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  • Day20

    Day 20

    June 29, 2019, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Got up this morning to the best breakfast on the trip so far at the B&B we stayed at. A nourishing bowl of Fruit Loops & 4 hr old coffee stewing in the urn....Perfect! Girl working the front desk is named 'Paxton'! Grandma struck up a conversation with the staff lady whose daughter was having a baby soon. Proudly told her about all her grandchildren, and the she fell in love with 'Fenix's' name. She said if it happens to be a girl, she was going to pass on the name Fenix. Might be worth a return trip in a couple of years to see if there's a namesake in Angel's Cove, NL! Lady staying across the hall from us was born in Grande Prairie. Travelling across the country she has spent a month and half in Newfoundland alone
    Another early start to the day...11:00 AM....Sigh!
    Drove back up the coast to Placentia. Would be perfect for a motorcycle except for the potholes that could swallow a semi!
    Walked the boardwalk in Placentia Bay and watched Grandma shop!
    Loaded aboard the ferry 'Atlantic Vision'. This time we weren't loaded into the bowels of the ship, but actually drove up & parked above the waterline!
    Success!! The wait list paid off for a stateroom cabin! Expensive, but worth it! I have a chance of living a longer life! As Brent put it, "A happy Grandma = A happy ferry!"
    40 kms

    1. Painted rock beside boardwalk in Placentia.
    2. Placentia Bay looking across the 'Gut'.
    3. Real 'Mater' tow truck side view in Placentia
    4. Front view.
    5. Construction of the concrete base on the Husky White Rose drilling platform just beside Argentia.
    6. The 'Newfie Bullet'. Sign painted on a handicap trike
    7. Roadside figurines on side of road between Placentia and St. Bride's
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