• Day10

    Porto -Day 1

    April 27, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

    Decided it was time to leave Coimbra to head for Porto. Thought we would make it in 2 hrs but the traffic was intolerably slow. The NC-2 is obviously a truck route. Someone also got clobbered on a cycle so that really messed it up. Finally by 8:30 we made it and after some confusing missteps from the GPS, managed to find the apt. Met by Paulo , a friend of the hosts. He gave us a brief show around (didn't seem to know that somewhere in the apt there was a washing machine). Told us that after 8 we could park on street for free but had to feed the meter or find a parking garage. So after much searching on the Net found an app (, downloaded it and was good to go, finding a place next door that had parking for 21€ for 2 days. Sweet!

    Finally. crashing for the night. Crawled into bed (two singles put together). I felt fine - Janet said -
    "How come there are things poking me in the back?" I felt her side of bed - felt like nothing but springs. Turns out whoever put the bed together put her combo springs/mattress down upside down ! So we had to tear the bed apart and fix that. Haven't mentioned that to the host yet. :)
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