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  • Jan19

    Mui Ne day 3 - Some more pool chilling

    January 19 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

    On Saturday Fabi and I had breakfast together and then I walked to the main road and he took the 5 hour bus ride to Ho Chi Minh city to take a flight to the north and do the Halong Bay tour.
    I prepared my yummi mangosteens in a little box and went to the pool to change my book. I started reading 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn and really liked the first 100 pages so far. I did watch the movie two years ago but I heard so many recommendations about the book that I didn't really take too long in front of the big book shelf at the hostel to go just go for it.Read more

  • Jan18

    Mui Ne day 2- Chilling at the pool

    January 18 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌬 31 °C

    On Friday I got up a bit early to answer some messages on the roof and then met up with Fabian to extend our room at the reception. We had to change rooms and so after we did that we headed for an early lunch and then to the cool hostel pool. Fabian would take the bus to Saigon the next day and fly north from there and I booked my room for 2 nights and so I would have to check out on the 20th. I was really thinking about where to go next- whether I should stop in Dalat to do the snapling or go somewhere else for a day on the way to Hoi An to avoid taking the 22h bus ride there in one go.
    In the evening we continued our little European culinary vibe and got pizza for dinner. After that I had my own little try at making thai rolled ice cream and it became clear that it's a skill that you need some practice for:D
    After that we headed to the hostel pool bar and joined their quiz night as viewers.. It was pretty funny and they also played some limbo..
    From there we just headed to bed..
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  • Jan17

    Mui Ne day 1 - A day in the sun

    January 17 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

    On Thursday I got up early and went up to the roof of the hostel to talk to a friend on the phone- a good recommendation by the pink haired guy from the surfing school who also stayed at our hostel. There was a really beautiful view of the hostel, the pools and some palm trees with the lovely beach in the background.
    At 9AM Fabi and I met to go to breakfast so that he could have his second surfing lesson. At the beach it was pretty clean in comparison to Phu Quoc but I still filled a sack of plastic trash within minutes of arriving at the beach. I enjoyed most of the day just chilling at the beach but we also rented a board in the afternoon, only the waves were too rough for us to ride. I was a bit disappointed but there is always the next day.
    In the evening we decided to go all out for some German food at Ratinger Löwe..A good find on Fabian's part.. I missed having a good little green salad and a Jägerschnitzel (mushroom cream sauce).
    After that we went for a sadly disappointing massage on my part.. We also got our hands on some lovely mangosteens at 100k/kg so I got half a kg of those significantly smaller mangosteens and since Fabian didn't like the texture I had them all to myself.
    I also got a pair of Thailand elephant pants and a set of Thailand elephant shorts and top for 200k.. Not too bad :)
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  • Jan16

    Da Lat -> Mui Ne (bus)

    January 16 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    On Wednesday we got picked up at 7AM. We paid Huan 115k/5$ p.p. for the ticket and another 10$ per person for the two nights and he said that the breakfast and dinner were included.. I never had a cheaper place in my life with a private room and 2 meals a day..
    A picked up some more people on the way and the bus left at 8AM and all the while noone bothered to give us tickets or check them.. I guess it was enough that Huan talked to the van guy and he spoke to the bus driver.. The ride to Mui Ne took about 4 hours with a little break in the middle. We had to take a short taxi ride to our hostel (40k) and from there we had to walk through an alleyway full of little restaurants to look for our hostel "Mui Ne Hills Backpackers". It seems like there were like 4 businesses with the name hill on tat little hill and so we had to find the right one.. not Mui Ne hotel or budget but backpackers which was even further up the hill.. When we finally got to the hostel we had to climb another big flight of stairs to get to the room but for 3$ a night it was really nice actually and there was neither too much mess in the room neither in the bathroom. The hostel has two pools and different activities every day. We actually decided to rent a scooter from the hostel 120k a day rather than 150k like in Phu Quoc) and look around but they would only rent one against a passport so we gave that idea up and started walking around a bit. The streets were really quite full of tourist shops, resorts and restaurants and we stopped for some delicious Indian food for a late lunch. After that I got some more little gauze patches from a pharmacy because I used the one I had in my travel pharmacy to patch up some poor Russian dude who cut his arm badly on a coral on the island tour in Phu Quoc. I also got a little fake The North Face backpack because my little UNC (University of Northern Colorado where I spent a semester) was ripped by mistake by a girl at Huan's hostel. It cost only 150k (5.30€) and had three compartments and 2 proper side pockets for my lovely bottles that I can refill at the hostel for 10k rather than buy plastic bottles (also 10k).
    We headed over to the beach and Fabi checked out the prices for surfing lessons. The prices were outrageous in my opinion (50$ for one hour /120$for three).. In the Philippines a lesson cost 500Php so 9.60$ an hour.. Unless these teachers also poop unicorns or dance I don't see why the price difference is so drastic.. Fabian who really wanted to learn how to surf took the 3 hour deal and went along to start the first 1.5 hours with his teacher. I just hung out on the beach and enjoyed some beach time until he was done and then we headed back to the room only to wait in line for 2 people to shower before me still.. Hostel life..
    After that Fabi went for a beer with a pink haired German guy we met at the surfing school and I stayed in the room for an evening nap. At some point Fabi came to wake me up to go to dinner and we just went to one of the restaurants in the alley right outside the hostel. After that we walked around and got a thai roll ice cream and started developing a crazy business plan on how to bring it to Germany. We had two shady people on motorbikes offering us weed and we found a fruit stand with mangosteens at 100k a kg .. That's a bit cheaper than the Philippines but smaller fruits .. I also realized that many of the people here actually speak Russian ..but almost no English..Also a lot of the street signs and signs on and in shops are in Russian.. Interesting..
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  • Jan15

