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  • Nov18

    Today is another transit day.. I have stayed at the Hashtag Tourist Inn for the last 5 nights and it's been a really nice stay other than the terrible Wifi, which mostly only worked in the evening. The place is beautiful, central and the owners are really nice and they booked my van to El Nido for me (500Php). A double room with private bathroom costs 700Php a night and there is a little common kitchen at the end of the row of rooms. I really like the chilled atmosphere here and that you had a little corner with 3 hammocks which we used for a nice reading session when it would not stop raining a few days ago:)

    20Php for a tricycle to the station.. I would normally walk but it's a crazy humid day and at that price..:D

    I will take the 1.00 PM van to El Nido and stay at a single AC room in Our Melting Pot hostel at 810 Php a night (I booked 3 with a little discount from Agoda)
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  • Nov16

    Port Barton day 4 - White Beach

    Yesterday on the Philippines

    Today I was actually going to take the van to El Nido but I cancelled it in the morning and went to Yoske (Eden-Israeli restaurant) to ask to use his Wifi to be able to do some research about El Nido and where to stay so that I can make up my mind about what to do in the week I have left until Marieke joins me on my trip.. He didn't have Wifi but he lent me a book in Hebrew and pointed me in the direction of an Israeli family with 3 kids who were looking for a boat to go to White Beach..
    The family took 4 months off to travel SEA and so the kids were homeschooled during that time..
    At White Beach we were joined by another Israeli couple with 3 little kids who are building a house in Port Barton and who are living from the rent money they are getting from a house they own in Florida.. Crazy life..
    So we chilled at the beach for a few hours
    -> 50Php p.p. upon arrival (average food and not great mango shake, also they do this thing where they pretend not to have all of your change so you have to come back for it later and hope that you will leave it or forget.. hmm)
    and then went back to Port Barton beach (200 Php p.p. to go there and back by private boat) where I said hi to Eduard and took a nice nap until it started to rain again after a finally really nice and sunny day..
    I took a shower and went to Gorgonzola restaurant for some yummi pasta and was joined by a freshly arrived Israeli couple from a WhatsApp travel group.. We were then joined by another Israeli couple, who I'd already met at Nativo Raggae Bar two nights ago and so we spent a wonderful evening together and tomorrow I will most likely take the van to El Nido finally, if they have a free seat and reunite with my Puerto Princesa girls +meet some Israeli guys from the travel WhatsApp group..

    All in all a very spontaneous and fun day:)
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  • Nov15

    Island hopping tour with Eduard -PB

    November 16 on the Philippines

    Meeting time: 9.00 AM at Nativo Reggae bar on the beach.. We got environmental passes for 50 Php and started our journey towards Twin Reef.
    As our group consisted of 6 Israelis, one German guy and an English girl Eduard played mostly cool Israeli music and some latin hits:)
    We stopped for some beautiful snorkeling in the rain and then moved on to Exotic Island which was beautiful and where we had our delicious lunch which was prepared by Eduard and his team and actually included some veggies😍
    After that we went to German Island for a nap on the beach only to escape the sudden rain and then chill some more at the beautiful location.
    After that we went to a special location to snorkel with 2 cute turles, a ray, clown fish and a weird starfish. We ended our tour with a 5 minute stop at starfish island but didn't stay longer as we were all very wet and cold and the water was swamped with stinging jellyfish leftovers..but nice starfish:)
    The tour costs 800 Php and we only got back at around 17.00 totally worth it!

    Upon arrival at the beach we all went for a hot shower and I got some to go dinner and spent the evening feeling dizzy in my bed:/ on the whole though it was a incredible day:))
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  • Nov15

    Port Barton day 2 - Rainrainrainyrain

    November 15 on the Philippines

    A beautiful rainy and pretty boring day :D

    Had lunch (Excellent pizza and salad) at Gorgonzola.. can't recommend it enough..:)
    And now it's time for some hammock chilling and a good book as our island hopping tour was cancelled.. Hopefully the rain will die out and we can go tomorrow as it's a pretty dead chilled town here..

