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Hi, I'm Tobias, traveler, fan and founder of FindPenguins. Never ignore wanderlust 🌅🌍🌏! Feel free to contact me for feedback and ideas:
Living in: München, Deutschland

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  • Day8

    After talking to the rangers at the main gate of this park, we sorted out our 2nd game drive, a full day, but split into 2 parts with a self organized overnight stay in the guesthouse „Wildlife Clubs of Kenya“ inside the park.

    The next morning we bought ourselves some samosas, bananas, noodles and water and started our tour around Lake Nakuru. The first part seemed to be a bit lame, but it turned better and better the further away we got from the city.

    Our big goal in this park was, to find rhinos. While searching for it, next to the usual suspects we saw lots of flamingos, pelicans, two lion babies, too cute, but not allowed to pet and even lions during the process of making babies 😇! And finally we discovered rhinos 🦏💪, on the first day a bit far away, but the next morning we eventually found 8 rhinos (one black and 7 whites) close to us. One of them was quite aggressive fighting a baby rhino and its mother.

    For dinner, we ended up cooking our noodles next to two professional chefs from other tour groups 😊 and we woke up at 5:45 by the roaring of a lion right next to our camp ✌️.

    All in all Nakuru National Park was a really great experience – way better than expected!
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  • Day7

    We’re in Nakuru city for an overnight stop, after a Matatu journey with up to 17 people in one van and a stop-over lunch at a „Nyama Choma“ (Kenyan Goat BBQ place).

    At night we went out for a couple of beers to a local pub! People don’t really socialize in pubs, they mostly come to drink. If the news are on, the music is turned off and everybody watches it and stops talking. Politics is big, the upcoming election means a lot to the people, I suppose there is a lot more to loose in Kenya, than there is back in Germany 🤔...Read more

  • Day6

    Hell’s Gate is one of the few national parks, where you can hike or cycle by yourself (apparently there are no cats 😊).

    So we rented a bike and rode past zebras, antelopes, buffalos and a lot of warhogs (Pumbas). It‘s a totally different experience without the engine noise.

    And hey, there is a slot canyon inside the park, that reminded me of those in the US, just that the stones are less red. We did a 2 hour track through the canyon accompanied by a Masai and couldn’t escape a really cold thunder storm on our way back!

    Totally worth a trip and with $30 entrance one of the cheaper NPs here in Kenya 🇰🇪!
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  • Day6

    Our next stop is the Fisherman’s Camp, where we are staying in a banda right at the shore of Lake Naivasha!

    The coolest thing here is, that the hippos come out at night and you can watch them eat just 2-3m away from you. Good thing there is an electric fence giving you the feeling of being safe (sort of) 😅. Oh and not to forget Eric, the camp giraffe, which was chasing us around.

    For us it was time to relax a bit, to do some more acclimatising to Kenya and we started to eat at local shacks (mostly ugali, some green stuff, cabbage, chapati and black tea with milk).

    One morning we did a boat ride on the lake. We spotted a couple of birds and hippos. In the end we came close to a group of about 10 hippos with the current pushing us further towards them - too bad, our engine had issues starting. Slightly scared we eventually made it away 😅.
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  • Day3

    It is simply incredible! Back home it is great luck to see a deer once in a while. Today in Masai Mara I’d say we saw about 100.000 animals ‼️

    We started early and drove around 90km to the Mara River, hoping to see some wildebeests cross it. It came close, but they chickened out in the end - quite understandably considering the amount of crocs and hippos in the water.

    Another highlight was a group of around 10 elephants passing our van just a few meters away.

    The rest of the day we drove through countless wildebeests, zebras, hyenas, giraffes, more elephants, all sorts of antelopes, buffalos, monkeys, warhogs, saw more cheetahs and a lot of lions and lionesses - sometimes so close, our zoom lens wasn’t even necessary 😳🦁.

    It was a really exhausting but amazing day, that ended with a quick visit to the village.
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  • Day2

    Today we get picked up at 6:15 am from our guide and driver John, a Masai. We are a group of 8 and it takes us about 7h until we arrive at our camp “Manyatta”, just outside of the National Park with tents each under a roof, a bathroom attached to the back and a really nice lobby. We check in, have some lunch and a quick nap until our first ever game drive starts!

    At around 4pm our little off road 4x4 minivan is entering the “Masai Mara National Park”.

    We don’t really know what to expect, but it doesn’t take long until we realise, this park is full of animals. About 10min in, we even discover a couple of cheetahs hunting a group a wildebeests. Its amazing to see and it ends with the fastest animal on earth doing a high speed chase into the far.

    Apart from lots of zebras, wildebeests and antilopes we discover sleepy lions 🦁 (males and females), a hippo, buffalos, chakals, turkeys, warhogs and huge masai giraffes. The whole scene reminds of Jurassic Park.

    At around 6:30 we’re back in our tented camp with a nice dinner and an early night of sleep 💤
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  • Day1

    So richtig vorstellen konnten wir uns Nairobi nicht, jetzt sind wir da und stellen so langsam fest, dass auch in Afrika reisen reisen bleibt - und das ist gut so!

    Als wir ankamen gestern war es bereits dunkel und auf der Fahrt zum Hostel haben wir nicht wirklich viel gesehen, achja, außer Zebras am Straßenrand und einen Giraffenkopf im Bush, ist das nicht verrückt? 😳

    Heute wollten wir dann in die Stadt und zu den Babyelefanten. Aber wie hinkommen? Die Preise, die in den Hostels oder von Guides veranschlagt werden sind einfach zu hoch. Also beschlossen wir auf eigene Faust loszuziehen.

    Wir laufen also von unserem Hostel “Milimani Backpackers” in einer Gated Community an die Straße (Affen auf den Strommasten pinkeln dabei auf Anninas Gesicht 😂) und suchen uns ein Matatu, ein Sammeltaxi voll mit Kenianer, das anstatt 15€ nur 0,20 Cent kostet. Dann noch eins und schon laufen wir vorbei an wilden Pavianen (wir sind die einzigen, die keinen Fahrer haben - und sind Paviane nicht gefährlich 😳?) zum Eingang des Babyelefanten-Centers.

    Dort sehen wir ca. 29 kleine Elefanten-Waisen die hier aufgezogen werden, da ihre Eltern getötet wurden, hauptsächlich durch Menschenhand.

    Es war sehr amüsant, dann mit einem weiteren Matatu zum Mittagessen zum teuren Carnivore, wo wir uns gegen das $39pp Fleisch all you can eat entscheiden und uns mit einem Sandwich zufrieden geben und dann zurück mit weiteren Matatus.

    Morgen gehts auf Safari ✌️
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  • Day1

    Auf ein Neues, 5 Tage Surfen in Baleal (n Dorf neben Peniche), mein letzter Versuch hier in Portugal 🇵🇹 war ja nicht so Surf-Erfolgreich. Dieses Mal ist es deutlich besser, es hat trotz Sommer ziemlich gute Wellen 🌊 und das mit dem Surfen klappt dann einfach besser, als mit scheiß Wellen 🤔.

    Wenn ich gerade nicht im Wasser bin, häng ich mit Alejandro und seinen Kumpels rum. Ach und auf dem Fiesta Do Ferrel gabs den stärksten Caipi den ich je hatte.

    Alles in allem coole 5 Tage!
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  • Day652

    Heute haben wir eine sehr sehr schöne Tour im Karwendelgebirge gemacht, vorbei an vielen Seen (Lautersee, Ferchensee, Bramsee, ...), mit Baden, nem Platten der keiner war, ner Monster Schweinsbratensemml und Apfelkücherl zum Abschluss 😗🌞 🚵