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  • Day104

    Another London day

    November 10, 2021 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    Just back from a fabulous concert…the London Philharmonic and Schumann’s piano concerto plus Sibelius symphony No 2…both familiar and special favourites! So my brain is whirling with delicious music.

    We started out this morning, doing separate errands…Amr wanted to do some shopping, and to call in on Spiked where Brendan O’Neil is the editor…and I had a small amount of shopping…I find that I only enjoy shopping if I have something I am looking to buy, not just wandering through shops without purpose, so it was a bit frustrating as it was a misty moisty day and not good for sitting on a park bench to read which I would have enjoyed…but it wasn’t actually raining most of the time so just walking the streets in the lovely cool air was better than inside!

    Amr and I met up at 1 o’clock and had a little sushi lunch in Selfridges (weird because of covid it wasn’t a train, you had to order online and your food came round on the train and stopped at your place!!)…and then we went to the Wallace Collection which is an amazing collection of paintings and other artworks in a big private house in Manchester Square (which inspired Frick to make his collection similarly). That was excellent, then we went to Piccadilly Circus to meet Omnia who had been also doing her thing, and we walked down to Embankment and found a place - Italian this time - to have dinner before the concert. Had a pizza for the first time for months! A good day.
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    Carolyn Anderson

    Love the Wallace Collection

    Ira Kowalski

    Another perfect day.

    Cathy Sertori

    How wonderful and haven’t heard of the Wallace collection!