    Had a wonderful dinner at Reef Cafe which has amazing tacos (250) and burgers (290) and is cheaper than Gorgonzola and after that went to Nativo Beach Bar and danced to Raggae and latin music.. the also play some live music here (a bit in the rain) :)Read more

  • Nov13

    Port Barton day 1

    November 14 on the Philippines

    The beach is pretty much just 300m from the Hashtag Inn so walked down the beach and chilled there with some travel buddies until it started raining too hard..
    Also some cool local people helped us to open a coconut that nearly fell on our heads .. We named it Wilson for good measure:) -> yummi free killer coconut
    Dinner at the Israeli restaurant Yoske's Eden something.. good food:) and then we hung out at Gorgonzola for a bit as it would not stop raining also throughout the night..Read more

  • Nov12

    Underground River Tour -Sabang -> PB

    November 13 on the Philippines

    The van was supposed to come at 7.30 but was delayed by the guests picked up before us who did not pack their things on time.. We first went to pick us the tickets/permits and then continued for an around 1.5-2 hour bumpy jumpy and curvy road to the underground river location..a little breakfast break was included but there was nothing fresh/decent/healthy to buy.. Cheese Nachos for breakfast..yuhu:D
    Upon arrival at the dock we had to wait probably an hour until a little boat took us to the bay where the tour would take place..there we needed to keep our vests on and put on a helmet for the tour..We also got audio guides which were on throughout the whole 45 minutes ride in the dark. Only our instructor had a headlight on to direct out attention to the right spots in the massive and impressive cave.. The tour was great and the cave huge and still mostly unexplored..

    After making our way back to the dock lunch was pretty nice but then the van ride to the crossing was extremely nauseating.. The driver dropped us and our bags at a roadside cafe and we had to wait around 30 minutes for our van to come and drive around 2 hours to Port Barton.. Freezing and yet more comfortable and less bumpy than the other van.. Upon arrival in Port Barton we walked around 700m to the Hashtag inn which is pretty sweet and very close the beach 😍

    Yummmmi pizza and pasta for dinner at Gorgonzola restaurant.. very recommended!
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  • Nov11

    Island Hopping in Honda Bay

    November 12 on the Philippines

    Soo pick up at 7.30 AM and driving to the rental shop for some water shoes and snorkeling gear (shoes were at 150Php for rent for the day)

    When we got to the dock we had to wait for another 25 minutes or so for our boat to arrive.. this was not so great as there were a ton of people coming every few seconds to try to sell us something..

    When we got to the boat we were taken to a "special" place before the tour where you could snorkel and see some special thing and it was supposed to be great as it was in the sea and not at a beach.. We also had to pay an additional 50Php for this.. To be honest it was very disappointing as the water was murky, there were no special fish or corals and the water was partly to shallow and hard to avoid touching corals..

    Upon arrival at Starfish island we were given around an hour before lunch would be served and so we took the time to snorkel for some beautiful starfish which was pretty nice:)

    Lunch was good but low on veggies as expected:)

    Luli island had a little jumping ramp to offer and 6 hammocks on which we spent the whole time at the island just napping and recovering from the yummi lunch..

    At Cowrie island which was only a few minutes boat ride away we pretty much also just chilled at an average nice beach that also had a volleyball net which was cool..

    It took around 10 minutes to bring us back to the dock ->bringing the rentals back ->back to the hostel for a cold shower, meh dinner and massage then bed😏
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  • Nov11

    Tropic Dahlia Hostel -Puerto Princesa

    November 11 on the Philippines

    Less than 10 minutes away from the airport by tricycle 85Php ..can be negotiated down to 50 outside the airport..

    600Php for a single room (shared bathroom)..The common area looks so nice and there are many books to read and cool people to talk to including the owners.

    The main road was actually closed for the yearly festival of the underground river and it becoming such an important Unesco protected site and world wonder ..Read more

  • Nov11

    About last night in Makati/ Flying to PP

    November 11 on the Philippines

    Xmas light show in Makati - local families come together to watch this at Ayala Triangle park in Makati

    Hung out at Royal Club Makati- VIP area with some very cool Israeli people:)

    ->early Sunday morning grab taxi to Manila airport Terminal 4 to Puerto Princesa 265Php and only 20 minutes this time:)

    ->Baggage drop off service at the airport is very slow..better arrive 2 hours before flight not to get stressed about the long and slow linesRead more

  • Nov9

    Lub D hostel -Cool hostel in Makati

    November 9 on the Philippines

    32€ per night, private room.. free water/tea/coffee &soap/shampoo

    Recommended money changers (both have stands in Makati) Czarina / Sanry's

    About an hour from the airport by Grab taxi on a busy Friday afternoon

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