29 year old guy from Liverpool, England who finally give up the rat race to travel. Sold my home, my car and most of my possessions to do so. This is just a list of places I’ve been, so the dates are correct but not the amount of time!
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  • Day1366

    USA Tour - NOLA

    December 8 in the United States

    Today I managed to FaceTime home and spoke to my mum and dad. I also did a little tour of the local area and even had my first Wendy’s.... they’re not bad hahahaha.

    I also got a good deal on a voodoo, vampire and haunting tour of NOLA which was cool. Some weird stories from that and some cool haunted buildings!

    Ended up meeting Jon, Angie and Roxanne after the tour and we went up and down bourbon street all night. The place is crazy. I will say however I prefer the Frenchman. It’s a much cooler area and the music is better too.

    However regardless of where you go you’ll have a great time - the people are friendly, the food is unreal, the alcohol is cheap and the party doesn’t stop!
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  • Day1364

    USA Tour - New Orleans, Louisiana

    December 6 in the United States

    Arrived in New Orleans after a brilliant little flight from NYC! Caught an Uber outside the airport and the driver was the coolest person ever! Massive Christmas hat on, New Orleans saints NFL shirt and the biggest and happiest ‘hi how you doin’ ever.

    The drive to the hostel was about 30 mins and he told me all about the history of NOLA and where to go to get the best gumbo and po boys in town, he also gave me his direct number and that If I needed a tour or a lift anywhere he would come get me which was cool!

    The hostel I stayed in was called the Quisby, cool,place with a cool vibe and a cheap bar. I checked in then went down to the bar to grab a drink, long story short I meet these 2 guys, 1 called John from Chicago and 1 called Alex from Australia.... 6 hours later we’re stumbling around The Frenchmen. Cant remember most of the night but I know it was awesome
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  • Day1363

    USA Tour - New York City, New York

    December 5 in the United States

    Woke up this morning feeling like an old man Hahahahaha I was shattered and my legs ached. However this was my last day in NYC so I wasn’t going to waste it! Shaun, Emma, Kev, Ted and Juliet all said I had to do the walk over the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan. All I can say is awesome. It’s basically every photo or movie you’ve seen - that’s the view. I didn’t care it was cold. It was awesome.

    I went back on the ferry to Staten Island today so I could get some photos of the Statue of Liberty and the view of Manhattan. Staten Island is shit there’s not much there but it’s worth a walk around like.

    I met up with a loooong time friend today - we’ve known each other for around 20 years! So Carla messaged me on Instagram letting me know she was in NYC for the night. So we arranged to meet up for a beer or two.... turned into about 50.

    We met up around 5pm and we went for some food. She recommended this place called ‘Ellen’s stardust diner’ it’s supposed to be famous but I’d Never heard it Hahahahaha. The queue to this place was around for block so we waited inline for around 35 minutes before a table became available.

    I’ll be honest I wasn’t a fan of it - but I liked the concept. All the waiters and waitresses sing and dance on tables etc, but they weren’t that good Hahahahaha. The food was alright though. Anyway we’re sitting there taking the piss out the place and a guy turns up behind me with a camera and a microphone asking me can he interview me about our experience at the restaurant..... fuck me nearly died. Carla is crying laughing whilst I’m there lying to this guy about how amazing this place was.... never felt more awkward in my life. We left not long after, crying laughing

    After there we went to the Rockefeller tree and then watched the light show at Saks. We then went the Christmas markets on Bryant park and got a beer, but it was freezing so we only stayed for the one then I took her to Carraghers Bar as she didn’t know it was there! We was in there from about 8pm to 1am just drinking and catching up which was cool - Carla got smashed was hilarious. I walked Carla back to her hotel by Times Square which was about 15 blocks away and she kept stopping and dancing and humming in the street. A walk which should of taken maybe 20 mins ended up taking closer to 1 hour. I dropped Carla off at the hotel and went to get the subway back to Brooklyn. Every train was cancelled after I had been waiting there for an hour I decided to just get an Uber back. Fuming. But over all a brilliant day!
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  • Day1362

    USA Tour - New York

    December 4 in the United States

    I took the subway with Ted today into New York from Brooklyn as I wasn’t sure where to go, he suggested getting off with him by the Chrysler Building as I can work my way downtown from there. He then took me to Grand Central Station - it was insane and much bigger than I expected but from the outside it looks small. It was cool being in such an iconic place but people where just going about their day. There was also 2 markets in there which I didn’t expect to see at all so that was a nice added surprise!

    After I left Ted I walked across town then to the Rockefeller centre - I had to go do ‘top of the rock’ it’s something I’d always wanted to do and it didn’t disappoint! But before I went up I walked around the nbc studios and all the stores inside which was quite Novel. I bought my ticket for top of the rock and I had an hour to kill so I did what anyone else would do.... I went for a bevvy. Found a place called Sean’s which was just around the corner and I had one of their own brews which wasn’t bad - although what they call a pilsner and what I think A pilsner is are completely different!

    After my drink I make my way back to the Rockefeller centre to go up to the observation deck - UN FUCKING REAL! Manhattan looks amazing from up here (it helped that it was such a clear day) I had perfect views over Central Park and downtown Manhattan. It was worth the $40 to go up. I’d pay it again in a heartbeat. Probably my second favourite thing I did in NYC after seeing the Rockefeller tree!

    My dad told me I had to send him a photo of the Flatiron Building so I had to trek to there from the Rockefeller centre - I could of just got the subway but I do prefer to walk! I actually liked the flatiron district it was a lot less hassle and much quieter than anywhere else in NYC, some of the architecture was quite cool too!

