29 year old guy from Liverpool, England who finally give up the rat race to travel. Sold my home, my car and most of my possessions to do so. This is just a list of places I’ve been, so the dates are correct but not the amount of time!
Living in: Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Day1440

    Asia Tour - Bangkok

    February 20 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Came back to Bangkok for a few nights before flying out to Malaysia. Found a cool apartment on Air BnB for 3 nights to treat myself before leaving Thailand.

    Absolutely loved my time in Thailand and I’ve only explored a small amount of it, there’s still so much for me to do and see that I am definitely coming back.

    My apartment has a cool view and there’s a 7-11 on the ground floor which is awesome. Although the building has signs everywhere saying short term stay is illegal.....
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  • Day1435

    Asia Tour - Chiang Mai

    February 15 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Back to Chiang Mai for a few days in my favourite Hotsel - Kampor. I have a flight to Kuala Lumpur on the 23d of Feb. I debated extending my visa to stay in Thailand for another month however I think a change of scenery will be good. So I’ve got a few days here in Chiang Mai, then a 10 hour coach trip back to Bangkok for a few days before flying out to Kuala Lumpur!Read more

  • Day1434

    Asia Tour - Mae Hong Son Loop - Pai

    February 14 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Loved my first night in Pai it’s so chill. But today I went and bought some beers and sat by the river for a few hours and just relaxed, it was cool. After that I went to find some food and more beers!!!

    Of a night Pai becomes very lively with the whole walking street becoming one big market.

    However, unfortunately on my last night in Pai I was visited by the wildies. Big Time. I bought myself a curry wrap whilst at the market on my last night and it was lovely to be fair but a couple of hours later I got such an intense Pain in my stomach whilst in bed I knew I was in for a bad night.

    It was horrific. To be honest I’m surprised I’ve not had many issues such as this more often as my stomach is a massive faggot and kicks off over anything. But this was bad, all night it was. I was dreading the morning as I had to check out by 11 and then ride 7 hours to Chiang Mai.....
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  • Day1433

    Asia Tour - Mae Hong Son Loop

    February 13 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Overslept today. Didn’t leave my hotel till 11am, I was shattered. I was a bit worried at this point if I would make it to Pai before nightfall as I was 3 hours late leaving the hotel. So I go fill up with fuel and water for myself and hit the road... fast!

    I was getting more confident on the bike however I was still having trouble on really slow tight hairpin bends, I just didn’t have the confidence to really lean into the corners, especially left hand downhill corners, I was basically crawling on them. Lucky the roads where quiet or I’d of pissed a few locals off.

    I saw a lot of other ‘farangs’ on this road but going the other way and this was a nice bit of road, probably my favourite ride of the journey. It had everything, brilliant views, wonderful roads, and as I was more confident I was really enjoying myself on the bike, I even was doing over 100kmh in some places.

    As I was caning it I actually ended up in Pai much earlier than expected which was cool as I got a bit of time to explore it as I was only here for 2 nights and I’d heard boss things about to Pai so I wanted to see as much as I could. I was staying in a place called Pai Smilehouse which was awesome, I loved it.
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  • Day1432

    Asia Tour - Mae Hong Son Loop -

    February 12 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Checked out of my hotel early doors this morning to get cracking on the road. My hotel wasn’t bad to be fair, had a lovely view of the river but it was a bit old and could do with an update.

    I filled up with fuel, it’s so cheap here and was on my way. The road today was much easier than yesterday, it was north for 140km and the road wasn’t too bad. It’s crazy how quiet the roads get when you get out of the towns even though it’s the only road that connects them.

    As the roads where quiet I made some good time up as I was riding faster than the day before and the roads where much straighter. I stopped off for a quick top up of fuel again (the tank is only 4.5L and it was all uphill)

    The views where amazing on this ride, I should of stopped off more to take photos but I was really enjoying the ride and I wanted to get into Mae Hong Son before night time.

    I stopped off at a Cafe around 18km outside of Mae Hong Son which offered amazing views of the valley below. Seems like a popular place with bikers as that’s all was there.

    Made it into Mae Hong Son and checked into my hotel, it’s brand new so it was lovely and my room over looked a rice paddy. I had a quick nap and made my way to find some food. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was one of the best I’d been to. I get back the hotel, get my stuff ready for the morning and pass out on my bed still fully dressed.

    Good day today. Very good day.
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  • Day1431

    Asia Tour - Mae Hong Son Loop

    February 11 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    This is it. This is the day. As a total novice at riding bikes I’m about to undertake a 900km journey through forests, national parks and mountain passes. I woke up super excited, but the second I sat on the bike I think the realisation of the journey I was about to take hit me. Nerves set in big time. I had to take a few minutes to calm myself down before I set off.

    The first part of the journey was fine, I made my way to Doi Inthanon park to see the Pagodas built in honour of the king and queen of Thailand which are built on the highest mountain in northern Thailand. My shitty GPS took me an awful way however, it took me through these horrible pitted dirt tracks and then eventually onto the main Road. How i didn’t fall off the bike Ive no idea. The drive up to the mountain was cool, some awesome views and I stopped off at a waterfall on my way up which was cool.

    The Pagodas where brilliant, there no other way to describe it. The architecture, the gardens, the views. Unbelievable, I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere in my travels. I spent a good 40 minutes just looking over into the mountains. I got some great photos.

