• Day30

    24th April Tuesday Regua

    May 15, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    A very hot six mile hike up to see an amazing waterfall. We were guided but the forest was very thick and the birds were tiny.
    This is what I have learned about Regua so far:
    The series of lakes making up the wetlands are dammed rivers.
    The three cooks are different sizes, this means the rum punch drink we get in the evenings is stronger when the fattest sister makes it. This is because the measurements for the rum is done in fingers. Here is the recipe:
    11 limes
    A jug full of ice
    3 large spoons of sugar
    7 fingers of rum
    So on the days the plumpest sister makes the punch there is more rum as she has wider fingers!
    The young man who is front of house is Nicholas (the owner) son and is 28.
    He had a row with his girlfriend last night, she was taking him somewhere he didn't want to go so he jumped out of the car whilst it was still moving.
    In hospital with a sore shoulder he finished with her even though they had been together for two and a half years.
    His grandpa is British (from Kew). Thomas' grandpa married his grandma (half dutch and half italian) when they were both very young and his grandpa inherited the farm (now the regua reserve). The marriage didn't last but they are still friends and his grandpa comes over every year for a month. Grandpa is now married to a lady in charge of kew gardens and Thomas has some step relatives, one of whom now has a baby.
    Grandpa is due to visit this Friday.
    Our guides family live in rio. His son is 3 and is called Martin and goes to nursery at 6:30am and gets home by 7 pm.
    Our guides father died suddenly of a heart attack when our guide was 28. Our guide was run over by a bus which flayed the skin from his foot.
    There is a tapir introduction program in place, but it has come to a halt because the bureaucracy allowed two tapirs, one male and one female to be introduced, and because of the time constraints of the bureaucracy the female has now had a baby, This has led to further bureaucracy but it is now nearly done.
    The politician in charge of agriculture in the areas has a huge soya production plant.
    school teachers get paid £600 a month.
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