• Day4

    Aeri de Montserrat

    March 30, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Slept in later than we had planned, though neither of us were upset about it. After crossaints and espresso, we boarded the train for an hour long journey to the cable car functario. The train was packed to standing room only, and we had the pleasure of listening to a group of women's inane babble the whole ride, which was unfortunate for us. We practically sprinted off the train when the doors opened to get away from them as soon as possible.

    That proved a good decision, because the line to use the cable car was quite long, so we at least ended up in front of the rest of the group from our train. It was a long wait, so we whipped out the books we were smart enough to pack, which distracted us from some children whose behavior was only worse then the parenting they received.

    Eventually it was our turn to ride up to the monestary, and the view along the way was truly spectacular. Once at the top, we went looking for some food and drink, and more importantly, a place to finally sit down.

    The lines for the two restaurants were unappealing, so we settled on some cheese, nuts, honey, and a beer. It hit all the right spots, and feeling better, we walked around until we made it to the church.

    After spending enough time in the high altitude, we started back to the cable car -- neither of us wanted to miss the next train. We shared a cable car with our delightful female friends from the reason ride in, but it was well worth the price of just barely making the train home (though we did make sure to board a train car several down from them).

    We're looking forward to dinner, which I will guarantee is going to be at a sit down restaurant.
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