• Day14

    Ah Venice

    September 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    It was almost 8 when we arrived at Mestre and were then able to hop onto another train which took us across the bridge and into Santa Lucia (the main Venice Station). Although it was getting dark as we arrived the Grand Canal was thrumming with people and boats and the sky was being periodically lit up by flashes of lightening and accented by regular rumbles of thunder. Our hotel was only 800 metres from the station but this did involve 3 large bridges (steps up…steps down) and then at the hotel (which is just a doorway from the street) there was 3 floors of later like stairs to get up to our room …. Phew.
    We quickly dumped our stuff and then back down to the street where we just had to cross the street to a Pizzeria (Antico Gafaro Ag) where we enjoyed a large mushroom pizza and a carafe of wine. We were seated next to a (?) father and son who had come from Sicily to see the Biannale and we chatted with them in a mix of English, French and Italian getting their recommendations about what to eat and do in Sicily and commenting on things in Venice. Sated and perhaps a tad effected by the wine we wandered back to our hotel via a gelato place…… aaah Venice
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