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  • Day136

    Last day in the UK, our escape is over

    December 12, 2021 in England ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    It is Sunday evening. This time tomorrow we will be on a plane. And our departure should be smooth I hope - have done the government form, and yesterday had our covid tests. That was an ordeal - we had appointments, but that proved to be a joke as when we arrived there was a mile long queue of people all waiting, and with appointments…such hopeless organisation and it meant that we all had to stand in line in the freezing cold and drizzle for about an hour and a half. We got SO cold, it was quite frightening…but you have prepaid your £80 each and have to have a test, so everyone waited…ghastly. We were kept sane by 3 Irish men behind us in the queue who were in Liverpool for the football, and while they didn’t want to be late for the match were so good natured and funny. They needed tests to get back to Dublin! The good news was that we were negative!

    Then we had more trouble as first we planned to have some tapas at our favourite place - but when we arrived, shivering and desperate to warm up, there was a sign on the door saying closed due to a flood. So we decided to cut our losses and get a bus back to Omnia’s…but waiting at the bus station for ages (still in the cold) finally someone came and told the waiting crowd that our bus had been rerouted due to road closures and we’d need to pick it up somewhere else…we had no idea where that was, but a friendly woman knew and we followed her - quite a long way, thank goodness we had a guide - and eventually got our bus…

    From then the day improved, we warmed up gradually (took ages to feel comfortable - it would be ironic if we get sick from queuing to get a covid test)…and we went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant that we had enjoyed last trip. North African/French food, lovely flavours and combinations. Our last celebratory dinner. So a good ending.

    Today we met a friend of Omnia’s for coffee and brunch, lovely, then back home to pack. It is easy when you pack to come home as no decisions necessary, just pile it all in. So off to bed soon, and tomorrow morning off to Manchester airport. We leave about 1.30pm. Back in Sydney late Tuesday evening. The end of our great escape…we are so lucky and appreciative to have done this. And I think our timing was also very fortunate..when we arrived Europe was open and fairly normal, and also UK. But now it is winter and they are getting a bit worried again, so we are probably leaving at the right time. So lucky.
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    Bon voyage as you start your jouney homeward bound. What an adventure you two have had! So happy thtat we were able to see you at


    In the early stage ❤️❤️


    Have a safe and comfortable ride home.”

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