    I made my way to Wall Street after visiting the flatiron district as it wasn’t too far away - literally fuck all there but I suppose I can say I’ve seen it.

    I visited the WTC memorial after Wall Street. It was really sad but I think they’ve done an amazing job with the memorial and the waterfalls are a nice touch to the whole thing. The new trade centre is an awesome building right next to the old site which pierces the sky.

    I visited Staten Island after here but my phone died so I couldn’t take any photos Hahahahaha. Managed to find my way back to Brooklyn after walking the entire length and breadth of the city
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  • Day1361

    USA Tour - New York City

    December 3 in the United States

    So after my first real good night sleep in a few weeks I was feeling alive and refreshed to tackle NYC! As I was meeting up with Ted today to stay with him for a few nights in Brooklyn I decided I would go up to Central Park and walk around for a bit before making my way down 5th Avenue.

    Central Park is huge, it’s even bigger when you’re carrying your backpack around with you!! The park is awesome though and there so much going on in there I bet it’s amazing in the summer!

    After my jaunt around the park I walked down 5th Avenue past Tiffany’s, Trump Tower and Saks! There were people outside trump tower protesting which was cool although no one seemed to be taking much notice of them!

    Found s good little Irish pub whilst I waited for Ted to let me no where to meet up with him, ended up talking to the bar staff there about my travels and they gave me a free pint which was much obliged even if it was bud light!

    Ted messaged me to let me know to meet him at Washington Square at 5pm - I checked my map and it was the other side of Manhattan!!! A 40 minute walk or a 10 minute tube ride... I chose to walk. I think walking is almost certainly the best way to see a city, and it was well worth the walk even if I was basically a puddle of sweat when I met Ted. It was nice to see a familiar face especially in a city as big and loud as NYC. He took me on the subway from Washington Square to uttica Avenue in Brooklyn to his. His house massive and full of character! I met his wife juliett who is lovely and was so welcoming when I arrived. I also met little Seamus again, kid is s legend! Ted took us all out for a Mexican which was cool - best taco I ever had!

    We all went back the house and me and we ended up watching a film on Netflix on Ted projector - unreal. Eventually retired to bed ready for a big day again in the big apple!
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  • Day1360

    USA Tour - New York

    December 2 in the United States

    Came to NYC after a coach trip from Atlantic City. Managed to watch the first half of the derby but missed the second half cause the WiFi on the coach was a joke!!!

    Anyway, stepped off the coach on W42nd street - right next to Broadway, 5th Avenue and Times Square. Unreal. The place is so alive and busy it’s insane! I was stayed in the Hilton on Times Square, I go into check in and the guy behind the counter wanted confirmation that I had a booking... turns out I was in the wrong Hilton.... bad divvy me. My hotel was just on the next block. Checked in and literally dived on the bed! Not had a bed as nice in 3 weeks it was amazing! Having my own shower and toilet was also boss.

    I went for a walk at night as I wanted to experience NYC at night, I made my way into Times Square which is unreal, so busy, so many lights, performers, and weirdos alike.

    I then made my way down to radio city hall which was awesome, such a cool place, there was also Christmas decorations up all over the place it looked awesome! Just the next block over was the Rockefeller centre which I had to visit! The Home Alone tree and the ice skating rink - it was incredible but also rammed. Genuinely made up I got to see it, the actual Rockefeller tower is also cool as fuck!

    After all the walking I needed a bevvy. I walked down past Saks 5th Avenue past the New York Public library to ‘Carraghers Bar’ it had to be done.

    Ended up there till around 12:30 trying different beers, there was a local beer called ‘montauk’ which is brewed on Long Island and it was a nice little beer. Got talking to a barman there called Dave who was sound he was from Ireland and had been living in NYC for 8 years. After the bar had closed I made my way to Madison Square Garden just to see it. It was awesome!

    Made my way back the hotel for the best nights sleep I’d had in weeks!!
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  • Day1359

    USA Tour - Atlantic City

    December 1 in the United States

    Crap day here today in Atlantic city - it rained all day pretty much. But I managed to walk around duck town which is the old Italian area of the city. Also did a big of gambling in Bally’s casino overall for my trip here I’m around $20 up so that’s a bonus. None of the casinos had the fury fight on so I had to bail back the hostel and watch it on my iPad

    Can’t see how one judge put wilder that far ahead even with the 2 knock downs. I had fury winning all but those rounds - anyway it was a good entertaining fight which was good

    Last night tonight before travelling to the big apple tomorrow. Gonna get up early and watch as much of the game as I can
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  • Day1358

    USA Tour - Atlantic City

    November 30 in the United States

    First full day in Atlantic City today and all I can say is

    ‘It would be better in high season’

    There’s literally no one about it’s so strange.

    I took a walk down to the lighthouse today which is supposed to be famous somehow, not sure why. It was also in a pretty run down part of town but it didn’t give me a chance to walk the entire length of the broadwalk... which again would be better in high season as everything was closed and there was no one about. I managed to take a few pictures down at the beach which was quite nice. Also did a tour today of the hard rock casino and Tropicana casino - came out even overall so that was cool after a few hours gambling. I also went to a place called White House Subs - which is famous for their submarine sandwiches. I didn’t ask how big they where but I would say close to 20 inches, they where definitely much bigger than the 16inch sandwich in Boston!! It was awesome, only managed to eat half of it but they wrapped the rest up for me to take away and even gave me a small tub of meatballs as they liked my accent and I did quite well for a brit hahahah

    Did a little tour of the outlet village they have here too, it’s a joke how cheap some stuff is here - YSL T shirts for $20 - Ralph Lauren t shirts for $15 - crazy!!
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