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  • Day23

    The Best Of - List !

    October 3, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    A 100km from home it’s time to look back and compose the „Best Of“ list, here you go:

    Best meal:
    homecooked: - Tacos with Corn Tortillas which are hard to get at home
    Served: - The Waffles in Njusford (crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle, correct sweetness of the strawberry sauce and vanilla cream topping)

    Best drink: the alcohol free Ginger Joe

    Favorite spot to stay overnight:
    The camping site in Stave, Andøya with the white beach and Sauna

    Best Hike:
    Matinden (minus the getting dark part, but for the final view and trail itself). Also on Andøya.

    Favorite City: Trondheim

    Best thing to do/see:
    Seeing the Orcas and whales.

    Best thing we packed:
    Jeanette: Wind Vest and buff. (#layers)
    Linda: The drone (and the 12V - 240V power converter)

    Coolest thing we learned:
    Jeanette: What we don’t need to bring for outside activities when it is cold. (Gym equipment, hammock, outdoor grill…)
    Linda: That we have no single footage or observation of a sperm whale hunting, because they do it at a depth we cannot get ANY equipment down to. AND the Stave churches were created in an attempt to copy stone churches and cathedral.

    Most useful thing we learned:
    Linda: How the Cruise Control on our van works without thumbling around.
    Jeanette: That Norway is 90% renewable energy powered (Hydro) and also exports this to the world.

    Most unexpected:
    Jeanette: That the Via Ferrata was that easy and the moose are so big.

    Coolest souvenir from the trip:
    Jeanette: The great bargain rain pants.
    Linda: the Ski Erg for $250 😆

    Favorite picture:
    Can’t answer yet, we are still missing the pics from our tour to Trolltunga…

    Where would we rank Norway from all the countries we‘ve seen so far?!?
    Linda: Top 3 (with Canada and Switzerland)
    Jeanette: Top 5 (With Iceland, Sardinia, Croatia)
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  • Day21

    Ferry & Dinner at „Grieg“

    October 1, 2021, North Sea ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Our last half day in Norway was rainy - perfect for the last „Skillingsboller“ (Cinnamon Roll) and coffee in Bergen. Then it was off to the ferry station.
    We had a cabin (with a photo instead of a window due to budget constraints 😂) and a large dog box. After a short negotiation, Lennox took the latter. 😬
    For the second (and last time) on our holiday we treated ourselves to a served dinner in the fancy „Grieg“ on board diner. No, that‘s not Einstein, that‘s Edvard Grieg, the one (and only 🙃) famous Norwegian Romantic composer and pianist. (You might know his work „Peer Gynt“).
    We also enjoyed other on-board attractions more (the duty-free shop) but also less (the live band that played until after midnight just above our cabin).
    …with the 8am arrival in Hirtshals, Denmark our holiday is over and all that’s left is a long drive back - and a big bag of new memories and impressions of a truly fascinating country. We seemed to have near-perfect weather and wildlife timing, open roads and always a great place to set up for the night. Without intentionally planning it, by leaving out the Oslo region we also left out the only part of Norway that Germany changed into a high-risk Corona region as we were there (which would’ve changed our travel back slightly…)

    We drove a total of 4.5 days (108hrs, 7500km) in 22 days and took over 800 pictures and videos…

    Thanks for reading along! If you are interested, I‘d love to show you our 14min video summary of this great country and trip!
    With love, Linda, Jeanette & Lennox 🤙🏽🇳🇴
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  • Day20


    September 30, 2021 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Our last full day in Norway was the city of Bergen with it‘s UNESCO heritage Bryggen. One of the few times we had to get out our full rain gear, we walked the city and imagined the bustle of fish trade that took place here in the 1700ies.
    We laughed about being confronted with a Univorns gender and we spent some time admiring the big Hakon Hall from the outside.
    For the night we drove out of the city and after some searching (for the first time!) we found a quiet spot near a lake to spend the last night.
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  • Day19

    Trolltunga via Ferrata (Iron Road)

    September 29, 2021 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    After what seemed like 4 different bouts of 1hr sleep the alarm went off at 6:10am this morning. The cause for the lack of sleep was a late night briefing for our day‘s trip, and restless sleep due to questions like „How will I cope with a 24km hike?“, „How scary is the Via Ferrata?“, „What if I slip or my arms get tired while climbing?“ -we would soon find out.
    We had parked at the RV parking spot for the Trolltunga hike and slept there. We met up at 7:10am with the rest of our party, a nice couple from the UK Jonathan and Bethan to share a taxi ride to the starting point and the tour operators cabin at P2 Skjeggedal. There we got outfitted with a bike, we had most of the Via Ferrata gear with us (don’t ask me, Jeanette packed it „just in case“ I just dug it out under our Ski Erg we had shopped the other day 😅🤙🏽).
    The tour started with a 6km Bike ride - a mostly gravel road, with some bigger boulder segments made challenging mostly by the ill fitted and outdated bikes (polymere and spring suspensions are outdated for a reason). The hardtails would warm our butts and the rocks we bounced over would still be felt the day after…
    It followed a short hike to the entry of the Via Ferrata that was typical Norwegian, steep, rocky, four-limb requiring in some situations.
    The Via Ferrata started with a bang: A slight overhang - enough to bring back the questions from last night. But this would turn out to be the worst part of the 500m vertical climb.
    The views were spectacular - our tempo allowed us to enjoy it and Angel had some planned picture stops along the way. We also learned that the most sold meal in Norway is the Frozen Pizza, that one blueberry can fuel you for 8 meters and the most popular beer in the world is chinese. - Of course with all the historical things about the Brits building the dam and hydro electricity (and having to return them 80years later as part of the deal), the names of the glaciers and lake, the snow wool flower, the biggest glacier potthole and the smallest trees in Norway.
    Of course the main goal was the famous Troltunga, troll‘s tongue, rock, protruding over a 1200m drop-off over the glaciers.
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  • Day18


