• Day19

    Our Liverpool Day

    September 17, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    I almost forgot to write up today, so am now sitting up in bed, hoping to have an early-ish 10.45, so will try to think quickly!

    It is a bit cooler here than London, and we are wearing jackets and warmer clothes at last! But it was cloudy at first, then sunny, so another gorgeous day. We just hope all the rain and bad weather is t waiting till we are walking next week!

    So this morning Omnia dropped us off at a walking track beside the river - Mersey - which leads into the city, about a 6 km walk. Lovely walk, especially as we hadn’t walked hardly at all yesterday. Walked round the waterfront area - shops etc, and had coffee there, then into the central shopping mall -like area. Had a small lunch - found a tapas bar (again) and had our favourite pimientos al padron, just like in Spain. Then at 2 we met Omnia at the Apple store as she was buying a new iPad, and of course Amr was giving advice!

    Had some down time after we got back, then went out to dinner at a nearby North African restaurant, new since our last visit, and met some friends we knew from before - very nice Father, mother and daughter. And the food was absolutely delicious. Small share plates, not unlike Ottolenghi in combinations and flavours.

    Tomorrow we set off again, getting a train (2 actually) to Buxton. A busy fun week. Will include a photo of dinner last night. Lovely family and amazing feast! The 2 sons with their Afro hair...the younger one, aged 11 I think, has been picked by the Liverpool football club to be trained as a future star player - he is in a rigorous programme of training, even at this age!!! They go all over the country, and Europe for matches...he must be good!
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