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  • Day2

    A Taste of Vietnam

    September 1, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌧 31 °C

    We have one day here and really want to get a feel for the place in a really short time. Breakfast is a buffet overlooking the pool. On offer, in addition to the usual breakfast cereals and warmers with eggs, sausages and bacon is beef or chicken noodle soup. Make your choice and a prepared bowl has broth ladled over then served with freshly sliced chilli and a sliver of fresh lime.

    Today we are walking, and it is humid. We set out from our hotel and tackle the onslaught of motor scooters aimed directly at us. Pedestrian crossings are only a guide. After a few blocks we duck in to a cafe for Vietnamese coffee which is prepared by positioning a tin drip canister over a glass. It is strong, sweet and delicious, and served with a glass of tea on the side which is novel.

    We continue map in hand, yes the paper variety and it still serves us well. We find ourselves in what appears to be the hardware neighbourhood, shop after shop of hardware items, before tracking down a pagoda I had discovered was nearby. Its squat shape with brightly coloured roof tiles, ridge caps and ornamentation provides a contrast to the unusual but intriguing very narrow apartment buildings on either side. Unsure of the protocol, we peer inside without crossing the threshold to admire the painted and gilded interior with enormous incense spirals suspended from the ceiling.

    Our hotel receptionist had suggested a street nearby that was known as the antiques street (she wrote "old" on our map to indicate this). We pass more food vendors on the way and a curious hotel with parking for motor scooters inside the front foyer. We wander its length stopping here and there to inspect an item that catches our eye as we go, pausing for a rest and cool drink along the way.
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    Coffee and tea

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