    September 28, 2021 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Odda is our night stopover for an early start to a very famous (and long) hike tomorrow. It‘s also the movie scene to the „Ragnarøk“ series we enjoyed watching. So we searched out and found:
    - the white church
    - the „Edda Diner“ (originally the Odda-Diner)
    - the spar
    - the old factories where Thor fights the giant
    - the car garage where he tries to fabricate Thor’s hammer
    and all the small settings like the mountain backdrop and crashing river.
    A nice town with a lot of trashy-chic industrial look too it.
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  • Day17

    Borgund Stavkyrkje

    September 27, 2021 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    If I asked you to close your eyes and imagine how a church, built by a viking and excellent woodworker would look like… the Stavkyrkje from Borgund would probably be it.
    It’s black as the night (from a wood-protective tar as we would learn), wooden all around including the shingles and the decorative figures are dragons.
    It looks like straight out of a „Games of Thrones“ set. Except that the graveyard all around it has tombstones of current ages. „Takk for alt“, thank you for everything is the main reading. You wonder: Is that a thank you addressed at or spoken out for the dead? But it‘s a nice tradition. Thank you for everything, all the time, all the shared moments.
    The church in Borgund is from timber felled in Winter 1180 and was built the next 2 years or so. It is one of 28 of this kind still remaining - and is still (or again) very close to its original form.
    They came into existence because stone was not available (or builders that knew how you handled stone) to built the impressive churches like in Central Europe. So the Norwegians took the stone building as inspiration and crafted from timber in shapes and forms that was previously unheard of to attempt the same looks.
    Norway became catholic in 1152, this explains why some of the art is unexplainably paisant (there is a Tiki mask, a cat, lions, snakes, dragons…). Light only came through 4 small openings. The altar was added in Mediaval times as well as a christening basin and a pulpit.
    It was dark in here, it‘s lucky that with all the oil lamps the church never burnt down… ladies stood/sat to the left (North side), men to the right (South). The old, sick, pregnant (all deemed „unclean“) got to sit outside and got communion through a playing card sized hole (the women) or small window (the men).
    Early born or otherwise unchristened children were refused a burial in sacred ground… several small boxes with miscarriages have been found shoved under the church, even from a more modern age. Probably an attempt of parents to get some sort of absolution for their kids…
    The Stave Church was replaced in 1868 by the „new church“ just a stone throw away, after 1850 church law required the churches to be big enough for 1/3 of the population of the town/valley.
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  • Day17

    Hike to Vettisfossen (243m fall)

    September 27, 2021 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    …or „the hike of many waterfalls“. This hike was a recommendation by a guide we met by chance the day earlier. The guides and volunteers who mark the hiking trails in the three National parks around here had their „End of Season“ get together that Sunday.
    We had noticed that the one challenging thing coming off season is, that many things have or are closing for the Winter. Not by much: If you want to get the best of it, hit the last August week in Lofoten and make sure you pass through the Northern mainland before mid September, that would be the best of the two worlds.
    Anyway, the hike went along this beautiful turquoise river, a nice and easy incline as well as off-road car road - not something we were used to here. it’s usually steep and very muddy and rocky. We would find out this was just the beginning - with all those challenges waiting at the tail-end when we were already adequately tired. 😂😅
    There were 4 really large waterfalls and just as many medium sized ones. But the goal of the expedition wa the Vettisfossen. With 243m free fall it is the „highest in Northern Europe“ they said 🤷🏼‍♀️ it was impressive.
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  • Day16

    Aurora-Watch II :)

    September 26, 2021 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

    Laut Spaceweather-Bericht standen die Chancen für Aurora Borealis auf der Skala für den heutigen Abend bei 6 (1-9).
    Aus diesem Grund entschieden wir uns auf dem höchsten Punkt von unserer Fahrt nach Hjella zu bleiben und unser Glück nochmals zu versuchen.

    -> gegen 22:00 Uhr sah es danach aus, dass wir heute einen sternenklaren Himmel haben und tatsächlich nochmals eine Aurora sehen könnten.

    Als wir den Bericht nochmals anschauten wurde 23:00 Uhr prognostiziert … wir stellten also unseren Wecker und schauten Richtung Norden … was soll ich sagen?! Der klare Himmel war weg und damit auch unsere Chance die grün-leuchtende Autora Borealis zu sehen 🤷🏼‍♀️
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  • Day16

    Wanderung auf den Lomseggen 1287m

    September 26, 2021 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Nach einem kurzen Ausflug zum Dorfbäcker (wobei ihm diese Titel nicht gerecht wird - es war überragend) ging es für uns auf den Lomseggen.
    Die zum Teil sehr steinige und anstrengende Tour hat sich gelohnt, da man von hier einen wunderschönen Blick über das Tal mit seinem Flusslauf zur Linken und das Bergmassiv zur Rechten hatte.
    Auch hatten wir von hier freie Sicht auf den höchsten Berg Norwegens - den Galdhøppingen (2469m)- im Jotunheim Nationalpark.

    Am Ende des Tages ging es noch Richtung Hjella wo wir am Folgetag eine kleine Tour zum höchsten Wasserfalls Nordeuropas ans Herz gelegt bekommen haben :)
    (Nationalpark Touristguide : „its so beautiful with all the waterfalls“)
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