• Day24

    Memel Day 2

    February 8, 2017 in South Africa ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Schalk arranged for us to visit the Lion Farm (we have been there once before) owned by Ted and Kiewiet. We picked him up at 10h30 and headed south along the Vlei. Had to stop on the way for a bunch of birds - including both glossy and bald ibis and a black raptor we couldn't identify. (I reckoned it was a black harrier but Bill insists they only come here in winter. We've had this argument a couple of times on this trip 😊)
    At the Lion Farm the daughter, Mieke, served us drinks then took us on a game drive - in a special game viewing vehicle. It was interesting: 2 dogs shared the front passenger seat while the guy who helped us on to the vehicle and opened and shut farm gates had to hang on behind us...
    This is obviously a game breeding farm: white springbok and blesbok, black impala. There were both black and blue wildebeest on the farm but we didn't see a golden one. We saw roan, sable, waterbuck, kudu, nyala and buffalo - not all grassland species.
    Their big deal of course is breeding lion. We missed that part of the tour 'cos Kiewiet was supposed to do it but was busy with other visitors. We did see some very small and some older cubs - in separate enclosures so not in prides. There was also at one point on the game drive a lioness with 2 very little cubs.
    It's much better seeing these animals in the wild.
    We had a very nice lunch at the farm, then spent a quiet afternoon catching up on pictures and stuff.
    We met Schalk at the Pub for a drink and then said our goodbyes.
    Now we just need to pack for the final leg tomorrow.
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