• Day20

    Great day, lovely night.

    July 30, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Beautiful day again today. 21 degrees and sunny though windy.
    Walked Lacey on the beach.
    Emily had a computer man arrive to declare that her computer was safe to use from home.
    ( Read ‘Bus’ there.)
    Organised from Canada.
    They found a man in Coffs Harbour and he turned up.
    Fascinating man.
    He and his wife had sailed the world for 5 years in his yacht.
    He didn’t blink an eyelid at a Hiace or Coaster.
    All OK.
    He left.
    Martine and Scout arrived for a walk.
    Emily had finished her meetings so we played around the creek and ocean.
    More work for Emily
    Except she rode her Postie to the supermarket ... mainly for dog shampoo.
    ( We did leave in rather a hurry.)
    I forgot several things!
    Scissor cut Lacey’s hair.
    She was rather long and ‘ knotty’.
    The scissors did have some trouble cutting through all the sand in her coat though.
    Big go through the coat with the dog brush...
    All the knots gone.
    Off to the dog wash that they have at this caravan park.
    I have a new dog!!!!
    She looks beautiful, and smells devine!

    So, we had been using my fridge as a freezer.
    But the 2nd battery was not coping that well as I haven’t been driving anywhere really to recharge it, so had to take all the no longer frozen food out of the fridge and cook it.
    ( Well, Emily cooked it.)

    And she said “ Keep an eye out for Matt and Jess. We can feed them.”
    While I was doing that, I also installed ‘Fairy Lights’ in Tin Tin.
    The last few nights I was trying to figure out what was wrong, because as soon as the sun set, I could not see a thing.
    ( Old age.)
    But once the ‘Fairy Lights’ were in, I was in heaven ....
    Sight restored.
    Yah !

    No Matt and Jess.
    Went looking for their van.
    Not there.
    Started to worry.
    They had been invited to a free meal for desperate people last night and were hesitant to go.
    So we decided that they had been kidnapped by White Slavers.
    Really started to worry.

    That’s them.

    Emily chased their van as they drove in.
    “Free food. Bring containers”

    So they arrived and we had dinner together.
    Filled their containers.
    “No, we can’t.”
    “Yes, you can”

    Had a wonderful night.
    Lovely young couple.
    Lots of laughs and stories told.
    ( Yah. New audience!)

    They left about 9pm.
    So much food... but all shared really well now.

    My fairy lights are amazing.
    So happy.
    Did not show up that well in the photo though.

    Great day.
    Happily ensconced in bed with my fairy lights.
    Very comfortable bed.
    Clean dog.
    Just lovely.

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