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    September 22, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    With 10000mW ultra large output power, the blue 10000mw laser pointers generate a single-point laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy. Its high power makes this burning laser can easily light matches or cigarettes, burn paper, repel birds and much more. And it features adjustable focus to suit all kinds of needs. Aero grade aluminum alloy shell is tough and durable for long-lasting use.Featuring low power consumption, it uses two 16340 batteries to provide long hours of continuous run time.This burning laser comes complete with its battery charger, Safety glasses and aluminium carrying box.Functioning with internal cooling and unlimited duty cycle, this burning laser include free accessories, free shipping, as well as a one year warranty.
    High power blue laser pointer makes it capable of a lot of cool things as below:
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    August 23, 2016 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    The British Defense Ministry Will Develop Laser Weapons
    The British Ministry of Defense said: "the burning laser weapon has good prospects, a significant advantage in operating costs, and better coping with British forces facing threats."Future trials will test whether the prototype detection and accurate in a variety of conditions to capture and track the target.At the same time also need to generate and precisely control the high energy laser beam, and ensure the safety of mechanical system.According to the British Ministry of Defence said that the project called "laser directed energy weapons capability demonstration project, the amount of investment between 20 million to 100 million pounds.
    Looking for the partner

    Britain is trying to join the laser weapons arms race, but the United States has conducted a series of experiments, the laser weapon and installed in the Bay Area in a ship.The British defense ministry is looking for partners to support manufacturing industrial laser weapon prototype, to enhance the ability of the British laser weapon system.

    According to the Daily Telegraph reported on August 22: the British Defense Ministry plans to develop a model for high powered laser weapon system prototype test at the end of this year, it will be used at combat in the future.This project will cost 100 million pounds.The goal is to develop a tracking and hitting moving targets high energy laser weapon in any weather conditions .

    The British Defense Ministry

    The British Defense Ministry official said, for the first time live fire test 1000mw Laser weapon prototype will begin in 2018 to carry out ground test first, then sea trials.Early test target for the UAV, but the output power of the laser weapon prototype can shoot down missiles. Babcock, this paper presents amatrix; the improved of laser weapon prototype design scheme, the small caliber gun replaced with laser, radar and other systems will continue to follow the original system configuration.This design can provide defense by truck equipped with British bases in Iraq, will also be more on RD funds concentrated in the laser system, rather than the fort.As the main contractor, Raytheon has confirmed the feasibility of this system is also installed 20 mm cannon and high-energy laser.

    One important step, according to defense news reported in May 25, 2016 British next month towards laser directed energy weapons research and development at that time, the British Defense Ministry will choose a main contractor developed a technology demonstrator, testing system. The British Ministry of defense will be the first in June 3rd to determine the winning bidder, then the company will begin to develop Laser Sight weapon system.At present, to participate in the bidding companies including MBDA company, Lockheed Martin, Thales UK company, Rhine metal company, as well as the team leader Babcock, the team also includes Raytheon, and optical devices Leonardo Finmeccanica company research and production of laser qinetiq.
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    ... in Los Angeles

    August 18, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    China's burning laser weapons are better than the United States ? Strong laser weapons are mainly used to counter missile. Its most prominent advantage is that there is no interception process. But it also has a lot of disadvantages.Mainly include:
    Laser weapon disadvantages

    a.Severely affected by the atmosphere, this defect determines the application of the ground is only suitable for short range point defense system. Space based on the use of air to air missiles, limited to certain conditions, the problem can be loaded in the plane of the limited space? The reaction time is sufficient, and only the 30000mw Laser has the reaction time!

    b.Limit of high precision tracking and pointing system. Laser beam angle is very small, in order to realize the operation, it is necessary to aim at the moving target accurately. It is affected by the atmosphere as well as the laser weapon, and the system has very good dynamic tracking performance.
    c.In the atmosphere, the operational range of the operational range is limited, and it is difficult to intercept tactical ballistic missile with single point distribution station.

