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  • Day131

    An interlude in York

    December 7, 2021 in England ⋅ 🌬 5 °C

    This morning was cold and rather bleak…I went in the bus with Amr to the pool where he swims in Wavertree, and we planned to walk back which we did yesterday and then have coffee at Childwall where Omnia lives. Well it was very cold and windy and rainy when we started to walk so we relented and caught a bus back - a bit of a defeat, but there is a limit to discomfort!!

    We also were going to get a bus to the station for the train to York at about 3pm. But Omnia, who is still not 100%, but getting a bit better, offered to drive us to Lime Street and we accepted…we were very early for our train and were able to catch the earlier one which arrived at just after 4pm. The train was the Transalpine Express, not all that express, but it did go over the Pennines and the scenery was just beautiful. During the 2 hour journey we saw such varied weather - from grey and cloudy, sun peeping through, a rainbow and pouring rain just before we arrived at York. By 4 o’clock it is almost dark, the sun sets now at 3.45…so weird as you feel it is much later than it is. But miraculously it wasn’t actually raining when we arrived, and we walked the 9 minutes walk from the station to the hotel in relative comfort!!

    Checked in and relaxed, had our complimentary drink 🍷 while we watched Pointless on TV in the bar! A good wind down. Then we rugged up and ventured out to have a first look at this town. We are just outside the walls and the old city, perfectly placed. We look forward to seeing it all properly in daylight, but it looks wonderful and with Christmas lights and decorations. Ended up having a fab dinner at an Indian restaurant near the hotel. Indian food in the UK is SO good. And it was quite a cheffy place, just delicious.

    Funny thing is that here in the north it is often quite difficult to understand what people are saying…I catch snatches of conversations and while I know they are speaking English, can’t work out what they are saying… just can make out the odd word, not the whole sentence. I even thought some were German tourists, till Amr said no…! Funny.

    Anyway, now off to bed, and a proper discovery of York tomorrow. We are all set for our departure on Monday. We have gone through the ordeal of filling in the Oz government form for returning to Australia…requires much concentration and info…but they are done and submitted successfully!!
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    Enjoy York - a beautiful city


    Glorious Christmas Lights.


    How beautiful! Glad the return forms are all sorted