• Day60

    Staff Christmas Party

    December 5, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ -10 °C

    I meditated from 6 till 7 and then Daria came around for eye contact meditation. The idea is to work on not being self conscience. I'd the self is an illusion then the idea of being self conscience is ridiculous. It was a bit weird at the start, but laughing and smiling but we settled down a bit. I really liked it. Helped me think about being self conscience at the staff party tonight and how I dont really need to be at all. No need to impress anyone, I dont need to drink or do drugs to have fun. Made Daria a nice breakfast, I really like just hanging out with her.
    I then rushed down to Nats to go touring for the morning. Such a beautiful day, about minus 14 though so pretty cold. Sweating the whole way up but my hands were freezing until I put on my proper gloves.
    Myla is such a cool dog. Loves the snow. She was getting a bit cold though so we turned around a bit early. That was kind of lucky because it took longer to get down than we thought because there were so many rocks and stuff.
    Nat forgot her poles so I gave her mine on the way down because she didn't feel very confident. It made skiing down pretty hard and I didn't get to enjoy it as much but it was good. Cut up my skis a bunch though because the powder was so soft. Need a more solid base. Beautiful day though.
    I did a few repairs, sewed up the holes on my pants and my glove. Pretty happy with the job.
    I helped Gareth pick up a couch before the Christmas party.
    I ate so much at the Christmas party, it was actually pretty good food. Desserts were amazing.
    Danced pretty much the whole time and gave my drink tickets to the germans. Had alot of fun and didn't drink or do drugs which I'm pretty happy about. The more challenges I get through and the longer I go with out it the easier it is getting. Daria is good inspiration for that.
    Although I do want to do mushrooms at some point soon. Just want to walk around in the forested snow.
    Thinking of asking Daria if she would trip sit for me. Maybe do a sober trip through the nordic trails and get a feeling for the area and then do it again on mushies.
    Had a game of pool at Sam's and then got home about 11:30.
    Going to meet Vic in the morning for a ski.
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