquadlsnd for the kids mostly and Cheryl, I am clearly getting old as the 30 second thrill to me is not worth the half hour queue. However we got to aqualand quiet early and the weather a little bit overcast (though still hot) so it was reasonably quiet.

    We had a guide for the trip but I would say it was not really necessary “here we have toilet, in case you want to make a toilet” another reason I gone like water parks as if those 100’s of kids are going to get out the water to make a toilet!

    Anyway it was quiet so usual procedure find a spot Cheryl worrying about the minimal amount of valuables on us and thinks about hiring a safebox thingy..... Nyah and Maisie shot off not to be seen again until it is time to go, apparently they did every water slide which was quite impressive, equally impressive was how they managed to keep their bikinis on the height and speed of some of the slides. We started off on the lazy river always my favourite then did a few slides with Lillian, she is still too small for all of them, then a bit of the wave pool which was great fun. Finally the highlight of any trip with Lillian an ice cream the size of her head. Before we knew it we were back on the coach.

    Back on the boat we had a “down” afternoon, mostly sleeping watching films of course Lillian had a little swim

    Dinner tonight was in the 47 lounge all very nice although Maisie appetite was missing think she over did it in the snack shack

    Lillian had spaghetti

    After dinner a game of cards and we were all in bed fairly early, Mummy and Daddy had a cocktail on their balcony as we sailed away on the second half of the trip left Corfu about 11.30 PM we are now 2 hours ahead often UK.

    Ps sorry for lack of photos today as we were at the water park the were taken on the waterproof camera and we haven’t worked out how to sync with the iPad just yet !
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  • Day7


    August 23, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    In Kotor, amazing cruise in !

    I got at 5:30am to watch us come into Montenegro! The scenery was amazing and watching how the ship is navigated through the Fjord, we travelled in a horseshoe. Whilst taking in the scenery we were joined by a dolphin. I did see it splash out the water but it soon disappeared in the ocean. Coming into the port, which is quite small it looked like our ship wouldn’t fit on the jetty but we did (just!)
    We also had a posh breakfast for 2 in 47 with Waiter service. Absolute bliss and thoroughly enjoyed. The girls decided that they were going to wander into town on their for an ice-cream. Yes we said and then at the same time went by my mother’s radar kicked in! This involved us getting ready at record speed and managing to get off the ship before them. Hiding behind a bush our surveillance began. Watching on the crossed the road on the pedestrian crossing (tick - we taught them well), they then stopped to get free map (tick - very sensible Nyah) but we were getting to close and at risk of being spotted. We turned to look at our surroundings and blend in. We turned around and they had vanished (no tick for us) We walked into town checked out the souvenir shops and more likely ice-cream shops, no sign of them. We took a deep breathe and realised that we were rubbish at stalking our own daughters. They had out smarted us so we needed to trust them and enjoy our mooch around the town.

    Lillian had Spaghetti
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  • Day6

    Down the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnic

    August 22, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    A beautiful stunning place should be on everyone’s bucket list, however it is hight of the season very very hot and crowded added to the fact it is quite small made getting round tricky but that did not take away the beauty of the place.

    Croatia is a little different from the other ex-Yugoslavian countries in that it is not in the EU and not adopted the Euro. Ironically they fought a bloody war of independence with Serbia in recent memory and now Serbia are supporting in their quest to get into Europe. This will be a very beautiful corner of Europe and the people are great, they are concerned joining to EU as they are small and could not cope with the influx of people. However excited about the economic benefits to the region

    Back to our day here. A short bus ride from the boat took us to the cable car that then took us high above the old town of Dubrovnik, the cable car held about 20 people and swayed about quite a bit, Nyah was a bit white and hanging on with white knuckles! But he view was worth it some of which are attaché wow !

    It was again 32 degrees but felt hotter at the top we doesn’t probably half an hour then back down for a small tour of the old town. Really a stunning place with so much history I could not do it justice this blog so you would need to google it if interested I intend to when I get back home

    We had the rest of the morning for some shopping with the girls which mostly consisted of pick and mix, we did visit one historical building a church and we rubbed Marin Dvoric’s nose supposed to give us good luck.

    Back to the ship in the afternoon and usual round of kids club, swimming and quizzes.

    In the evening we went to the 47 lounge for dinner, Lillian had spaghetti, then off to see the show which was Chaplin story which was very good, then in the Venue we had the dance class through the decades the girls loved it very funny.

    Off to Montenegro tomorrow to sail up the worlds sothern most fiord...... can’t wait
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