    Da Lat day 1 - Tour day (1/2)

    January 15 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Our day stated with breakfast in the common area at 8.00.. The grandmother/old auntie started a mass production of omletts.. Everyone around the table got one and a nice long baguette like breadroll and there was coffee, tea and plates of sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.. It was almost an Israeli breakfast..just a but dull but actually breakfast and dinner were included in the 5$ a night so that's pretty good and I was sooo happy to have normal breadrolls that are not sweet after the Philippines.
    We left on the tour at 8.30 and started our day from number 2 on the list so the the mountain view. It was a pretty cloudy day and so we had to wear long clothes and it got pretty cold on the bike sometimes. The tour included one jeep with Huan and a few people and like 6 more people with easy riders- sitting behind a local driver.
    The viewpoint was really nice and there were lots of pine trees in the landscape. I felt like I was in good company (Oren=pine tree in Hebrew).

    The second stop on the tour was the weasel coffee farm : Vietnam is the world's second largest coffee exporter after Brazil. They produce different kinds of coffee and this special and rare weasel coffee can cost up to 1.000USD per kilo in the US. It takes a lot of weasel poop... :D

    After some people tried a bitter and overpriced tiny cup of weasel coffee for 80k we crossed the road to take a look and some pictures at a sunflower field. Sunflowers are beautiful and happy looking things:)

    From there we drove to a house where we could see how people produce rice wine or happy water in the traditional Vietnamese way. It's a simple recipe but it requires a lot more experience to get it right.

    After the rice wine we went to the largest/main production site for rice nuddels and rice paper.
    Apparently fresh rice nuddels go sour after like two days so they have to be distributed really quickly.

    Our next stop was at a traditional silk production site.
    There we were shown a little cocoon of a silkworm.. The silk can only be used if the butterfly/moth didn't hatch and so the factory kills half the worms in their cocoons by putting them in hot water to be used for silk production and half of them are left to hatch for the next generation.
    The cocoons are then placed in these water baths and the women use chopsticks to draw the extremely thin silk threads and connect them to a machine to put them on a roll and be weaved together to form a stronger thread. Each cocoon contains about 100m of silk thread.

    From the silk farm we went to a Buddhist temple and then to Elephant Waterfall.. It was a really nice and big waterfall and we got to climb down a little way and kind of stand behind it and get sprayed by the water.

    After that we headed to see a black pepper plantation and then went to Pongour Waterfall which was incredibly beautiful..We got to hang out there for a while but sadly I was too cold to get in..

    At the end of our tour we headed to an orchid business where they grow and export beautiful orchids to all of Asia, to Chicken Village and then to the last nice viewpoint.

    After the tour we had dinner at the hostel and this time it was rice, green beans, omlett and french fries that were pulled out of the pan one by one with chopsticks by auntie.. What an effort😂

    We hung out at the hostel for a while and then took a short taxi to the very recommended six floor Maze Bar. At the bar it was really cool because it really was like a maze inside..there were little decorative corners and holes everywhere and there were stairs that lead only up to a certain level and everything was decorated differently.. Really a cool place for a perfect oreo shake and Mojito. Sadly the Israeli guys just got there as we left but we had some Money Heist watching to do and an early morning 7.00AM pick up..
    (More pictures on post 2)
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  • Jan14

    Phu Quoc-> Da Lat (Flight Jetstar)

    January 14 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    On Monday Fabi and I headed to the airport and flew from Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh city and from there to Dalat (78€ p.p.).
    The taxi from the resort was really quick (270k) and so we actually had almost two hours at the airport so I could catch up on all the birthday wishes and messages. I was really happy about all the messages from my loved ones but there were a few surprises among the wishers like some random people from an abroad semester or exchange students from my old uni.. That was nice too..
    When we arrived in Da Lat we still a one hour drive and since a taxi would have cost at least 200/250k and Fabi didn't trust the driver, Grab would have been 180k or so I think so we took the bus for 40k p.p. From the drop off point we took a taxi and then we arrived at Huan/Authentic Homestay Da Lat. Huan owns a really cute hostel with a dorm, private rooms and another building nearby- the "hotel" with private rooms. We stayed at the hotel in a private rooms but Huan invited us to join the dinner at the hostel common room which was completely full of young Israelis on their after the army trip.
    It was a bit rough to juggle speaking Hebrew and English because I wanted to include Fabian as much as possible but we met some nice people and had a nice evening that included a spectacular oreo shake in a café later on.. We booked the option 2 tour for the next day at 35$/815k per person.
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