    On my way back down the mountain I stopped off at another waterfall which was much better than the first, took a few photos and made my way out of the park. The ridee from the top to the bottom is about 40 minutes so it’s quite a journey. I fuelled up and headed towards to Mae Sariang. The road was brilliant, however my phone bounced out of its cradle on this badly pitted pot holed road, lucky it didn’t break and lucky it was quiet as I slammed on my breaks to go get my phone.

    I made it to Mae Sariang about 18:30, I left Chiang Mai at 9:30 so it was a long day of travelling. I checked into my hotel for the night, had a quick shower, some food and the passed out like a baby.

    Who knew being stressed and concentrating for 9 hours would make you tired?

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  • Day1429

    Asia Tour - Chiang Mai - Thailand

    February 9 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    So today I went on my first proper bike journey, I headed off to a cafe I heard about called cafe 31 I think. It was about 6 miles west of Chiang Mai and I was kinda nervous for the journey...

    Don’t know what all the fuss was about, simple journey, completely uneventful.... hopefully they’re all this way.

    The cafe is awesome, it’s built in sections around a pool. There’s a tree house complete with a slide, big deck areas over the pond and different seating areas all around. It was a real cool place, I wish I could of stayed there longer but I didn’t get there till early afternoon and the sun started to set around 5pm and I didn’t want to be on a highway at night time.

    I’d definitely go back there, the peach soda and burger was incredible and it was quite cheap considering the environment. I also won the UEFA Cup on footy manager too so it was a good day

    I got back the hostel, had a quick nap and went into the night bazaar, I keep seeing these tailor suit places and I am tempted.....
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  • Day1427

    Asia Tour - Chiang Mai - Thailand

    February 7 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    First update for almost a week! I haven’t done much, I’ve just been chilling and just enjoying Chiang Mai. There was a huge flower festival here so I visited that plus the famous Sunday market (nearly killed everyone) visited a few more temples and today I hired my bike ready to do the Mae Song loop. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it as the bike is pretty powerful and I need some more practice but I’m also confident I can get by, I’ve driven 44t trucks so if I’m sensible and remember that I’m a novice I should be ok.

    I might go for a ride up to Doi Suthep tomorrow when the traffic is low to get some practice as it’s a narrow windy road which should give me some confidence going forward. It’s also supposed to be a brilliant place to watch the sunrise! So I may give that a go, see how I feel in the morning.

    Just some photos from the last few days
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  • Day1421

    Asia Tour - Chiang Mai - Thailand

    February 1 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    So today is the day I get to go to the Elephant Park and feed, bathe and play with some rescued elephants.

    My day started off with being Picked up from my hostel and there was around an hours drive into the jungle before we got to a market where I could buy some breakfast. After that it was a further 30 mins into the hills before we arrived at the camp. My first impression was ‘this is quiet’ as I got out of the car a older guy greeted me and told me his name is tiger and he would be my guide today and that I would be his only volunteer for the morning so it was a special day. He lead me inside and told me all about the camp, the elephants and what they do there. He handed me some clothes to wear which are designed to look like the clothing the Mahout people wear. The Mahout are mountain people and they can communicate with the elephants as they have lived side by side for thousands of years.

    Tiger then took me outside to meet the elephants, there was ‘Mr Joe’ who was the only male of the herd, he was 50 years old and he had 4 wives and 2 kids. The baby elephants are very cute.

    We then went to cut some sugar cane for the elephants to feed them, they love sugar cane as it’s very sweet. Cutting the sugar cane was fairly easy, however they where swarming with ants that bit you!

    Feeding the elephants was awesome, they are quite delicate around you however they will steal food off each other, especially Mr Joe he’s a greedy one! After feeding them we took them for a walk into the jungle, they make it look so easy with their 4 knees. Tiger and I where knackered after about 10mins

    The hills, mountains and jungle in this area is spectacular. Tiger also taught me about local wildlife and he even made me eat a flour. Tastes like pure sugar.

    After our jungle trek we had some lunch which was nice then I got to make vitamin balls for the elephants, they help with digestion and providing nutrients they need. We then took them down to the river to bathe them, they loved it. I loved it. On the way back to the camp the baby elephant ran off to steal some food, his mum chasing after him before bringing him back.

    The day was brilliant 15/10
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  • Day1420

    Asia Tour - Chiang Mai - Thailand

    January 31 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Up out and early today, tried to get out before the sun got too hot. Failed. It was already 30 degrees at 9am!

    I had no particular route for today but before I got started I headed off to 7/11 got myself a drink and this little capsule you use to replace the lid and it’s full of extracts to make you feel better and they taste good too. FYI if you’re on a real strict budget 7/11 is a god send, so cheap 500ml bottle of water for 7baht which is like 17p!

    Chiang Mai old city is built inside walls so I headed towards the South Gate and worked around clockwise.

    I saw probably 30 temples in total, most where kind of the Same but some where really cool looking and I saved the best till last ‘Wat Chedi’ unreal place, monks everywhere and I even managed to catch them in prayer which was quite humbling.

    After grabbing something to eat I headed east out of the city towards the night life bit, I was only going for the markets which where cool, came across a few live bands playing. The best was in a rock pub - a Thai band playing Metallica, UFO and motley crue. It was boss!

    I made the fatal mistake of walking back through the nightlife centre as it’s also the RLD area of the city. Young, white westerner walking through on his own.... think I was approached by every girl on the street, I even had one chase me down the street so she could ‘see my tattoo’ to be fair to her When I made it clear I wasn’t interested she took it in good grace and just asked for a photo which I agreed too. I also was approached by a few ladyboys which was quite funny, although I will say some of them you’d have no idea. It’s scary
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