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  • Day31

    A wet walk day

    September 29, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Today we walked 13 kms and it was grey and sort of rainy all day. Not heavy penetrating rain, but constant enough that we needed to wear rain gear, but didn’t get wet through so it wasn’t bad. But I did get sick of climbing over stiles with a billowing poncho. And we did have our share of mud today, though not as much as yesterday! The water just doesn’t seem to sink into the earth - I think it is clay - so it stays in enormous puddles, and muddies the pathways.

    Anyway, not a lot to say today. The scenery wasn’t spectacular like yesterday, just pleasant pasture land and animals, and we are going now fairly straight next to the road - the site of the old Roman military road - and I think it will be like that to Newcastle. Tomorrow we reach the outskirts of Newcastle and Tuesday arrive at the end - Wallsend.

    Not many photos today - I did take one of some mud - have to confess it wasn’t a field that we had to walk through, but it was a good example of the problem! Now we are happily installed at tonight’s B and B. A lovely little place in Corbridge which is quite a town - bigger than we have seen for a few days, and we have booked at the Indian restaurant here which is supposed to be very good. Just 5 minutes walk from where we are staying. We were taxied here from the path, and will be taxied back to resume walking in the morning. All very efficient and our accommodations without exception have been excellent.
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    Carolyn Anderson

    I see what you mean (about the mud)!