    d.The damage effect is uncertain. 100mw Laser damage effect is influenced by the characteristics of the target material, some materials can not be damaged, so it is not easy to judge. Therefore, it is difficult to use as the main laser weapon system of anti missile. The United States has determined that the airborne laser weapon is used to intercept the tactical ballistic missile boost segment. Some research reports are expected in twenty-first Century, the U.S. Air Force will likely be equipped with airborne and space borne laser weapons. In the foundation of the application, can be used for short-range laser weapon defense anti missile defense system, realization of terminal intercepting. The United States has developed a high energy laser weapon system prototype, through test, it shows the attack destroyed the ability of high-speed flight target; myall cooperation was developed to replace the goalkeeper's tactical laser weapon system; Tactical laser weapon has a good performance for low altitude anti missile.
    As a result, the Laser weapon will have the foundation, the carrier, the space base, the space and even the mobile platform and so on.

    China has its own airborne laser weapon?

    In August 2000, a series of wind tunnel tests were completed successfully for 1 months, which verified the design performance of the Attack Laser Pointer and the exhaust system of the laser. In 2002, the system has been used in small-scale experiments, also used in the infrared chemical laser to carry out a larger mass destruction test, a very detailed understanding of the metal absorption capacity for different wavelengths of energy. Has completed a series of foundation field experiments, simulation of the airborne laser in air to air combat situation will be encountered strong turbulence conditions and transmission environment is expected, repeat and successfully demonstration adaptive optics compensation and closed-loop tracking ability. In June, the experiment of two passive search and tracking flight of air to air missile was carried out, which confirmed the feasibility of passive tracking. At present, it has been completed.
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    Russian Air Defense System

    August 4, 2016 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Russia has developed a miniature burning laser weapon for special operations forces,which using low energy laser. The weapon is only 300 grams, it can blinding the enemy or temporary loss of combat, and has received the Chechen War test.
    Russia has also developed a 56 kg weight of individual automatic photoelectric warfare weapons, mainly rely on the built-in laser radar lock the precise location of the target, resulting in loss of the combat effectiveness of the enemy soldiers and photoelectric equipment and effect distance of up to 1.5 km.
    Powerful Laser Weapon Can Destroy the Enemy Satellite Completely
    As the world's first major achievements in the field of 5000mw Laser weapons, the Soviet Union has long maintained the technical advantages of laser weapons. As early as 1972, the Soviet Union carried out a powerful laser weapon test, they use a mobile laser cannon destroy the air moving target successfully. But due to the 90s of the last century, Soviet power weakened and continued unrest.
    At the same time, the United States has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out research, the rapid development of Russia's anti ultra. The United States began in 1983, "Star Wars" program in the laser radiation system research work, after the beginning of the development of up to 30 years.
    HTPOW 30000mw Powerful Blue Laser Pointer
    Although the U.S. Department of defense since the end of 2011, announced the termination of the ABL airborne 100mw Laser Pointer project research and development, but through several ballistic missile interception test, the United States in the field of lasers have made great progress. At present, the United States missile defense agency has begun research on the use of high altitude UAV laser weapons. It is to see the great prospects of this field, and in view of the United States space based laser weapon is relatively mature, Russia is unwilling to fall behind, they also involved in the research of space-based laser weapons actively.

    Strategic priority to protect the nuclear power

    It can be considered that the current Russian air based laser weapon system deveolpment comes from the enormous pressure of the military field of space. At present, the Western powers have extended their military reach into space, and Russia's 200mw Green Laser weapon system will be used as a weapon against the country's space weapons and equipment. The Russian side has revealed that Russian existing laser weapon can destroy enemy satellites flying in the hundreds of kilometers of track, ground-based laser weapon system is used in combat.
    Russia and the United States, Russia has a long time competition in the laser field, in March 2007 the Russian "Tatiana" satellite of the sudden suspension of work, it is considered to be related to the United States to test laser weapons. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia's comprehensive national strength has appeared relatively weak. However the peripheral security environment has become increasingly complex, especially eastward expansion of NATO, the United States will continue to plan to deploy anti missile system in Eastern Europe, the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine is directly in front of the Russia's doorstep, the strategy space and deterrent power suffered a great threat. In this case, Russia can only rely on more strategic nuclear forces this "killer".
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